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JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:01 AM 01-30-2004

And I got the blue and green farm animals! I've been using my Pinheads again all week (the only hemp I didn't sell) and there have been no red marks! I am in love with them all over again.. this makes number 5 for me!!

Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:04 AM 01-30-2004
Hooray for us! I got the blue french flowers Aren't her diapers the best???
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:08 AM 01-30-2004
Alright Morwenna! Isn't that pretty! It reminds me of blue china!

I wish I had a girl (I will, I will.. I'll just remind myself that God willing one day I will!).

Her diapers are.. I've tried to be openminded when trying every fitted under the sun and I can't help but be in love with my Pinheads.. they are going in my "heirloom collection" for the next babies! They are the only diapers I don't feel like I will ever sell! That's honest! lol I don't know Caryn other than through her diapers I just love them so much! Ok.. I'm done glowing and gloating over my latest purchase!
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:10 AM 01-30-2004
I noticed that you announced the stocking after you had made your purchase SMART!!!
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:17 AM 01-30-2004
Yes, I learned from last time! I posted after only purchasing one diaper when I really wanted two. When I got back in the morning all that were left were girly prints so one of my 5 pinheads is yellow gingham! lol He would look adorable in a yellow gingham sundress to match! ROFL

The last time Caryn stocked she reminded me that I had just bought two so I shouldn't go nuts just because she stocked and that she would stock again (she was right and talked a little sense into me) this time I went in looking only for a print that I couldn't live without and me the farm girl (grew up on a farm) couldn't say no to the bright vibrant colors and little piggies on the farm animals one!

So... I tried to go in level headed and I think I did pretty well!
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:19 AM 01-30-2004
Yes, sigh, there were 2 others that I wanted, but I was trying not to be greedy! I agree that these are keepers, by the way! I don't have too many of those!
mamaofthreeboys's Avatar mamaofthreeboys 04:24 AM 01-30-2004
Yes & I see she's almost sold out!

Geesh! They sure do go fast! I haven't tried a pin head yet but then I've never paid $15-18 for a dipe........either.
Mom2Sailor's Avatar Mom2Sailor 04:24 AM 01-30-2004
Well Jenn, you talked me into trying one. I'm looking forward to the fluffy mail! I'll tell you what though, the $1.20 for shipping is OUTSTANDING. That's the kind of thing that really makes me feel good about my purchase.
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:25 AM 01-30-2004
I know.. I seriously thought about going back for one more but decided not to be greedy! I know she's doing the auction and there will be more stockings in the many months/years to come so for now I'll just look foward to my fluffy mail!

I wanted the Winter Bears, Green Helicopters and Blue and Green stripes. I already have the blue dragonflies pinhead and a friend in real life has the winter bears pinhead (you wouldn't want to wear the same diapers to the same party! ) and I had to be rational about the other two! lol
mamaofthreeboys's Avatar mamaofthreeboys 04:28 AM 01-30-2004
OMG the helicopters are so cute!!!! Holding restraint......................
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:28 AM 01-30-2004
Mom2Sailor - Which one did you get? You'll love it, I know I do!! And Yes, her shipping is fantastic!

I know the first larger purcheses feel like a lot but in no time you'll get used to spending $15-20 for a diaper and $25-55 for a cover! :LOL It's true!
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:29 AM 01-30-2004
I wanted to go back for more too! I controlled myself. Someone bought one of "my" diapers. The old-fashioned flowers one. I wanted the pink one too The one I bought is for a very dear friend who is pregnant...should she have a boy, why I guess I will just have to keep that diaper!
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:29 AM 01-30-2004
Originally posted by mamaofthreeboys
OMG the helicopters are so cute!!!! Holding restraint......................
The doubler that comes with is Fleece Topped and so is the diaper... I really really want that one.. please can I have it?? !!
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:31 AM 01-30-2004
Originally posted by Morwenna
The one I bought is for a very dear friend who is pregnant...should she have a boy, why I guess I will just have to keep that diaper!
LOL - So are you going to buy her one of the boyish diapers and keep the china diaper? I mean french flowers! lol
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:32 AM 01-30-2004
Hmmm...good idea, I could buy her one of each.....
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:37 AM 01-30-2004
LOL - Are you? I really want the helicopters! My holly has fleece inside and I love putting it on Nathan because I love fleece against his tender skin.. the helicopters has fleece.. would I be a bad person if I bought it too??
MissSugarKane's Avatar MissSugarKane 04:38 AM 01-30-2004
I said no more diapers but I caved and bought a striped one. I would have bought the Blue French Flowers if I had got there in time.And yes I have a boy:LOL

Man I remember back when I didn't have to fight for a Pinhead.
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:40 AM 01-30-2004
Please answer my question.. would I be aweful if I bought two??
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:41 AM 01-30-2004
I want to buy more girl ones :LOL ! I think I am going to give her a gift basket with a few different wahm items, and some things that I will make. I just bought a sweater pattern and am making it for her....I could always save the boy ones for MY next baby though! My oldest says we are having 2 more, a boy, then a girl! He was right on the sex of all his siblings, even #3 whom the Dr. told us TWICE was going to be a girl.

Anyway, I don't think I will go buy more, but I would like to!
melaniewb's Avatar melaniewb 04:42 AM 01-30-2004
Oooooh, that blue flowers diapers is so pretty! Good thing I have a boy. Otherwise, I might cave.
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:43 AM 01-30-2004
No, Jenn! I would, but I am trying to save up money right now. Go for it! (guess you better hurry too :LOL )
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:43 AM 01-30-2004
Alright, I'll take your cue but I'm buying one with fleece next time! *sigh* I was all worked up about the helicopters.. I'll try unwinding now! lol
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:44 AM 01-30-2004
Ooops, I think our posts are crossing!
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:46 AM 01-30-2004
I saw your post just after posting mine! I went for it! The shipping is so cheap that I won't kick myself for buying them seperately! I asked my husband first (just for his oppinion) and he said he liked the green helicopters better than the farm animals! Oh.. that yummy fleece is mine! I apologized to Caryn in my paypal message for taking two but hopefully she'll understand and not tempt me so much!
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:49 AM 01-30-2004
Hee, hee! I better stop going over there and checking, I want the pink flowers one!

Good for you! I got some fleece (not pinheads) by trading and I actually love it! I didn't think I would, but it's really great for overnight, to keep them dry.

I agree about the shipping! That is another reason I am still tempted...must...put...down...the...mouse...
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:50 AM 01-30-2004
Oh Morwenna, Nathan would be in pink in a heartbeat if I could get away with it. That is such a sweet diaper! I love the shades of pink, Caryn chooses great fabrics! Think how sweet that would look with a "pinafore"! lol

*I meant with not from* LOL
Morwenna's Avatar Morwenna 04:51 AM 01-30-2004
Stop already! :LOL
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 04:59 AM 01-30-2004
I'm done, I'm done, I'm done! lol As I always say.. more diapers for me! On the flip side if you buy it then it's one less person who's never tried her diapers and therefore one less who will be in love and fight me for the next round! No no.. don't get it, that's just selfish of me! LOL Besides they'd want girly diapers!
mamaofthreeboys's Avatar mamaofthreeboys 05:04 AM 01-30-2004
Did you get it Jenn?

I just placed my bumhuggers order so I think that's enough money spent for tonight. Tomorrow is a NEW day and pay day!
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 05:05 AM 01-30-2004
I did! If you really, really want it I'll sell it to you for the price I paid and have her ship it to you but no pressure either way because I really do like it but don't want to be greedy!
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