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ShannonBFCDAP's Avatar ShannonBFCDAP 11:41 AM 07-22-2011
Has anyone used these diapers? I only found one review online and they are on BabyHalfOff today. Any experience with them?

Melbrandes's Avatar Melbrandes 08:00 AM 08-05-2011

This is kind of late, however I do use Bum Cheeks.  They are the best diapers I have. (fuzzibunz, blueberry, rocky mountain)  They are a bit expensive if you don't get them through something like babysteals.com so I have only a few but they are great.  No leaks, thinner than the other brands, great fit and adorable!  (check out the one with the Very Hungry Caterpillar on it!



ShannonBFCDAP's Avatar ShannonBFCDAP 10:15 AM 08-06-2011
Thanks! I did end up "stealing" one that day from the sale. I like it and wish I had grabbed more. Oh well, I'll just wait for another sale.
SDubek's Avatar SDubek 10:08 AM 09-11-2011

FYI Ladies - they are on www.babysteals.com for $14.99 today!  So if you want to get some more, here's your chance!

eno1177's Avatar eno1177 07:31 PM 09-14-2011

i ordered one and I really like it a lot.  The material feels really good.  However, I've only used it once and I CAN NOT get the pooh smell out.  I've washed the load like six times, hot water, extra rinses, detergent, no detergent.  Any suggestions?  It's so gross.