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All right, cloth diaper people... talk to me. I've had it with blowouts from disposables, we're doing enough laundry of clothes from diaper failures that I might as well be cloth diapering. I've done it in the past, first with pins and pull up pants and then with prefolds and snap/velcro covers. I'm not in love with either method.  (pins were 18 years ago, prefolds and covers were 7 years ago, this time I went with disposables because I didn't want the extra laundry due to fibromyalgia issues, but that rather backfired.)


Here are my parameters:

1. NO WOOL. I'm allergic to lanolin, and as much as I want to love them, the texture bugs me because of sensory issues.

2. I'm interested in pockets or all-in-ones, but we have a lot of different people who change this kiddo's diapers and do laundry, so they really need to be dingbat-proof. They need to dry quickly, work well, and be dead obvious how they go together (for pockets). I'd consider fitteds and covers, but if you're suggesting fitteds, suggest covers that work with them, please!

3. One-size only, please. If I'm buying these things, they need to stay bought. If I liked buying diapers, I'd stick with disposables.

4. Need to be reasonably tolerant of high heat... we get yeast issues regularly and I need to be able to sanitize and vinegar rinse them without worrying.

5. Should be AWESOME at preventing blowouts. Miles was blowing out the tops of size twos, and the legs of size threes in disposables. He's about 16 pounds, and pretty "average" build for 16 pounds, not hugely chubby nor skinny in the least.

6. Should be extremely friendly to people with strong texture issues. Anything that pills or otherwise feels weird is out. I do okay with polar fleece, cotton, bamboo, and some poly, PUL is okay but not great. Suedecloth is a little odd and I hate the sensation of microfiber against my skin, but can tolerate it in a stuffer. Wool, linen, and cotton poly blends are generally a NO.


I'm especially interested in being able to try out a variety and then send most back. I'd prefer to end up with one or two brands, tops, for day and night. I'm okay with spending a bit if they're going to last our entire diapering career, but I'm not into spending a ton of money just for "cute" or "most popular". Give me functional, no blowouts, and easy to clean, and i'll be content.


Oh, and detergent... need something extremely hypoallergenic, zero fragrance, recommended for cloth, and HE friendly.

Jenrose, Mama to DD1, born 1993, DD2, born 2005, and DS1, Jan. 2012. Babywearing, cosleeping, homebirthing mom with fibromyalgia and hashimotos.  DD2 has a rare chromosome disorder. 

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I like Blueberry pockets, though I would go with the bamboo insert rather than the microfibre. 


I also like Thirsties covers for prefolds, so if their pockets/AIOs are anything like the covers, I would definitely recommend them.  (Anyone reading have any comments on this?)


I just bought a Tots Bots (Bummis) Easyfit (AIO) and from what I can tell already, it's very fast-drying; way, way faster than I expected for an AIO (you have to stuff the tongue like a pocket, but it's very easy).  Don't know if the fabrics would meet your needs though.


As for detergents, I use Sunlight Sensitive.  It has worked fine for us; I don't really buy into the whole 'cloth diaper safe detergent' thing...what works, works, know what I mean?  Using Sunlight Sensitive hasn't caused one iota of problems for us even though it's a conventional detergent.  I also like Nellie's.  It's a little more in the 'cloth diaper safe' category, but it works well.  I can be sensitive to detergents and neither of these have caused problems, and I also use an HE washer.  Hope that helps!

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I have several brands of pocket diapers and I like having the variety. It seems like my LO is constantly growing so my preferred diaper changes. BumGenius are good dependable diapers, Grovia AI2 are nice, the fit is really good, I typically wash after every use, but if it's a light pee, I just change the insert. I prefer the FuzziBunz perfect size to the OS, but the OS is nice because it has the elastic inside which you adjust instead of the snap down feature of most OS diapers. SwaddleBees Simplex is a good AIO. But it sounds like your best bet is a trial kit to figure out what you like. Here's some variety packs

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Hands-down, my favorite is Rumparooz.  They fit from NB to toddler, and as long as they're on tight enough to not slide off, they'll catch everything.  I've never had a blowout, because of their internal gussets.  My stash of pockets includes Swaddlebees, Blueberries and Rumparooz, and the RaR are by far the best for containment.  The inserts snap together, so very rarely do I have to fish through the laundry to reassemble the inserts.  Even my DH can manage to stuff them and put them on (and he really struggles with our diaper stash). 


I do hot water and vinegar in every wash with them, and we've had them over 18 mos now and they're still going strong.  Some people do have a (mental) problem with the fit of them, because they are low rise on an older/bigger child.  Realistically though, a diaper doesn't need to come up to the navel, it just needs to cover the butt crack and the penis.  My DS is headed into 5Ts and they still fit him just fine, under his little belly. 


As for detergent, I've had the best luck with Charlie's.  Although Nellie's and Country Save both did fairly well, Charlie's seems to be a better fit for our water/machine combo. 



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We tried many of different pockets before finally settling on Three Monkeys for our stash.  It's a WAHM who custom makes a very well put together One Size at a reasonable price.  They are cute, but she doesn't expect you to pay extra for it.  Go directly to her web site for the best deals , but she tries to keep a few available in her etsy shop if you want to get one that's already made.  They come with a really absorbent bamboo insert and have done a great job of containing blowouts.  I think she will make them with a flannel outer layer and a hidden PUL layer, so you wouldn't have to feel it.  The down side to this would be a longer drying time.  Ours with the PUL outer dry very quickly.  If you email her with your needs, she may be able to suggest something else too.  She has a LOT of fabrics to choose from.


For night time we use bamboo fitteds and wool, so I don't have any great suggestions for you there.


We use Charlie's Soap for all of our laundry.  It works great, is low suds so great for HE, and no extra smelly stuff.  I'm also sensitive to perfumes and additives and it gives me no troubles.  It is also reasonably priced and only takes about a tablespoon per load.

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I ended up getting Alva pocket diapers, and I'm pretty happy with them, have more on the way. The 4.0 dipes with color snaps and double gussets work not only for my 17 pound 4 1/2 month old, and my 25 pound 3 y/o niece, but my 45 pound special needs 7 yo. Now I just need the coop to come... 

Jenrose, Mama to DD1, born 1993, DD2, born 2005, and DS1, Jan. 2012. Babywearing, cosleeping, homebirthing mom with fibromyalgia and hashimotos.  DD2 has a rare chromosome disorder. 

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