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wombato's Avatar wombato 05:17 PM 06-10-2011

I'm in a rush...I'm looking for a swim diaper or swim trunks for my not-potty-trained 2 year old boy.  


I haven't had him weighed in a while, but he is big, heavy, and muscular.  He is wearing these big toddler prefolds (converted to fitted legs with snaps).  I'd guess he's around 38-40 pounds.  In some clothes, he is almost in a 3T.  Hanna Andersson 100's are only a little baggy on him.  That means that all the typical cute cloth swim diapers I see are most likely too small for him.


Can I get away with something like Gymboree's swim trunks with built in diaper cover (3T)?  Has anyone used these FINIS swim diapers (seeing them on Amazon)?  


I live out in the country and don't want to do a lot of in-town shopping and trying-on.  I'd love to order a swim diaper rather than buy in a store, without paying loads in shipping.


Any WAHM solutions I should know about?

Marissamom's Avatar Marissamom 08:38 PM 06-10-2011

we use the Imse Vimse swim diaper http://www.imsevimse.us/p-129-swim-diapers.aspx my 25 lb two year old still fits in her size small (11-17 lbs according to them) though it fits as a swimsuit instead of being bloomerlike. the biggest size says 35-44lbs.

there's also the bummis swimmi http://www.bummis.com/ca/en/swimmi.php the XL says 30lbs and up, so it might fit.

I've heard some good things about the iPlay swim diaper, but never heard of the finis before


lots of people use an unstuffed pocket or empty cover, too much clorine can ruin the PUL, so you would want to have a separate one for swimming. 

Galatea's Avatar Galatea 10:26 AM 06-11-2011

Bummis Swimmi comes in XL, which should fit.

wombato's Avatar wombato 03:18 PM 06-11-2011

Thanks for the help, especially about not using a cover as a swimsuit - didn't know that chlorine would wreck the PUL.


I'm going to go with the Bummis Swimmi in XL.  I'd used a medium for a long time but didn't realize they sold an XL.  I will keep the Imse Vimse in mind, though, since they have that Junior size.

JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 03:10 PM 06-21-2011

I really like the imse vimse version with snaps on the size. Their largest size would look like it fits

JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 03:10 PM 06-21-2011