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babyjonesmama's Avatar babyjonesmama 08:08 PM 04-24-2011

Wondering about this...we used BG on DS from about 3 mos to 1 year, then had to stop because the inserts were just too full of detergent and everything and he was reacting to all the ammonia in them, his poor little penis got a scab on it and he would wake up crying and was clearly not tolerating it. We tried stripping them and doing all that but just didn't have any luck. Now we have newborn baby girl, and I'm not really in a place to buy new diapers, but was thinking about trying to use plain prefolds instead of the BG inserts. I can't see why this would be a problem. Thanks!!

MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 01:46 PM 04-27-2011

I can't stand microfiber. We stuff with cotton prefolds, Thirsties hemp prefolds, or bamboo prefolds. They all work great. You may want to "strip" your pockets just in case there is anything left in the microsuede - based on personal experience, I would recommend regular Tide or Country Save with some Oxiclean Free, on hot. Both those detergents (and use a good amount - the stuff about using a small fraction of detergent, in my experience and opinion, only leads to issues because the diapers are never getting clean) should get your pockets ready for your dd. Congratulations!

Italiamom's Avatar Italiamom 12:41 AM 04-28-2011

I use prefolds all the time to stuff our BGs!  Sometimes after I do the diaper laundry I'll be feeling lazy, and so I'll just stack the inserts.  And then DS inevitably grabs the stack and hides them all over the darn house...  But prefolds work great!

kcsc117's Avatar kcsc117 07:18 PM 05-01-2011

I love using prefolds in my BG's!  I feel like they wash up much better!  I still use the microfiber but prefer the prefolds to the micro anyday!


Congrats on your new bundle!!

BummisMom's Avatar BummisMom 02:58 PM 05-02-2011

Yep! The Bummis infant sized prefolds fit perfectly. Prefolds in general are much less susceptible to residue issues than microfiber and you can pretty well do anything to them including bleaching and boiling without harming them. Congratulations and good luck!