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I used to do all cd wtih my first three children. I gave up at some point because I got sick of washing the things in the toilet to get the poop out. we didn't want to pay for a sprayer, only had one toilet, and had dipes that had to be rinsed in the toilet or they NEVER came clean.

fast forward to now. I have all these diapers adn I am not using them. I had a friend tell me I ought to try pocket dipes, specifically fuzzibunz.

Will the poop ACTUALLY fall off of them into the toilet. even splatter bomb, soft poop? my kids don't make hard stools. They have soft, splattering poop (sorry tmi)

I want a diaper that I can shake over the toilet and the poop will fall off. I will NOT go back to scrubbing diapers out in the toilet. no way!!! I've paid my dues in that club.

I have tons of NICE prefolds. could I just stuff them in the pocket dipes?

Also, I am nearly broke and can't buy more than just a few to try out at first. WHERE can I find these used ??? HOW MANY pocket dipes would I need for my daughter if I were to wash everyday?

My daughter is tiny. She is 2 but she is JUST NOW in a 24 months and can even wear some 18 month. she weights only a bit over 20 pounds. She wears a size 3 in target sposies, if that helps.

sorry so many questions.

I used to cd back in teh day of prefolds, pins, and rubber britches. So, I'm totally out of it as far as pocket dipes are concerned.

thanks for any input!
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It's more the consistency of the poop than the kind of diaper that determines whether they'll shake off, I find. FB make it a little easier, but if it's runny or gooey it still won't be easy. I just put runny ones straight into the wash: prewash, wash, rinse wash.

From what you're saying though, I think flushable diaper liners may be your answer:

We go through about 12 diapers a day with my 17 month old. We do prefolds and wrap covers mostly (no pins or snappis), and have a few pocket diapers we use (swaddlebees and fb). For the the pocket sizes, FB medium fit a huge range and DS1 wore them from age 10m to 2.5years and it looks like the same with DS2.
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I was afraid of that.
you know, I have used diaper liners in the past and hated fooling with them.

do you find the fb to be at least less trouble in terms of putting them on and off as opposed to fooling with a dipe and a cover ?

I'm thinking the fb would shake the poo a tad easier but I will still be washing till dooms day to get that poop out of my dipes. I have an old machine and it just isn't doing the job.
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If you pre-stuff your FBs (either with a prefold, or the microfiber insert that comes with them) and just stack them near your changing area, they are no harder to put on than disposables. (Just one step.)

Of course, with prefolds and covers, you can use the cover several times before swapping it out, and with the FBs you change the whole diaper each time.

For the poop issue, have you tried or would you consider the flushable liners?

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We've been using FBs for about 8 months now, and I love them (I think DH does, too.. he hasn't complained.. but he doesn't get all excited about them like I do). If your kiddos have soft poo, you still might be able to shake SOME of it into the toilet. If not, no big deal. I used to just throw mine right in the washing machine, poop and all. Sometimes, if it was a LOT of soft poop, I'd take some toilet paper and give the diaper a quick wipe to get some of it out, but then, as before, I'd just throw the diaper in the wash. The poop DOES come out! You just have to make sure you're doing a cold pre-wash so it doesn't stain (sunning the diapers also helps get stains out BIG TIME).

You can find FBs used here on the Diaper Swappers FSOT, on Ebay (but watch out for the fakes that are apparently circulating), on other parenting forums (i.e; babycenter, diaperpin, etc).

As for how many if you're doing wash every day, we started out with 12, and that was enough to get DD through the day, then I would do wash at night and still have 3 or 4 left over to get her through the night until the diapers were dry the next morning.

We've found FBs to be very sturdy, easy to use, and easy to care for. I'd highly recommend them!

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Well since you have the dipes and aren't using them, it seems like it might be worthwhile to try a diaper sprayer so you can get more out of your investment? I've heard you can make your own for cheaper using parts found at most hardware stores, so you could definitely google that.

Fuzzi Bunz has a seconds store that has good prices, so that may be a place to consider:
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I would never use Fuzzi Bunz because of their lack of ethics. There many other great brands out there.
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I tried FB and was not into the synthetic fibers.

Mama, have you tried flushable liners? You can get a bunch for like 5 bucks. They work really well with prefolds, because you can fold the back (girls) or front (boys) over and kind of hold it in there...

And then you don't have to shake, etc. anything! You just toss it in the toilet! If it is just a pee dipe, toss the liner in with the wash--you can wash them several times before they're gone. If you can't flush them we've composed them in our backyard. Easy peasy.

Waaay cheaper then buying a sprayer and dealing with that.

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Fuzzi Bunz are my favorite pocket diaper!

However you have diapers you aren't using, and I'm assuming you are buying disposables? What about finding a polar fleece sweater or blanket and cutting liners for the diapers you have, then most of the poop will slide off into the toilet.

Or, just not scrubbing them in the toilet, putting them in a dry pail and double washing? That's what we do, we have a few stains, but not nearly as many as you might think.

If you don't have much money, why waste it on disposables?

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We use sized fuzzi bunz exclusively. Poop varies but mostly falls into the toilet. I use a diaper sprayer on the rest. I never rinse/wash/scrub/anything else. Never seem to have stains, not that I would care. If I cared a lot about it, I would use a liner and it would fall off.

Put baby in diaper, baby pees, but diaper in wet bag. Put baby in diaper, baby poops, plop poop in toilet, if there is residue use diaper sprayer, put diaper in wet bag. Dump wet bag and dirty diapers in machine. Wash once with Charlie's Soap. Wash another time with some vinegar. (Industrial machine- no extra rinse) We usually line dry.
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