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Shonahsmom's Avatar Shonahsmom 06:57 PM 01-21-2009
The flats I ordered were delivered this past weekend. I'm going to be using mainly flats (have some prefolds) with knit soakers.

I was practicing different folds I found online on one of dd's dolls that is slightly smaller than a newborn and every fold seemed gigantic beyond reason. Like all the way up to the neck in the back and up to the nipples in front.

alison_in_oh's Avatar alison_in_oh 07:25 PM 01-21-2009
I haven't diapered a newborn with flats but I'm thinking a prefold fold: or triangle: will be my go-tos when they're tiny.
Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 08:55 PM 01-21-2009
whichever folds you try, I'd jelly-roll the sides if possible to contain that newborn bf poo.
MommaShark's Avatar MommaShark 09:42 PM 01-21-2009
Here's a link with a photo: scroll down - it shows how to take an origami fold and make it fit.