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bstandlee's Avatar bstandlee 08:30 PM 04-04-2011

Anybody have good recommendations for teeny covers starting at 4 or 5 pounds? I used proraps with DS (born 4 weeks early) but they scratched his legs. I'm having a hard time finding other covers that come in a preemie size (except for Imse Vimse which sound like they're made larger and are actually closer to a newborn size).


We used prefolds with DS for a few months and they worked great and plan to do the same for our twins coming in October (hopefully not before!).


Oh, I guess I would like recommendations for preemie sized prefolds too. I was looking at Bummis but has anybody used them and been happy with their prefolds?



KABB's Avatar KABB 01:45 PM 04-06-2011

I have preemie prefolds from Cotton Babies. Swaddlebees are also really nice prefolds I think anyway, though they have pilled a little during the prep washes, I haven't actually gotten to use them yet since Baby Valentine is also due in October. 


Have you looked at Proraps?

AppleCheeks Envelope Covers,size 1 are smaller than a lot of the other XS/S covers I have or have looked at: XS covers are the second smallest cover I have: 


I can take comparison pictures the NB size Prorap, AppleCheeks and Thirsties if that will help you. 

octobermom's Avatar octobermom 09:14 AM 04-07-2011

 my LO was 4lbs 11oz at her lowest weight. I found virtually all preemie covers way to big. the closest good fit we got was with the litwrap preemie but even those gapped (though they look unreal tiny when they arrive) Preemie proraps were gigantc super huge... What worked best were bummi superbrite covers and bummi orginal covers both in NB size. I also had some nanabottom AIOS that were a great fit she dos covers too and I'd bet those would work well.



LaughingHyena's Avatar LaughingHyena 09:43 AM 04-07-2011

We used motherease XS riki wraps when DD was tiny, I'd guess just over 5lb. They were a bit big for the first couple of weeks but providing the nappy was snappied tightly enough we didn't have leaks. We actually used these for a few months and went straight into the medium size. I guess we'd got used to things being a bit on the big side!


We also had a premmie pro wrap which was a bit smaller. We didn't use that one much though as it didn't cover the nappies we were using that well, not enough material at the sides.



bstandlee's Avatar bstandlee 09:50 AM 04-07-2011

Thanks for the replies. You've given me several options to look at! I love cloth diaper shopping :D :D