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So... at my new apartment the laundry machines suck. But they only cost a buck. So I wash each load of dipes three times. First is the 'pre wash' with poop and pee and baking soda in which my only intent is to remove the particles enough to wash the dipes. Second is my wash cycle with baking soda and planet or biokleen detergent. Third is my rinse cycle with vinegar. Each of these cycles costs a dollar and lasts only 45 minuets. It truly takes all three to get them clean. The dryers are 50 cents and it takes two cycles to dry the hemp ones.

This morning I went down to the laundry room 50 minuets after I started my wash. So my dipes were only sitting in the machine five minuets! I saw someone walk out of the room as I left my apartment but they were not down there when I got into the laundry room. Anyways, this idiot decided to touch other peoples things and put my dipes (still unwashed since I only did one cycle to pre rinse them) in the dryer and load the machine up with their clothes! Hello, even my four year old knows if it ain't yourse you don't touch it!!! So the diapers are sitting in the dryer stinking it up not getting dried which really makes me mad because when I dry my diapers I don't want it to smell, so I had to lug a very heavy bag of soaking wet diapers up the stairs to my apartment to stink up my kitchen while I wait for this moron to wash his clothes.

I am soo mad! Now I have to wait for them to finish and do the wash and rinse cycles for my sons diapers. I just hope karma gets their clothes and despite their fragrant artificial detergent they end up smelling like amonia and you know what from using the machine that had my still very stinky diapers in it.

be good family...

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it was pretty common when i lived in an apartment, if you find someone's laundry sitting in there, you can take it out and do yours. i didn't like it, but it was common. he was probably trying to do you a favour by paying for your dryer for you. it really stinks that he did that (literally and figuratively) but not everybody knows about cloth diapers and multiple cycles.


i'm sorry you had to deal with stinky half-washed diapers though, i had the same thing happen once when my husband was trying to be helpful.

January 2011
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After years of apartment use, I think it is fine to take wet clothes out of a finished washer and put them in the dryer.


When we used an apartment washer, we used the following routine that worked well. I rinsed poopy diapers well with a diaper sprayer. Pee diapers went in straight. Wash once with soap, second wash without anything. Never any problems with clean, stink, or stripping. Every third wash or so I'd do a pre-wash without soap.


I'd put money in the coin slots and ask people to restart the washer if they saw it stopped.

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I agree it is not okay to touch other people's laundry. Yes, I've lived in apartments, and it's been done to me. Having someone I don't know touching all my just washed laundry grosses me out, and I've had to rewash clothes because of this. With diaper laundry I'd be so annoyed.

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When I lived in an apartment I shared a dryer with the neighbor for 6 months or so. It wasn't a pay per use dryer. I was a single mom, the neighbor was a single dad. As you can imagine, with 6-8 kids between us (we each had one more during that time lol) the laundry could really stack up. We used to form a line with our laundry baskets (especially if we were both doing laundry at the same time) and then put the next load in whenever the dryer was done. I was uncomfortable at first, but I stopped caring, he was a nice guy and I doubt he was stealing my undies or anything creepy.



Is it possible for you to do your laundry early in the morning, or late at night when no one else is likely to be using the washer? I'd guess the person who removed your laundry didn't realize they needed more cycles. DP doesn't realize when diapers have only done the pre-wash cycle, they look clean to him. Also, your neighbor would probably have been annoyed to wait 5 hours to finish their laundry just like you are annoyed that you have to wait.

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I agree with some previous posters that in apartments, it is generally acceptable to move someone's laundry if necessary.  If there's another washer or dryer available, then it's rude, but if it's the only one, it's acceptable.  Most things don't require multiple wash cycles, so they were probably unaware that you weren't finished.


If I had to do three cycles, I might try to somehow cut that down to two by doing a pre-soak in a bucket in the apartment.  I'm too cheap and too impatient to wait for three cycles!  I hated doing laundry when I lived in an apartment soooo much.  lol


- A former apartment dweller and somebody who bought a house without washer and dryer hookups.

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I'm in NYC so I've always been in buildings with shared washers (except when my first was a baby and we had a WD and it was heaven) and it is 100% accepted practice to take out clothes that are finished their cycles. No one else but us CD users double wash, so it would never occur to anyone that you would still need the machine. plus, it's considered rude to leave clothes there after the cycle is done, so the solution is just to take it out. I know there is no way I can sit around and wait for someone to take out their own clothes when the machine goes off. It could be 5 minutes, could be an hour, I have no idea.

It's one of the big reasons I'm nervous about CDing with shared washers this time around. Double cycles that I have to race down to do. And people will be genuinely pissed off at me for running my load twice when they are waiting for a machine. Luckily I use the top loaders and most people use the front loaders.

Is there any way you can go to 2 washes? I've never had to do 3. We do one hot wash with regular tide, one hot wash with nothing, and particles are taken care of in the toilet with a swish before going in the diaper pail.
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