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poppylove's Avatar poppylove 02:11 PM 08-14-2012

Am I missing something here? They are so cheap (well for the ones I want almost 10 bucks cheaper then other pockets/all in ones)


Do you have a review for me? Which style works the best? Do you have to wash them a certain way?

broodymama's Avatar broodymama 02:25 PM 08-14-2012

I'm curious about these too!  I've been hearing a lot about them in the last couple weeks and my diapers that I used for my first 4 are shot.  I ordered one to try out on my 2 year old DS2 but I'd like to know how others like them.

Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 09:19 PM 08-14-2012
I want to know also. I am still wondering about cotton vs. Microfiber because I am horrible at laundry and need it to be easy and some people say that the microfiber is really difficult to keep clean and that you have to strip it a lot, but for the price and cute factor of these I would love to try them out, but I am scared because of the bad stories I have heard about laundering anything that's not natural fiber.
1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 10:48 PM 08-14-2012

I just bought a used Kawaii from a friend.  Here are my thoughts- They are so cheap because they're made in China, whereas most other cloth diapers are made in the US or other more reputable countries.  My Kawaii is my least favorite diaper, I think it is cheap feeling, cheaply made, and does not perform as well as my others.  I dont even know why it leaked the time that it did leak, because the insert was not fully soaked by any means.  Its my only diaper that has leaked without the insert being full.  I dont like them at all, sorry ladies, I can not recommend them, no matter how cheap the price.

Also, for dipes, I prefer using as much natural fabric as possible, so I use hemp/cotton inserts and use diapers (pockets mostly) that have a natural material touching my child.  I have never had a problem getting my dipes clean, I use Ecos detergent, hot water- heavy soil cycle, and add some Baking soda and vinegar :)  I dont think its all probably necessary to get them clean tho :)

skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 10:50 AM 08-15-2012
I can't chime in on kawaii diapers but I do have glowbugs - another Chinese made diaper but at a higher price point. They are pretty good actually, comparable to my one bum genius pocket. I've had issues with the snaps tearing through the material but they have a lifetime warranty on snaps so I fill out a quick warranty form and they send me new shells in the mail without a problem. Their customer service is great and fast and they are working with me to trouble shoot these snaps, they say it's a rare problem. I got a dozen diaps and a wetbag for $150. They also sell a six pack and individual special edition prints.
I use a lot of pockets and for the price I'm pretty happy with glowbugs. Rumparooz are my hands down favourite for absorption, fit, and no leakage.
I use laundry tarts detergent, warm wash and hadn't had to strip my diaps at all in the four months I've been using them. I don't find a big difference between washing microfiber and cotton/hemp/bamboo.
For cost saving, look into best bottoms AI2 system. I have 3 inserts for each cover and the covers are the expensive part. They are very absorbent, trim and leakproof.
1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 02:55 PM 08-15-2012

I've never had to strip my diapers after 2 years and using them on both my kids 24/7 :)  It is unfortunate that Kawaii's are low quality, but there is a reason why they are so cheap :/   Wish I loved them, but I'm far from it.  Thats awesome that the glowbugs have great customer service.  If you've only used them for 4 months and the fabric is already tearing from the snaps, then thats a problem.  Mine are 2 years old, have been used every single day on my very active kids, and I havent had that problem on any of my diapers.  I have mainly Happy Heinys organic one size pockets, and a few Fuzzibunz.  My Kawaii I have only had a few months so I cant say much about how long it will last, but i can say I hate its performance

1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 01:35 PM 08-17-2012

But of course any cloth is better than a disposable, even Kawaii ;)

alaskanmomma's Avatar alaskanmomma 02:54 PM 08-17-2012

I used them when first starting out CD with my DD, which was almost 4 years ago. I'm not sure if they changed their design or anything, but I did NOT like them.  the elastic was shot quicker than the elastic in any of my other diapers, the hook and pull diapers had to have the velcro replaced monthly, etc.. they didn't really leak though, which I guess would be a positive. I think they are ok if you're on a budget, but I'd REALLY try to find a way to invest in higher quality diapers, which also has the appeal of being able to resell for a higher value.

Mama2mc's Avatar Mama2mc 07:49 AM 08-20-2012

We love our kawaiis, BUT I think we have newer designs than the ones PPs had, we especially like the mom label bamboo diapers, the minky are nice too. The fit is great and we have no leaks. If you don't like microfiber you can always get bamboo, or stuff the regular ones with prefolds, flats or whatever you like. Kawaiis make up most of our stash precisely because of the price, I didn't want to spend too much on diapers in case they weren't a good fit, but so far, we have no complaints.

crbyard's Avatar crbyard 07:00 PM 08-20-2012
I have two and a half year old Kawaii snaps with the microfiber infers and PUL otters. I think they are fantastic. They wash well, don't bother my babies' bum ( I was worried about the MF) and still look like new. I have a couple of their minkes and think they are terrible. Wicking, bulky and I'll fitting. I also have Velcro bu genius and they are horrible in comparison. I cannot even use them any,ore since they fall off due to Velcro failure :/
Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 12:47 PM 08-21-2012

Thank you ladies for all your input, I think I will order one and see what I think of it. And then keep watching this thread for while to see if any more reviews come up because I can't order them until the baby comes anyway because I don't know if its a boy or girl, and I want to get appropriate colors and prints.

TinyLittleFeet's Avatar TinyLittleFeet 08:52 PM 08-28-2012

I have quite a few Kawaiis.  They're ok.  For the price, I think they're totally worth it, but if I had the extra money to spend, it would be far from my first choice.  They're a lot bulkier than all the other pockets I have and not quite as absorbant...but they're not really that bad.  They have some really cute patterns, too.


I know when I was looking at buying some for my girls a few months back, there were reviews on their Facebook page that mentioned a certain type delaminating almost immediately.  I don't know if they've fixed that yet or not, but you might take a look and see.

rookiemtnmama's Avatar rookiemtnmama 01:00 PM 08-29-2012

I have 2 Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetters that I use for overnight. I am not crazy about how humongous they are (with both inserts) on my daughter, but they are one of the few cloth diapers that actually keep her dry overnight. She is definitely a "heavy wetter" and for a while I used disposables because every brand I tried would leak. My daughter is 11 months old and we've been using them since she was about 2 months old and they've held up great so far. I have NOT had a stink issue with them as I have with some of the other microfiber dipes we have. Hope this helps! Oh- also, I have recently found that I LOVE BestBottoms as an overnight diaper as well. The AI2...cover with a snap in insert...it also has not leaked overnight for my little heavy wetter thus far!

HopefulJo's Avatar HopefulJo 01:26 PM 08-29-2012

I think the advice "Your mileage may vary" applies to the cheap China diapers. I liken it to buying jeans- You can buy jeans at Walmart, they'll cost less, they may not last as long or fit as well, and they were made under questionable work conditions, but you saved money. Well-made jeans cost more, will last longer, fit better, and may have been produced in more ethical conditions, but will be a larger upfront cost. Some people have great experiences with China cheapies. YMMV.


For me, it's the ethical issues that are the hangup. I'm willing to pay more to know that they were made by someone who was fairly paid.

erinwhitney1979's Avatar erinwhitney1979 12:12 PM 08-30-2012

We have about 36 Kawaii diapers, 12 of those are minky. We are about 7 months in on our cloth diaper journey and I really like the kawaiis. We have only had 1 leak (I snapped them wrong during a 2 am change..oops!) No poopy blow outs, no urine leaks. We had a problem with smells when we got our HE washer, but I just do a soak and an extra rinse. I wash them in eco nuts and dry them on low heat. So far, so good. We couldn't afford to spend a  lot of money while building our stash of CDs, so this worked for us. I don't have any other brand of diapers besides kawaii. Overall, I'm happy with them. I prefer the regular material over the minky. We haven't bought disposables in about 4 months. Yeah for saving money! 

JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 12:19 PM 08-30-2012

With cloth diapers you get what you pay for in terms of quality materials, ease of use, and country of origin. They are popular because they are cheap pockets for people who want pockets (not prefolds) don't care about resale value or long term use and don't care about labor standards. If you are really price constricted there are cheap and easy systems out there.


Made In China diapers are almost always uniformlly awful which is why retailers like fuzzi bunz tried it and stopped. The materials really decline in quality because they can't protect their supply line. I hate buying something that will go to a landfill when for a few more dollars I could buy something that could be resold, or lent, or gifted or just used.


I think they are lousy. I'd much rather buy a low tech system with good materials or used, more expensive diapers. My old  fuzzi bunz are going on the third kid. But I won't buy more when there are so many good, ethically made diapers.

1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 02:05 PM 10-11-2012

How these diapers were produced- ethics, is important too!!  Another thought- You could buy used or new higher quality new pockets and make your own inserts for practically free out of old towels!  I had a friend do that :)   Or get covers and make your prefolds, flats, or your own design

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