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avocet 05-15-2014 11:29 AM

I would love some input about how long I need to limit physical work after a D and C. I am a farmer, so its really hard to step back from my work this time of year, we have hired some extra help but I would like to get back to work as soon as I can as long as it is safe for my healing. I had an emergency D and C on Monday after a severe bleed from retained membranes that followed a miscarriage at 13 weeks in early April. I felt like absolute hell the last two days because of the general anesthetic and blood loss but am starting to feel better today. I was planning on taking a week to rest, then slowly easing back to work. How does this sound? My extended family is making me feel like it was working that caused the bleeding, and that I would be an idiot to start working again. I took it really easy for at least 3 weeks after the miscarriage so I don't feel that is true. I want to give my body the time it needs to heal but not feel like a total invalid either. The only info I got from the hospital was 6 weeks of pelvic rest, so I would really appreciate hearing anyone's experiences. Thank you.

Ratchet 05-15-2014 11:47 AM

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I think a week sounds reasonable. Stop if your bleeding increases. You may be anemic, and also unconditioned from time off, so listen to your body and rest if tired. Plan your first few days to be shorter.

Shiloh 05-21-2014 01:18 PM

I was told I could do anything I was up to once the bleeding stopped. Have sex, workout etc. However take it easy as start too soon the bleeding will return

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