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kalishea's Avatar kalishea 04:00 PM 05-30-2009
I got my 24 prefolds and am now waiting for 4 covers to arrive... should I wait and wash them all together? How many times do I need to wash them before I begin to use them the first time? Do I use less detergent too?
FYI: I will be using BioKleen Free liquid detergent.

RGsMom's Avatar RGsMom 04:19 PM 05-30-2009
Unbleached Prefolds need to be washed and dried 8-10 times to reach their full absorbency. We only use those, but I believe unbleached is 4-5 times. And yes, I would use less detergent now too as you don't want to start out having build up in the diapers if you use more.

Covers you can wash once and use, so no need to wait on those. I would definitly recommend more covers with 24 prefolds for a new baby though. Probably 6-8 because their poop usually gets on the cover. But if you're waiting to find out the size of the baby first, then get more, that can also be helpful and covers generally ship super quick.

Hope this helps and good luck!
AKislandgirl's Avatar AKislandgirl 04:21 PM 05-30-2009
I washed and dried my prefolds about 4 times before I started to use them. They continued to get better as I used and washed them though. I washed my covers only once before I started to use them. I'd start washing your prefolds now and toss the covers in a wash with what ever once they arrive. (I understand that non-bleached prefolds do take more prep then the bleached ones but I haven't used them)
kalishea's Avatar kalishea 09:21 PM 05-30-2009
Thanks!! That helps. We are getting a sampler cover package to start. We are only doing cloth part time, so after we get the samples we are going to order more of what we like as needed.

Thanks again!