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Kelley55's Avatar Kelley55 06:44 PM 03-10-2011

Hi everyone!  I'm due 6/22 and have been spending a lot of time researching cloth diapering and watching youtube tutorials (my husband thinks i'm crazy).  I'm registered at babies r us and would ideally like to use a system that they sell, so i can register for some to get me started.  The kushies system makes a lot of sense to me and it really affordable, but i heard the inserts can be a little rough.  Gdiaper looks great and i like the option of both disposable (for trips) inserts and washable ones.  A lot of my friends say good things about bumgenius.  I like that they offer the snap diaper.  I would think that velco could come off easier to cause irritation.  I have no idea about this stuff and am just starting to learn. Any suggestions on kushies, gdiaper or bumgenius?

Marissamom's Avatar Marissamom 07:58 PM 03-10-2011

kushies, their all-in-ones have basically nothing to hold NewBorn Poop in, but I haven't really used them. I have a couple that were given to me, and I'm just putting them in the car just in case of emergency.

gDiapers, my experience was that the disposable inserts were stiff and chaiffed my DD so she had a few drops of blood when I wiped her after only half a day using them. the inserts (both cloth and disposable) bunch like crazy, and the snap-in liners have to be replaced every few months. also, if your baby doesn't have really chunky thighs, they leak pee out the leg so you have to change the cover with almost every pee. and the cloth inserts only held one, maybe two pees (and DD is not a particularly heavy pee-er. 

I haven't used bumgenius, but of the three I've heard the least negative reviews for them. 

dayiscoming2006's Avatar dayiscoming2006 08:21 AM 03-11-2011

Kushies are horrible with poo. Every time baby poops it gets all over them and whatever else is around. If they just would have put a bit of elastic at the legs, they may have been alright. They were the first AIO I ever tried. There are much better ones out there.


I have read enough bad reviews about gdiapers that I wouldn't even try them.


The bumgenius snap diapers seem like the best idea of the three options. I heard the velcro bumgenius diapers are terrible with the velcro wearing out fast. I've also heard the elastic may go out often, but I haven't tried them, so I have no idea. If that's all there is to choose from though, I would try them with the snaps.

PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 10:40 AM 03-11-2011

I was given 10 Kushies AIOs. I used two of them, had 2 massive leaks, got some great (cheap) pocket diapers and never looked back. Maybe they'd work with a chubby baby, but they were a disaster for my DS. I would never recommend Kushies AIOs.

Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 10:08 AM 03-12-2011

I own several of all three of these options. Definitely go with the BGs for all the reasons given (I prefer the snaps too). Love the gDiapers concept, but the execution isn't quite there - especially the velcro is an issue. A lot of people turn up their nose at BG for various reasons, but honestly after 2 kids, they're still the pocket diaper I reach for first - I find them bulletproof.


I can't tell you whether they'll fit on a brand new baby though - I would have a backup plan just in case until you know.

bonjourmama's Avatar bonjourmama 07:24 PM 03-12-2011

IME Gdiap sucks. Always leaked, way to much work. Bumgenius much easier. Sorry for bad grammar, in a hurry. Ha. Good luck.

DevaMajka's Avatar DevaMajka 08:26 PM 03-12-2011

Kushies almost turned me off of cd'ing with ds1. I think I had the Kushies AIO. The fitteds might be better, though I'm not sure. I found them bulky and they fit wierd.

I've never used g-diapers.

I have a couple of BG's (they were converted to snaps because the velcro wasn't nice when I got them from a friend), and I like the just fine. I find the inners of BG's to feel more dry than fleece, so that's one plus. I also thought that the BG's were the best fitting OS dipe when ds2 was little- they fit from about 6 weeks, I believe. Earlier than any OS other than SoftBums. My vote is definitely BG's of the 3 options you have!


My personal stash preference is fitteds under fleece longies (or shorties) and pockets. You might want to have some fitteds on hand for rashy days- they are a lot better for that than pockets. I always wished I'd had some fitteds for ds1, but never got them. With ds2 I have lots, and I'm so so so glad I do, because he's prone to rashes.

MsFortune 11:18 PM 03-12-2011

Are those the only options?  Because I personally love Fuzzibuns.  


I have Bumgenius, but I have with velcro, which I really dislike.  But if they now make without velcro, and do plastic snaps, they would be pretty much like the Fuzzibuns.



MamaBriTo2's Avatar MamaBriTo2 01:09 AM 03-13-2011
I'm not a fan of gDiapers at all. Maybe for a newborn who doesn't pee as much (can't say for sure), but not an older baby. They're not very absorbent and the inserts bunch up.

No experience with kushies.

I have bumgenius sized AIOs and LOVE them. I've heard nothing but good things about this brand.

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weliveintheforest's Avatar weliveintheforest 01:18 AM 03-13-2011

I've used kushies and was not a big fan, but they do the job.  I prefer the fitteds over the aio because of fit and ease of washing.  The aios took forever to dry and would get a smell. I would not bother with the newborn ones, and just get some prefolds or something elsewhere.  I also do not like the kushies brand covers.


I've not personally used gdiapers, but have heard from friends that they work fine but the liners and velcro dont last forever.  Bumgenius gets good reviews but I have never tried them, I am a fitteds and wool type of diaper-er.


MamaBriTo2's Avatar MamaBriTo2 01:18 AM 03-13-2011
Also, for the newborn stage, your one size probably won't fit unless you have a big baby. They start fitting at around 10lbs. I'd invest in some chinese prefolds ($1.50/prefold) and covers (certain ones are cheaper than others.)

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JBW0's Avatar JBW0 11:36 AM 03-27-2011

We used gDiapers on our baby boy as a newborn and I found that they leaked a lot, especially when we used the cloth inserts. I think the cloth inserts are just too small and not aborbent enough, and the cover didn't stop leaks adequately. The compostable liners seemed to leak a little less, however they require ripping them open before you flush them if you want to avoid clogging the toilet - so they are not quite as travel friendly as you would hope. Most people end up just throwing the compostable inserts away, which if you're doing that you're not far off from just using a disposable diaper anyway.  We do have friends who use the gDiapers on their girl (with the compostable inserts exclusively, not the cloth) and they have liked them.


I recently got a BumGenius diaper and it seems to work really well. I did note that they recommend using a flannel liner or some other thin cloth barrier if you need to use diaper creme, so that the creme doesn't reduce the absorption of the cloth diaper. We haven't had that issue with the prefolds.


Since our son was about 3 months old we have used regular old fashioned prefolds with Snappies holders (like Ace bandage wrap holders in place of pins) and Thirsties diaper covers. They have worked great.  For night time we add a hemp insert for extra absorbancy.  I bought a set of high quality (diaper-service quality) prefolds - they are much more absorbent than what you will see from brands like Gerber at BRUs and Target. I do use disposables (Seventh Generation) occasionally when we're on the go. I find that the Seventh Generation disposables are very gentle on my baby - he gets rashes from other brands.


My advice would be to register for small amounts of a couple types of diapers and see what works for you and your baby.  We ended up getting a whole bunch of gDiaper stuff and I regretted having all of it since they leaked so much. You may also want to register for a few bags of disposables, including a set of newborn disposables with the cut out for the umbilicord area.  Our midwives recommended we use disposables for the first week or so with our newborn since the meconium can be so nasty and the umbilical cord can be messy while healing.