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lactatinggirl's Avatar lactatinggirl 06:58 AM 11-14-2011

I bought prefolds when I had my DD to use as burp rags and this time I want to use them as actual diapers (with wool covers is my plan). I think I just bought a few packs of whatever they have at either Target or Babies R Us. Are these good/bad for actual diapering? Also, I have no idea on the size and I looked at the packages they have at Target and they said one size fits all. I tried them on 2.5 year old DD though and they were too small (at least for the way I folded them). Does that mean they're not one size fits all? Do I need to have multiple sizes of prefolds (I've seen sites that sell newborn, small, medium, large, and x-large)?


For some reason the whole world of prefolds feels so foreign to me! I'd really just like some guidance.

Carynia's Avatar Carynia 06:30 PM 11-16-2011

Unless you get really lucky, most 'prefold' diapers found at department or discount stores are usually not very absorbent and end up being used mostly as burp cloths...The least expensive yet most durable and absorbent prefolds are usually those made for diaper services, and commonly referred to as DSQ (Diaper-Service-Quality) Prefolds. Most cloth diapering companies have access to and offer DSQ prefolds as a diaper option. The most common sizes and weight ranges for DSQ Cotton Prefolds are Newborn (to 10 lbs.), Infant (7 to 20 lbs) and Standard (18 to 35 lbs.) That's approximately of course. They shrink down to size after washing them a few times, but the Standard size does tend to run a bit long in DSQ type diapers, and we've rarely ever been asked for a larger Toddler size. There's many ways to fold these diapers to get the absorbency where you want it.


Here's a link to our DSQ Prefolds:


Cotton 'Chinese' Prefolds (DSQ/diaper service diapers) -


More options...These are all high-quality 'specialty' Prefolds, made specifically for cloth diapering:


Babybirdseye Cotton Prefolds -

Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds -  

UTN Organic Cotton Prefolds -

Organic Cotton/Hemp Fleece Prefolds -


If you have more questions we'd be happy to help!  ~ 800-676-4559


Good luck!





Mom2M's Avatar Mom2M 09:53 PM 11-16-2011
The prefolds I use are these
They are a great price and I only had to buy 2 sizes, infant and premium. DD is 2 and I have never had to replace any of them. You can get these covers for a lot less than most and they are awesome. I have never had a leak or blow out with these (I also like Snappis) but I had blowouts with disposables!
Good luck, I really recommend prefolds/covers. I was intimidated at first but they are easier for me to wash and take care of than other kinds.

cristeen's Avatar cristeen 12:57 PM 11-18-2011

I like the sizes of PFs at, they're more customized, and they have great customer service.  My 2 yo is just now outgrowing the red edge in width, the length is still perfect for him.  I've been debating whether to get more or just deal until he PLs. 


But yes, you do want different sizes. Depending on whether you make big or small babies, you may be able to skip the NB size entirely.  The infant ones may be a bit big, but those babies grow quick, so they won't be small long.  I only got 2 sizes, infant (UtN and Bummis) and red edge (Green Mountain), and those have served me pretty well to this point.  I'm still using the infants as stuffers in his night-time dipes. 


The Bummis have stood up really well to 2 years of use, but the UtN haven't.  Which is a bummer, because they're actually easier to work with (the edges are thinner with a thicker center pad, so getting a good fit around the leg is easier).  But after 2 years, the UtNs are full of holes, the Bummis still look perfect. 


I would recommend checking out the other thread on exclusively using wool though, since wool + pfs can be a bit of a challenge. 

lactatinggirl's Avatar lactatinggirl 09:32 AM 11-19-2011

Thanks everyone! I'm going to check out Diaper Swappers for some different prefolds. I didn't even know that the store-bought ones weren't very good.

Mom2SammyJoe's Avatar Mom2SammyJoe 01:10 PM 11-19-2011

I used the store bought ones (Gerber) with both my kids for about 4-5 months. I had them before I knew better. I folded down the extra length and Snappied them. They are not super absorbant, so after this age they weren't much good. They may not be the best, but they do work.


I gave them away since then. I have a ton of premium prefolds I used with DD that will go for new baby, too. I have 2 dozen infant prefolds that were handed down to me that I will use as well. I'd like to get another dozen just to make sure I have enough.