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farm2010's Avatar farm2010 02:34 PM 04-18-2012

My 11 week, 11 lb baby boy is leaking through all our Bumgenius 4.0's and Freetimes, as well as Grovia AI2, at night. I thought they were repelling, though I've used only Rockin Green and haven't had them very long, so I tried stripping them, but they still leak. After reading online, I am beginning to think it is because he lies on his side to nurse at night. They always leak around the waist or legs. I don't think the diapers are truly repelling because the inserts are wet, and it isn't that I need to change more frequently because sometimes they leak right after putting them on him. I tried changing the rise to the next size up, to no avail.

It's going on two weeks now of having to completely change his clothes and bedding many times a night, and I am getting so frustrated!

I read that prefolds are the best for side sleepers, and I use them some during the day, and they have never leaked (though I haven't really put them to the test!). I like the ease of all-in-ones and pocket dipes for nighttime in-the-dark changes, but will use prefolds if I have to. However, I have to change them so often during the day compared to the bumgenius and grovia, and don't look forward to having to change every two hours at night! It seems like when I try adding more inserts or doubling up the prefold, there are gaps around the legs, and they are ridiculously bulky, to the point that his bottom is way up in the air. It can't be comfy!

So does anyone have any suggestions so I don't have leaks or have to change terribly often at night? Thanks in advance!

rainface's Avatar rainface 09:44 PM 04-18-2012

My daughter sleeps on her side for naps, and occasionally on her side to nurse next to me at night and she was leaking right out of her BG 4.0's too. It would just run out the leg holes. It was ridiculous. And it's not a matter of her thighs not being big enough around. Little girl has got some major thigh rolls :) My stash is 2/3's BG and 1/3 fitteds. I switched to using the fitteds at night, and laying the infant insert from the BG inside a thirsties cover before putting it over the top. It works pretty well. She still wakes up with a really wet diaper, but the thirsties duo seems to contain it and with the extra absorbancy added by the BG infant insert. 

farm2010's Avatar farm2010 10:14 AM 04-19-2012

Thanks for the suggestion- last night I tried PF's in a "jelly-roll" fold, with a BG infant insert on top for extra absorbency, and thirsties covers. It worked well, no leaks, but it was tricky doing it without turning all the lights on. Hubby tried to help with one diaper change, but he couldn't really do it. Guess it takes practice! Maybe I'll get faster :) Fitteds would make it go faster and easier, I'm sure, but not sure if I should (or can afford to) spend the money...I've already spent so much on BG's! And I guess my real issue is the more frequent changing time to keep him from being in a soaking wet diaper!

I saw the "thigh fold" for side sleepers for PF's...I will have to get some larger PF's to try that. Maybe I'd be better off spending it on the fitteds. 

cat13's Avatar cat13 04:44 PM 04-19-2012

I agree that BG have really wide leg openings. I stuff my BG 4.0 with the liner that comes with it, plus 2 hemp liners since my guy wets so much at night. Stuffing also makes it more fluffy so the wide leg holes aren't too big of a problem.

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