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My son just turned two and is still not close to potty training and Im just tired of disposables. Im also pregnant and due in 4 months with another little boy... I am REALLY wanting to CD. I just have no idea where to start with both of them. Any sites you can point me to and any insight on what brands are the best?!

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Hi, mama! Congratulations on choosing to cloth diaper! There are lots of CDing pros on this website, and I'm sure you'll get plenty of answers to this question. :)


For starters, there are a few websites that offer cloth diaper trial packages like at Jillian's Drawers. You can try a bunch of different types and brands, see what you like and what you don't, and then you'll be able to better choose what will work best for you. This page at Kelly's Closet will help you learn what types of cloth diapers there are, how to deal with potential issues that may arise, how to care for your diapers, sizing and warranty info by brand.


As for good brands, there are tons, because everyone has their own personal preferences (mine is FuzziBunz). However, some of the brands you'll see most often on this site and others are: FuzziBunz, BumGenius, Flips, Green Mountain Diapers (GMD), Happy Heinys, Kawaii, SustainableBabyish (Sbish), .... I'm having a major brain fart and cannot come up with a single other diaper brand, but there really are TONS!! I'm sure you'll get more suggestions here shortly. ;)

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I have a two year old who is potty trained but still needs diapers at night. I bought several pocket diapers to see which ones would keep him dry at night. He is 30 something lbs and average is height ect..fuzzybunz onesize were good and they go from 8lbs to 30 something bumgenius have worked great also os. Kawaii babies are super absorbent and are much cheaper. As far as your newborn is concerned I too am expecting a new one and ordered a diaper trial from jilians drawers. They let you try some of all the kinds for 10 bucks. I hope this helps.

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I found a great deal on amazon, a 60 pack of cloth diapers for about $30!

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Hi! The choices can be overwhelming! I applaud your decision, and I bet you're going to be ecstatic when you find what works for you. It's actually really fun! I can't believe I would have ever said that about diapers, but it's so true for cloth. 


Here are a few helpful links:

I have retired from administration work, so if you have a question about anything MDC-related, please contact Cynthia Mosher. Thanks!
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Purchasing your own diapers and washing them on your own is the least expensive way to go in the long run, although there will be an upfront investment with this route.  Diaper Services are a great way to go if you prefer convenience.  An excellent website with tons of information is  This is a non-profit organization that advocates cloth diapering.  Good Luck!

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Be sure to check out green mountain diapers. They have a ton of basic information and are really helpful if you need to call them. They also sell what are, IMO, the best prefolds. You could get started with a dozen prefolds and a couple covers for all of $40 and see how you like it before a big investment. If you're willing to do the folding and need an easy washing routine try flats. They're just inexpensive cotton squares. You can find how to fold them online, just google 'flat folds'. 

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Hah I just recently asked this question myself on Facebook's Natural Parents Network page.  I got a ton of very helpful replies. - really great comparion with pros and cons of each type has cloth diaper trials


I settled for the pocket diapers and I found these to be the most inexpensive

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I started with 3 fitted diapers and 1 cover. When I found that I was washing everyday because I wanted to use the cloth ones, I knew that I was going to stick with it. I tried a couple different ones before I committed to any one brand: a few pockets, a few all-in-ones, and a few fitteds. I bought prefolds to get us by until I could afford more diapers. They are the cheapest ones to get started with, but they aren't for everyone. I got the best millage out of the Motherease one-size fitted diapers. They fit a pretty small baby and still fit my 33 lb. 3-year old. My diapers have gone through 2 kids and are just starting to show their age.

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Hi :)


How exciting!


Are my favs.


I found that pocket diapers are far superior for naps and nights and prefolds are best for days, and cheapest (but fussier).  Velcro is great because its so adjustable but snaps are much better once babe starts to try to remove the diaper.  One size diapers cost much less in the long run but can be bulky.  Fitted diapers will have less bulk but cost much more in the end.  Wool covers are fantastic.  They are completely natural fabric and are breathable while being very absorbant.  However VERY expensive.


Organic or not organic is really just about preference.  All in ones (AIO) I wasn't a fan off but lots of moms swear by them cause they are just like sposies so easier for dads and caregivers. Hemp vs cotton vs micro fiber vs bamboo depends on purpose.  I use all of them depending on situation. ie bulk, portability, overnight, heavy wetter/light wetter.   


My all time favorite is the Softbums Echo!  For many reasons really.  One is that you can do a snap in or prefold with fleece liner.  Two is that the thighs are adjusted by a sliding elastic so they have NEVER left any red marks.  (my daughter has large thighs just like her mum lol).  Thirdly they are narrower in the crotch area so waaaaaay less bulky.  The Softbums Omni also has the pocket option but they are wider in the crotch so I just alter the echo to allow for a pocket.  Fourth is they fit 7lbs to 40lbs so you can use them for both kids.  Saving money and room in the diaper bag.  Watch the video on their web site!


All in all most store's have trial packages that allow you to sample their wears with out complete commitment to any brand.  I strongly recommend you do just that because every baby's dimensions are different and you need to find a system that works for you, your babies, and your caregivers!  There is also diaper service to consider but that option will depend on where you live.


Along with the diapers you will also need a wet bag for dirty diapers waiting to be washed in home, a small wet bag for dirty diapers on the go.  A larger diaper bag to acomodate for more "stuff".  And proper washing lessons.  Rockin green is one of my fav brands for washing.  Oh and don't sweat stains.  Just wash them as usual and lay them out in the sun to dry.  The sun will bleach out the stain better than any product i've found. 

Another useful tool is a  diaper sprayer.  Its not mandatory but oh soo handy for rinsing away poops into the toilet.  Especially the um.. softer or wet poops lol.


You will also need to be aware that you cannot use zinc creams as they will effect the efficacy of your diapers.  All shops selling CD have bum creams that CAN be used.


Good Luck and Happy diapering :)

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