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Hi folks.


Thanks for all of the great advice you've offered so far.  I have another question for you.


How do you suggest breaking in new cotton CDs and PUL covers?  How many washes?  Another forum suggests breaking in using Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Has anyone here tried that - and is that necessary, or is laundry detergent ok (Charlie's Soap, etc)?





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PUL covers only need a quick wash in regular detergent to prep.  Cotton CD need 5-8 washes in HOT water to prep.  You can use either Dawn or your reg diaper detergent to wash them.  Some use no detergent to prep but it may take more washes to get all the natural oils out.  


Here is blog about prepping diapers.


Good luck.

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It's a bit of a waste of water and time IMHO to wash them separately for so many washes.  I would just throw them in with your regular laundry when you have a small load to do - hot or cold (cold works fine - just may take more total washes to get to full absorbency).  And when you need to start using them just start using them whether or not they've been fully "prepped."  They won't be at their full absorbency until they've been washed 5-8 times, but what's the big deal?  Newborns won't be using the full capacity of the diaper for the first few weeks anyway.  When you're switching to larger sizes you can continue to use the old "fully prepped" diapers for times when you need that full absorbency, using the new unprepped diapers only during the day when you're at home, and slowly switch over to using only the new diapers as they get broken in.  That's what's worked for us.  I hate wasting water - especially hot water - saving resources is the whole reason we're doing CDs to start with!

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I do what brambleberry said.  I wash in cold even to prep.  They still absorb fine.

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