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*swissmiss*'s Avatar *swissmiss* 01:34 PM 01-05-2011

We just went through a round of stomach virus.  16 mo old DD started with throwing up, but now it is moving south and we have had a few explosive diapers.  Do you guys keep using cloth even through a GI illness?  Any special washing procedures (I use pockets), or do you feel the hot water is sufficient enough to kill the germs/ virus? 


I'd rather keep her in cloth if I can, because I know that disposables will not contain these poops!


Just wondering what others do in this situation.  Thanks!!

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coyotemist's Avatar coyotemist 01:42 PM 01-05-2011

Yes, we still use it.  I don't keep sposies in the house (have only used them for 2 short vacations since he was 6 weeks old).  It would be quite a hassle to drive to the store just to buy diapers!


I make sure and add oxyclean to the wash after the cold rinse, and vinegar to the final rinse, otherwise nothing changes.

ScottyG's Avatar ScottyG 06:27 PM 01-07-2011

I keep using cloth through illnesses, but if the poops get caustic enough that angry diaper rash appears, I tend to switch to sposies and zinc cream (weleda is nice!) for a little while to keep babies' bums from being super sore and mad.  But sickness alone isn't enough for me to switch; it's more about the diaper rash that sometimes comes along with sickness.

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