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This summer my kiddos and I were playing outside. I had to run in the house to get the laundry from the washing machine to hang on the line.  My 5 year old runs in the house to tell me that his baby brother had pooped and "Archer was so stinky that flies were buzzing around him!!!"  I ran outside to find my youngest who went from zero to poop-tastrophy (the kind that leaves you shaking your head and wondering where to start)  in a matter of minutes and sure enough that poor kid had flies buzzing around him. Ahh the joys of being a mommy.

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So when my twins were about 18 months old they hit me with some twingenuity.  One day I found some poop on the floor.  Well sure enough there was one of my daughters with her diaper unsnapped.  I cleaned up the mess and put her in a new diaper.  Not 10 min later I hear my son yell out "MAMA, the twins are playing with poop"  I go into the room where they were and they were indeed playing with poop, but they were both in diapers still!  I checked their diapers, nothing there!  Then it dawned on me and I removed one, sure enough, just one little skid.  They girls had been reaching into each other's diapers to get the poop out! 

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We were about to sit down for dinner and I hear this grunting noise coming from the bathroom off of the kitchen.  Upon further inspection I find our red in the face two year old sitting on the bathroom floor.  Since we are working on potty training I couldn't help, but ask..

"Hey kiddo, you um.. pooping?"  

She replies "NO"

Bewildered, I ask "you lying?"

Her response: "Yes" and she proceeds to ROAR (like a LION) in my face ;)



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When my daughter was first potty training, we were visiting a friends house, and I noticed that she seemed to be suddenly very serious and focused, while playing at the music table with her friends.  Knowing this was often an early warning sign of a poop, I ran over to get her diaper off and get her to the potty before she started.  I quickly unsnapped the diaper, and in the process flung the poop (which she had apparently already done) across the room.  Ack!!  I had just been bragging about how few accidents she had been having, too.  Girlie thought it was hysterical, and to this day whenever we visit said friend's house, will retell the story of how she "pooped on the floor". 

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Was trying to get the hang of diapering a boy after having had 6 girls and he took aim at his oldest sister and then like a scud missle he shifted his aim for his baby sister and fired! Her jaw dropped as he peed all over her new outfit she had put on in celebration of his birth! She managed to  quiver out "He peed me. He peed my clothes. He peed my leg too." A few weeks later I caught her squatting over his head and asked what she was doing. She answered, "I pee him back!!" I managed to stop her before she showered him!

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Originally Posted by drmom21 View Post

Well, I'm the only person in my family into natural parenting and I'm new to cloth diapering, so my sisters are learning something new from me every time they see me and I tell them plenty of stories over the phone. So one day I was at my sister's house changing my babies diaper. I picked up the baby and caught his poop in my hand. I was quick with the hand but not with the changing being a newbie.


I sat there in shock that the newborn just pooped and me and my sister looked at me like, "what's she gonna do now with her crazy natural parenting antics." I said, don't just sit there, help me!, She said she thought it was part of the natural parenting process that she needed to learn about. She didn't know that I didn't want the baby to poop in my hand. IMAGINE THAT! We still laugh about that, even though she was not happy about the poop on her sofa. Ignorance is bliss!



LOLOLOL. This reminds me of when my younger brother was born.  My father, still very much an inexperienced diaper changer was forced to change my little brother's diaper.  In the middle of the change, my brother decided to go #2.  My dad panicked! Rather than reach for the ready-to-go clean diaper next to him, he swiftly placed his hand underneath.  My mother and I heard a scream.  "LYDIA!!!!!"  We came running. My mom sure that something was horribly wrong with the baby. My father stood there with his cupped hand, completely mortified.  The funniest part was that the poop was perfectly formed like a serving of soft-serve ice cream.  


We busted up laughing.  He was fuming at that point.  "Well dont just stand there," he said.  We called him Foster Freeze for weeks. 



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Pssst ....


I thought there were three winners? Shouldn't the first three posts that meet the requirements all win? So ... 13, 32, and 25?

Originally Posted by Chris Elias28 View Post

Sponsored by Diaper Safari

Lolliegee, Post #13 you have won!  I will be PMing you to get your info. Congrats!  -Chris


Below is a partial screenshot of the Sequence Generator from Random.org. Each post has a number, and each is entered into the generator to get a random and fair sequence. The top number is our first place.   Post #13 is our top and winning post.  

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 4.24.14 PM.png




Diaper Safari Giveaway!


Anyone with a kid has been there.  We all have them- the funny diaper stories. Its ok to laugh!  Share your funniest diaper stories with MDC & Diaper Safari to be automatically entered to win a Best Bottom Starter Pack, compliments of Diaper Safari.   


Diaper Safari is offering the Best Bottom Value Pack, ($28.80 value) shown below to 3 MDC winners!


D. Safari Prize.png



  1. Share your funniest diaper story in a reply post to this thread. (mandatory for entry)
  2. Thank Diaper Safari on Facebook for this Giveaway.  (optional)






  • This contest will run from 8/11/11 to 8/18/11, closing at 5pm PST.  
  • MDC will announce the winners in this thread and send the winners PM to notify them.
  • All posts will be entered into Random.org's Random sequence generator. The first 3 posts in the random sequence will be our winners. 
  • You must be a member of MDC.  
  • You must have at leaset 7 Posts to be considered for this prize. 
  • This contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada.
  • If you like this contest, show some love to our sponsors on Facebook. 



Looking forward to some great stories!




Chris Elias

MDC Staff





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You are right! THANK YOU.


Fyrebloom & MommyLibrarian are our other two winners. You will be receiving PMs so that we can coordinate the shipment of your prize. 



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I wish I really had won.  I didn't see the 7 post requirement until after I entered.  Congrats to Partaria....that story deserves to win.

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