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Glimmersnaps's Avatar Glimmersnaps 09:44 PM 02-09-2012

DS is an average wetter but a wild sleeper. We always used a snappied PF with either a wool or Thirsties cover. We tried a couple of snazzy hemp or organic cotton fitteds, but the problem isn't in the absorbency-- it's his moving around. I guess what happens is that the cloth part (PF or fitted) ends up peeking out of whatever kind of cover we use. I even bought a size large Thirsties and that didn't help.


So now I'm branching out. My thought is that if he wears a pocket or AIO/2 type of diaper he will not be able to dislodge the soaked inner parts as easily. I have him sleeping in a Kawaii Baby Goodnights Heavy Wetter diaper as I type now. This is the second time he's worn it. The first time was a success. I guess I'm considering getting more of this, but I'm also wondering if there are other options for a wiggly, toddling babe.


What do yall use for nights? 


(Oh and he's almost a year old if that helps with comparisons.)

brambleberry's Avatar brambleberry 05:57 PM 02-10-2012

Someone else just started a thread on this too:


I would say use whatever's been working for you for absorbency along with a good cover, but add wool pants or sleep sack/jammies on top of that.

Siouxsie's Avatar Siouxsie 10:33 PM 02-16-2012

I love my Kawaiis at night! For DS I use 2 bamboo inserts and a microfiber insert closet to him. (inside the pocket) My favorite night time diaper is a S'Bish fitted with a wool soaker. That is bullet proof. 

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