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Hello I was wondering what your favorite cloth diapers are and why? Do you like systems that have disposable and cloth options like Gro Baby or pockets like Bum genius. Or all natural fibers like goodmama? Please help!
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Cloth diapering really comes down to personal preferences + what ends up working well for your baby. There aren't too many "bad" brands these days... I like to tell newbies to try out a few of each kind and then decide what you like and what seems to work best for your baby. You can even buy used off Diaperswappers or Cloth Diaper Nation or Craig's list so that you don't have as much invested when you're trying stuff out and then re-sell or give away what doesn''t work for you. There are also some websites and stores that let you do a "trial" with the diapers.

I personally like natural fibers that breathe. If I had tons of money to spend on diapers I'd have all WAHM made fitteds (Elbees are our fav). Mostly I use good old fashioned cotton flats (from Green Mountain Diapers) with WAHM made cotton doublers. I use wool longies and shorties that double as diaper cover and pants/bottoms.

I personally don't need a system that has the disposable and cloth option. But we don't travel much and I'm a WAHM so I am the main diaper changer and can keep up with laundry.

good luck figuring it out - you'll get there! It just takes some education and a little trial and error.

Elizabeth, naturally-minded mother to two beautiful girls and on the path to living a debt-free off-grid eco-lifestyle in my not built yet dream house
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We use locally made fitteds, WAHM made liners (That will one day double as cloth pads for me once PPAF comes) and Bunnis covers. Just as easy as sposies and not contributing to landfills.

We also have 1/2 dozen prefolds and 1/2 dozen little G-pants (They were a gift) that work well too.

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Ive tried everything, but I like:

pockets---ease to put on and quick dry
fitteds and wool----comfort
prefolds and covers----cheap and quick dry

mom to Kennedy, Owen, Liam & BABY. 1.7.13
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I get holes with hemp sometimes.. so I avoid those..

I wouldn't use a disposable option because we cloth diaper for health reasons- so that would seem ridiculous to me..

I like velour... I prefer fitteds and pockets, but I don't have any one system that I like above all others. I love the look of wool and the feel of wool, but not the work that wool requires... so PUL pockets or cotton or velour fitteds with PUL covers.

I'll have 5 kids- who has time to handwash?!
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I much prefer all natural fibers, and I go for fitteds with wool. Right now I'm testing a whole bunch of different OS fitteds to see what we like, but most of our stash is sized.

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Prefolds or flats with wool, just an uncovered (pinned) prefold or flat for around the house. A few PUL covers (Thirsties are my favorite) for when we want to go out and about in "regular" pants.

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I like All in 2's. We started out with gro baby but my son is really sensitive to feeling wet so we had to switch to a Stay Dry diaper. We now use Flip stay dry and love it! It's so trim and affordable.

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Pockets are our faves for going out, because they are as easy as a disposable to change. bumGenius one-size are what we like the best. For home we use fitteds (bG bamboo) and a cover (bG Flip covers).

ETA-the fitteds with the covers have proven to be leak proof for us!

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My favorite is a prefold with wool covers. We have several kinds of wool around here. I also like have some fitteds for times when she is super wiggly or when DH is changing her since he doesn't like to snappi a prefold for whatever reason. One sized fitted don't fit my DD as well as sized do. I mostly use our PUL covers when we are out of the house. I do have two AIO's (bottombumpers) which I got as seconds. I mostly have those in the diaper bag. Nice diaper but I wouldn't want to use them all the time. I'd rather spend my $$ on lovely wool!

I will add that during her runny poop phase I was more inclined to use PUL covers since they could just be tossed in the wash. Now that things are a bit more solid we barely every get poop on the cover so I use my wool more and more.

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I like ease, so my favorites are all in ones and all in twos with natural fibres inside. Cotton velour is so gorgeous and soft. My favorite AIO's are the type with the attached fold out booster as they dry a lot faster and seem to work/fit better.

Im also starting to love fitteds recently but usually only use them when we can go coverless at home, otherwise when you add the cover they are a bit of a pain and too bullky.

Wool is my favourite for covers hands down. I like the lovey-bums pull on ones as they are so trim and leak-proof. They're the only wool I have tried which can be worn under regular pants when going out. But I love doing laundry and find hand-washing therapeutic

I used to used mostly one-size pockets, but now I hate anything sized. Last time when we first switched to cloth DS was big enough (5 month) to go straight to the largest setting. But with DD I realized its way to much of a pain to be constantly adjusting and keeping track of what size she needs them set to. I also hate the synthetics! So my one-size stash has become my large size stash instead now.

Prefolds and flats are just way too much work to get on a wriggly baby. They would be my last choice when it comes to cloth.
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At home, I love prefolds, flats and fitteds best. Wool is easily my favorite cover (usually use PUL covers with newborns though). A lot of times I use a diaper with no cover at home.

For going out, babysitters or travel I usually use AIOs. I've been out of touch with the diapering world for a few years so i can't recommend any brands really.

You just have to find the system that works for you. For me, laundry is my favorite chore and I love handwashing my wool.
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i love pfs and wraps. i have some gmd pf and bummis wraps. i like the ease of use, and ease of washing. all cotton are the easiest to get clean and keep out stink.

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My stash is such a mish mosh of everything. I liked covers and prefolds until the summer when my DS broke out from the PUL. So then I went to hemp and bamboo fitteds, and then went back to AI2's and pockets.
I think it all depends on my mood.

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