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umsami's Avatar umsami 12:32 PM 11-04-2010
For some reason, I've been hesitant to go to cloth wipes. Then it just sort of hit me... I'm doing laundry already...why not? (And why pay so much for wipes..landfill issues...etc.)

I've ordered 2 dozen wipes from an Etsy Mama. Now I'm wondering what to do for a wipe solution. DS3 is 2 months old... so my initial thought was just warm water, with a splash of baby shampoo and maybe a drop or two of tea tree oil.

Any recommendations?

Do you use a spray bottle with dry wipes or do you like to have something for your wipes to soak in?


porcelina's Avatar porcelina 12:56 PM 11-04-2010
We just started using our own wipes with DS2 who had an awful diaper rash. We've finally gotten it under control! We had a wipes warmer, so just keep them in there. This is nice because they are warm upon use, rather than freezing cold. I'm just doing a tiny splash of baby shampoo, but I look forward to hearing other people's responses!

And, my question, what do you use on the go??? I have been putting some wipes in a bag with some baby shampoo, but they are freezing when I take them out, and get stinky and need to be washed after just a day in there. I guess it might make sense to bring a small non-spill squirt bottle or something with the solution, and keep wipes dry...What do others do??
Carma's Avatar Carma 01:21 PM 11-04-2010
I keep the wipes dry and use just plain water. I dry her off with a dry wipe. We are still in the excl. BF phase.
No rashes yet sofar (she is almost 6 months).

sjd_ca's Avatar sjd_ca 07:01 PM 11-04-2010
I use dry wipes with the solution in a spray bottle (1 c. water, 1 tbsp vinegar, a couple of drops each of teatree oil and lavender oil). When we're going out, I put some wipes in the flat plastic wipe-holder that came with my diaper bag and just pour some solution in there with them. I've also used a small ziploc. They do need to be used within a couple of days, though.
somegirl99's Avatar somegirl99 01:02 AM 11-05-2010
I keep the wipes dry and use a Thermos pump pot as a source of warm water. I played around with Kissaluvs solution but usually the water is enough (for an EBF baby).

We tried to use cloth wipes on the go but discovered that using disposable wipes is far easier for us, so we use Earth's Best. Although we are doing EC so at least it's not a lot of wipes.
alia's Avatar alia 02:02 AM 11-05-2010
I'm with one of the PPs above...with cloth wipes, we mostly use plain water. On another board, I sometimes see threads with many other parents chiming in that they also use plain water as much as possible. We tried using a sprayer, but it didn't get the wipes wet enough. I'd like to find my peri bottle, but an old soap/shampoo bottle will do for now.

I have a bottle of Northern Essence foaming solution, which I think I have used on DD once. I used to make my own solution (boiled water, oil, a gentle soap) but found it wasn't really necessary. Now that we are long past the stage where there are several poops a day, we just enjoy the luxury of using flushable wipes for use with poops. We console our conservation-consciences by using cloth at the other changes and CDs in the first place (among other lifestyle choices, LOL).
Xavismom's Avatar Xavismom 06:52 PM 11-07-2010
Lusa organics baby wipe juice, mixed in a peri-bottle

Smells great, never had a rash, easy to use even on the go, and the bottle (its concentrated) lasts about 3 months.
is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 07:43 PM 11-07-2010
water from the tap, then I blow dry DDs bum!
Asiago's Avatar Asiago 07:52 PM 11-07-2010
Originally Posted by is it puppies? View Post
water from the tap, then I blow dry DDs bum!
Same here.

When we are out sometimes I bring along the Earth's Best wipes but lately I've just stashed some wet baby wash clothes in a plastic container.
dejagerw's Avatar dejagerw 10:49 PM 11-07-2010
water from the tap here too.
ActiveMa's Avatar ActiveMa 01:47 PM 01-03-2011

Originally Posted by Xavismom View Post

Lusa organics baby wipe juice, mixed in a peri-bottle

Smells great, never had a rash, easy to use even on the go, and the bottle (its concentrated) lasts about 3 months.

+1 for that. I used this on my 1st child and now I am using it on my second and third. It's a great solution and super convenient! I got mine on Amazon!





Ashley_R's Avatar Ashley_R 03:55 PM 01-07-2011

I use a mix of: 1cup water, 1Tbsp baby shampoo (Earth mama angel baby), 1Tbsp olive oil.  I like that after I use it I can rub the excess oil into my hands (well assuming theres no poo there lol.gif)

For on the go I use a small spray bottle with a solution in it and dry wipes, that way wipes don't get stinky or dry out.

RthyCrunchyMama's Avatar RthyCrunchyMama 06:22 PM 01-07-2011

Cloth wipes are the only way to go!  My 2 favorites are planet wise and fuzzi bunz organic Wonder Wipes.  I have used a wipe warmer with just plain tap water in it.  It worked well.  Honestly I found that it was often left empty or with no water which drives me nuts.  I have since switched to Happy Heiny Organic Spray and Thirsties Booty Luster .  They are sprays which allow me to just spray his bum and wipe it clean.  I love that it is easy to toss in my diaper bag and run with.

KJunebug's Avatar KJunebug 06:29 PM 01-07-2011

I find it so frustrating to use disposeable wipes with cloth diapers! (on those few occasions I run out of cloth wipes)... its all going in the same pail this way, no... ummm sorting?


I use Lusa Wipes Juice as well for about 3 years.  I dilute it so much one bottle gets me almost a years supply, but they still smell awesome and my baby's bottoms are nice and soft.


For awhile I mixed in my peri bottle and sprayed it over the wipes layer by layer in a disposeable wipes container, now I fill the sink a bit, pour in some wipe juice, and dump a handful of clean wipes in... I wring them out as I put them in the container.  For awhile I tried not drying the wipes, since I just go get them wet anyway, but they got moldy.....

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