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mrs88's Avatar mrs88 04:13 PM 01-11-2012

My daughter is 5 months old and has had issues since about a month old with diaper rashes. We've tried all the disposables and nothing is working and we've tried all the wipes all the butt creams and everything possible. so now we are looking at cloth. I have no idea on what to think about where to start and what not. can someone please shed some light for me :D TIA

Monkey pants's Avatar Monkey pants 09:11 AM 01-12-2012

Cloth is for sure the way to go if you have all these problems with disposables.

Research your area and you may have a CD store near by where you can go touch, feel research...

There are many online stores with tons of information. I like for diaper info and to purchase and for reviews.

 Most mommas like All in ones (AIO) because they are like a disposable in the fact they the diaper and cover are attached. I love Bum Genious elementals.


there are also Pocket diapers that have a pocket in the back that you stuff. I have these they work great but i dont like stuffing.


Mother ease are also some faves of mine. they are one size which means they fit from 10lbs- potty training. You do need a cover and I love Thirstes covers.


There are so many options it will make your head spin. Also there are places that will  give you an assortment of diapers that you use for a specific amount of time and then make your decision.


I would recomind natural fibers, cotton, bamboo, hemp over microfiber because natural fibers are less fussy. Microfiber gets funky and stripping them is not fun and is time consuming.


Welcome to the world of cloth.

twinpossible's Avatar twinpossible 08:25 AM 01-13-2012

Sounds like your baby has similar issues to my twins. They are sensitive to ALL diapers, ALL wipes and most creams. They are even sensitive to cloth diapers that do not breath and have PUL. We tried 5 different brands that all had PUL of some kind and none of them got rid of the rash.


I highly suggest since your poor babe is fighting the rashes all the time that you go with an all cloth, no PUL diaper such as Goodmamas, Motherease or Sandys. There are many other brands but those are the 3 that I really like that we use. You do need to use a diaper cover made of wool or fleece if you go this route but since we made the switch we have had no diaper rashes at all! (that right there makes it so worth it). We also use all cloth wipes with water only to clean up messes and for cream we use calendula.


I have this whole thing down to a science so if you want any more info about laundry soap or washing just message me!

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