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Poppyandsparrow's Avatar Poppyandsparrow 02:46 PM 05-13-2012
Hi Mamas,
Looking on to your been there done that wisdom to make sure I'm set for the little one. I'm planning on:

30 GMD Clotheez Workhorse Diapers Newborn No Closure
30 GMD Clotheez Doublers Small ( since the newborn size has no doubler)
3 Bummis Super Brite Newborn Covers
4 Wool Soakers hand knit from the Vanilla pattern on Ravelry
48 Homemade Flannel Wipes
3 Snappis
4 Sets of Pins
Cloth Wipe Solution
Diaper Pail with 2 Liners
DIY potty pail and sprayer
2 Wet bags

We're expecting a little one- 6 pounds or so, and I know the Bummis are supposed to fit in that stage really well. However, I'm more of an all wool kind of girl, but I've heard that wool is just too much of a pain for a newborn poos. Do you think I've got a good mix? Also, for those that did wool for newborn, how did that work for the cord?

I'm planning on doing laundry every other day, and EBF.

Thank you so much!

iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 03:10 PM 05-13-2012

Looks pretty good to me.  I love wool for newborns.  I just folded down the waistband until the cord fell off- it really wasn't a big deal.  The only thing with wool and newborns/EBF babies is that you really need great fitted diapers- which it sounds like you have- cause if the poop gets on the wool it will make you want to scream.  If you haven't knit your covers yet- I would suggest making some Longies or shorties cause then you don't even have to do pants.....  I am always looking for a way to skip a step- and that is the one I skip :)

Poppyandsparrow's Avatar Poppyandsparrow 03:42 PM 05-13-2012
Thank you for the help!
I've made and bought lots of longies in bigger sizes, but was so concerned about wool/newborns that hadn't made any newborn yet. I'll have to do so before this bugger gets here!
brambleberry's Avatar brambleberry 05:22 PM 05-14-2012

I would highly recommend wool wraps (especially in the summer when you don't want longies) until 9-12 months or so.  If the poo does escape the diaper and get on the cover (which WILL happen occasionally at least), it is SO much easier to clean up a wrap, and you aren't smearing poo all down the legs as you try to pull off the soaker/longies/etc.  Especially with a newborn you have the issue of tightly flexed little legs that are difficult to pull pants onto.  DD lived in sleep sacks 'round the clock until she got past that stage.  I LOVE pull-up type covers like longies and shorties for the toddler stage when you're changing on the go, but my small sized soakers NEVER got used.

jorie's Avatar jorie 09:22 PM 06-01-2012

I used wool with all my newborns and loved it.  I especially like wool in the summer since it breathes so much better than PUL.  My favorite newborn combo is fitted diapers and pull-on covers--I like the full coverage that a pull-on provides.  I didn't have much leakage at all with the fitted diapers and the great thing about wool is that when a bit did escape, I would just wash that spot and not have to wash the whole cover.

Poppyandsparrow's Avatar Poppyandsparrow 05:51 PM 06-05-2012
Thank you for the votes of confidence!

I hope I find the soakers fine since I have fitted diapers- knitted myself they came to about 3 bucks each in the newborn size. That just can't be beat.

I must say, the little tiny wooly pants are so cute they make me want to squeal!
chel's Avatar chel 07:05 AM 06-06-2012
You should be able to skip the doublers for the newborn stage. Most usually pee and poop often, but not a lot.
Also 2sets of pins/2 snappi will be fine. Since you are only using 1 type of diaper you don't have to worry about misplacing the pins/snappi, just reuse what is already on the baby.
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