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BrittsLittles's Avatar BrittsLittles 12:54 PM 03-27-2012


sunwillshine's Avatar sunwillshine 01:09 PM 03-27-2012

One of my favorite sights to see.  :-)



CherryBombMama's Avatar CherryBombMama 01:22 PM 03-27-2012



Victor, 3 months

Robyn Buie's Avatar Robyn Buie 01:25 PM 03-27-2012


CherryBombMama's Avatar CherryBombMama 01:26 PM 03-27-2012


Queenmom2006's Avatar Queenmom2006 01:36 PM 03-27-2012

cow diaper.jpg "Mommy milk is still the best milk for me!"

Queenmom2006's Avatar Queenmom2006 01:40 PM 03-27-2012

1-22-12 036.jpg

Queenmom2006's Avatar Queenmom2006 01:41 PM 03-27-2012

1-22-12 026.jpg

mamareba's Avatar mamareba 01:50 PM 03-27-2012


Queenmom2006's Avatar Queenmom2006 02:16 PM 03-27-2012

I love the one with the triplets! It won't let me thumbs up... I think bc I have only ever lurked and not posted. :(

Amy May's Avatar Amy May 02:36 PM 03-27-2012


Palesa at 3 1/2 weeks old

BrittsLittles's Avatar BrittsLittles 03:29 PM 03-27-2012

BrittsLittles's Avatar BrittsLittles 03:31 PM 03-27-2012

BrittsLittles's Avatar BrittsLittles 03:32 PM 03-27-2012

Amy R's Avatar Amy R 03:37 PM 03-27-2012


Joel-Monica's Avatar Joel-Monica 04:27 PM 03-27-2012


sara125's Avatar sara125 04:38 PM 03-27-2012

Before she grew into her diapers...





Joel-Monica's Avatar Joel-Monica 04:39 PM 03-27-2012


Jennie00409's Avatar Jennie00409 04:53 PM 03-27-2012

Sweet cloth diapered tushies!

islandmidwife's Avatar islandmidwife 05:35 PM 03-27-2012

Line drying diapers in Hawaii!We love lin-drying our Fuzzi Bunz in rural Hawaii!

positivemovment's Avatar positivemovment 05:56 PM 03-27-2012

CIMG5740.JPG1, 2, and Coco too!

LiLStar's Avatar LiLStar 06:09 PM 03-27-2012


Whozat's Avatar Whozat 07:01 PM 03-27-2012

Here's my daughter, checking out her brand new stash of bumGenius 3.0s. 


She was 4 months old (now almost 3 1/2) and this photo was taken just a couple of days before she had open-heart surgery, so it's one of the last that we have showing her chest without the scar. 





Lovin_Life's Avatar Lovin_Life 07:35 PM 03-27-2012

1 Year Photo Shoot 097.jpg

Metaluna's Avatar Metaluna 07:45 PM 03-27-2012

Sweet baby girl - Luna - in her BG Elemental! 


Luna 7.jpg

9to5poet's Avatar 9to5poet 07:52 PM 03-27-2012



My daughter, chilling with the prefolds from our diaper service. 

MTsolarcreation's Avatar MTsolarcreation 08:02 PM 03-27-2012

Upcycled Solar-Wind diaper created by me on a sewing machine offset by an array of solar panels on our roof.

Our daughter at 4 months old wearing an upcycled diaper I made her out of her papa's Big Sky Solar-Wind work hoodie. This diaper was created on a sewing machine offset by an array of solar panels on the roof of our house.

Shebasmom's Avatar Shebasmom 08:57 PM 03-27-2012

Here's the summer rainbow!  My neighbour LOVES 'diaper day' in our house on sunny days!


schmndy's Avatar schmndy 09:14 PM 03-27-2012


trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 10:02 PM 03-27-2012

It's so encouraging to see just how many cloth diapering mama's are out there that have been doing it before coming to MDC. Before I found MDC I didn't know anything about cloth and had never seen a baby in cloth. I am glad that the trend spreads far past our community. We need to save our planet one diaper at a time!

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