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britttrh's Avatar britttrh 07:26 PM 07-20-2012

I am due next month and would like to cd from the start. 

My stash so far:

2 doz imagine prefolds - infant

2 doz imagine prefolds - regular

2 Imagine bamboo fitteds - size nb

2 Mothers ease Sandys fitteds - size small

2 Osocozy fitteds - size small

2 Thirsties fab fitteds - size 1

1 Bumkins aio - small

1 Osocozy aio - small

2 BG pockets - one size



1 Thirsties-  xs

1 Thirsties - small

1 Thirsties duo wrap - size 1


1 Bummis whisper pant - small

1 Bummis whisper wrap - small

1 Mothers ease airflow - med

1 Blueberry coverall - os

1 Ecoposh wool cover - size 1


3 best bottoms stay dry inserts

5 bummis fleece liners

About 30 wipes

3 snappis


I think I have a pretty good grasp - I plan to use the fitteds and pockets at night and between longer changes, and the prefolds at home during the day. I plan to order a few more fitteds, aios and covers around 3-4 months.

I do not understand doublers and inserts - are they necessary for a newborn?  Can I double a fitted with a small prefold?  Also, do I need as many liners as diapers, or are liners only needed for longer time periods like at night?  Should I have more liners and inserts prepped or can I add in the next few months as she gets bigger?

Thanks very much!

Choose2Reuse's Avatar Choose2Reuse 10:51 AM 07-22-2012

Hi, I think in general it looks might want to get a couple more xs covers (we had a lot of leaky poo the first few weeks!), but you can use the s covers, they'll just be huge if you have a small baby.  Our DD was 6 lbs 1 oz, and even the xs stuff was huge on her for a few weeks.  We needed about 6 covers--we had bought 4 and ended up buying a couple of extras.


I did not use doublers or inserts till DD was maybe 4 months old.  (We use just prefolds & covers, so our "doublers" are smaller-size prefolds folded inside the normal prefold diaper.)  I only use them at night.  So right now, her nighttime diaper looks like this:  small prefold folded inside medium prefold, covered by medium cover.  But before about 4 months old, she pooed at night a lot, and didn't mind waking up to be changed.  After that she got annoyed having her diaper changed at night, and since she didn't poo then usually, I just double-diapered her and left her in the diaper all night.  Anyhow, no, you don't need very many inserts (at least we don't) and we just use the smaller-sized prefolds, so we didn't have to buy anything extra.  If you use a fitted diaper system that calls for some specific insert, you might have to do something different.


We started out with 2 doz diapers in each size, and ended up buying an extra doz in each size...but we were line-drying the diapers and our DD would SCREAM if her diaper was the slightest bit wet, so we just didn't have enough.  2 doz is probably can always wait and see if you need to buy more.


Good luck! :)

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