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Pookietooth's Avatar Pookietooth 03:56 AM 03-23-2010
I would like a good wool cover that would fit my long, skinny nearly 5 month old. The Imse Vimse is close, but the legs holes are too small. The Stacinator has to short a rise, as does the righteous baby snap cover. With ds, I loved the Toot Sweet Baby covers, but those are no loner being made. Any ideas?

quiminco's Avatar quiminco 11:50 AM 03-23-2010
Take a look at the pull-on covers at GreenMountainDiapers:
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 02:25 PM 03-23-2010
I really like Kozy Wool. My 6 mo is still in a small, but we use some mediums to cover the rise of OS dipes. They have a drawstring, so they'll stay up even when they're too big.

For wrap style, we have some Sugar Peas, but the fit really depends on the dipe - it covers some of them nicely and some of them it doesn't.

And then I have mostly hand-knits that I've traded for. I always request a drawstring, since otherwise they won't stay up. I do have some Babyology's, but haven't tried them yet since the Mediums are HUGE on my skinny little guy.
Carhootel's Avatar Carhootel 11:58 PM 03-23-2010
the disana pull on (like on the GMD link PP posted) would be great I think. My ds is also long and somewhat skinny and the disana was great for him (now if only I hadn't felted it to preemie sized ) even if the disana seems a little big it's still bulletproof