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Heaz's Avatar Heaz 01:36 AM 01-05-2011

It's been a few years since I've been part of the CD world (my "baby" will be 5 when my new LO arrives at the end of summer) and a few things have changed. I loved Fuzzibunz the last time around, but had them in sizes. Now there are these one-size deals, and I'm curious.


Yes, I've read up on them at FB's site, but I want to hear real-world testimonials. Just how well do they live up to the hype? Are they too bulky for small babes? Do they get stripped/leaky after such prolonged use?


They seem to be a very good value, but only if they are as useful as their lifespan, kwim? I look forward to hearing about your experiences!!

Galatea's Avatar Galatea 06:10 AM 01-05-2011

LOVE THEM!  You can adjust the size of the waist and the legs so they fit everyone really well.  This is huge for us b/c we never had average-thighed babies.  They are very trim, and the snaps last forever.  You get 2 full-thickness inserts (one small, one large) so you can use them together at night for a heavy wetter.  You also get a full set of replacement elastic so they can be like new after a few years.  We have had a set of 20 of them that have been in daily use for 1.5 years and they are still great!  They are the majority of my stash for 2 kids and they are by far my favorite diaper.  You can get them on a baby after their cord falls off b/c they adjust so tiny (though they'll be bulky then like any OS.)  We have always had great luck with FB.  Our first set of sized FB lasted for 3 kids and then were still perfect for resale.

Galatea's Avatar Galatea 06:10 AM 01-05-2011

Just noticed you're in Pittsburgh.  So am I.  Do we know each other?

Buzzer Beater's Avatar Buzzer Beater 06:59 AM 01-05-2011

I don't like my FB OS too much. They are cute and easy, a good deal, yes. But they were too big for my babe for about 8 weeks and no matter what setting we have them on, they leak.  They leaked from the beginning following manufacturer's laundering directions. Also, even now that they "fit" they are so bulky my dd is less active in them. For a while she wouldn't even roll over in them, as she couldn't seem to get over the "hump" of bumpy dipe. It's better now, but we don't put her to bed in them because I don't want a wet bed.

starling&diesel's Avatar starling&diesel 07:02 AM 01-05-2011

Our OS leak too.  We have a stash of about 18 of the fitted ones that I love and have zero complaints with, but I don't love the OS.  I've actually taken them out of the stash and let DD use them on her dolls.  They are cute and trim and a great idea, but they leak. 


ETA:  We bought our fitted ones off CL and got them for super cheap.  I highly recommend doing that so long as you can trust that they were washed according to FB directions. 


Congrats on your babe ... and happy cloth diapering!

Heaz's Avatar Heaz 08:26 AM 01-05-2011

@galatea: I don't think we know each other yet, but it may happen soon! :D 

MayasMama88's Avatar MayasMama88 09:55 AM 01-05-2011

We love ours! We were using the sized (Mediums) for the first 6 months of our CDing experience, and then acquired 12 of the OS, and I actually prefer them now to the Mediums. The crotch is very trim which is great for newborns because there is less bulk between the legs, and great for toddlers because they'll be able to move around more easily without feeling chafed. They are very well made and are SUPER adjustable. As Galatea said, they'll be bulky on newborns for the first few weeks simply because there has to be enough material there to fit older children as well, but once your LO grows into them they're really trim. If you get the ones with the Joey Bunz hemp insert, they're even MORE trim (and more absorbent, and less prone to compression leaks). You will have to strip every so often, but you really should be doing that with any diaper anyhow. It's just a simple process to get any build-up out of the diapers to restore them to their original condition. We only get leaks if we need to strip. FBs are the majority of our stash for a reason!

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