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Nursingnaturalmom's Avatar Nursingnaturalmom 05:45 AM 10-04-2011

I have a 2 year old that is pretty big.  He's 34 inches tall and 32lbs.  He is also a super soaker.  Can I ask if anyone has a toddler that is bigger and what you use for night time?  What is your favorite diaper for daytime?  He's outgrowing covers fast!!!

heatheresc's Avatar heatheresc 01:58 PM 10-04-2011

I have a 20 month old about your son's size. We use a little lions or under the nile fitted diaper with a doubler and a thinner fitted diaper inside of it, inside a Disana wool cover. That works pretty well, although sometimes he will wake up and want to be changed in the middle of the night, and that helps, too! =)


I'll watch this thread b/c he is starting to outgrow the fitted diapers we have, except the under the nile, so I am looking to buy some more.

mamabelle's Avatar mamabelle 11:25 AM 10-05-2011

My son is still under 30lbs so I don't have advice about the covers in general, but he is a heavy night-time wetter and what finally worked for us at night was adding a hemp doubler (more absorbent than the microfiber ones- and thinner!) with a microfiber (for quick absorption) inside the diaper and then a wool cover over the diaper (we have one by aristocrats).  I have two friends with larger toddlers who have gone the disposable route because their kids outgrew the bumgenius or fuzzibunz or whatever system they invested in.  Such a bummer!  I hope you find something that works!

Nursingnaturalmom's Avatar Nursingnaturalmom 06:33 AM 10-19-2011

we have gone the disposable diaper route at night with him.  He's been known to leak out of those too.

Thanks for the suggestions



Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 01:32 PM 10-19-2011

I find mother-ease Sandys (they have a large and a Toddler size) with a doubler, and sometimes a hemp doubler on top of that, plus a wool cover, are pretty much bulletproof.

Mom2M's Avatar Mom2M 04:57 AM 10-20-2011
DD is not your son's size but she is a heavy wetter! I was using fuzzibunz with a microfiber insert and 2 doublers and she was still wetting the bed, ugh.
Someone gave me wool pants and I put them on her over the fuzzibunz and she never leaked again. I can't believe how much they soak up and still are not wet on the outside!
These were just regular knitted pants, not expensive ones that you buy for $40 or $50. It's wonderful not to have that pee smell in bed anymore!
Oh and if you are looking for large covers, try Lite Wraps, I got them from GMD and it said on the description that they run very big but I was surprised by how huge they really are! DD is just going into larges and they are so big on her! They have x-large that is for 30+ pounds. They are only $8 which is a bonus.