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kasumi's Avatar kasumi 01:38 PM 04-05-2004
Ds is sporting his FCB white PUL AIO with sage serging...love this dipe!

JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 01:41 PM 04-05-2004
Nathan is wearing an organic cotton SugarPeas size 1 diaper (fold down in use) and his "Got Wool?" KnitInYourPants soaker.
Trishas Tribe's Avatar Trishas Tribe 02:54 PM 04-05-2004
Gracie is napping in a MEOS with liner and airflow cover.
Cenae's Avatar Cenae 02:55 PM 04-05-2004
A bumkins AIO, or at least it was on his bum until he walked away, now who knows if anything is on his bum.
Sugarwoman's Avatar Sugarwoman 03:56 PM 04-05-2004
Spencer is napping with a yellow FB stuffed with a HH stuffin.
nicandboys's Avatar nicandboys 04:00 PM 04-05-2004
Luke is in a Soft Landings fitted with an ME airflo. He has been mostly naked lately though and going on the potty.

Maddie is in an Elbee with no cover. I really need to relanolize her Elbee wool covers, but have had so much other laundry and things to do that I keep putting that off and leaving her coverless.
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