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fluffernutter's Avatar fluffernutter 02:48 PM 04-20-2004
It's almost lunch time.

Debsy's Avatar Debsy 02:52 PM 04-20-2004
:LOL All you ladies crack me up!!
jmofarrill's Avatar jmofarrill 02:52 PM 04-20-2004
Originally posted by ReesesMomma
It's almost lunch time.
I missed lunch - the cafeteria already closed.

Looks like the vending machine for me...
fluffernutter's Avatar fluffernutter 03:00 PM 04-20-2004
I can wait until later, but the kid needs to eat. Good thing the computer is near the kitchen. :LOL
MissSugarKane's Avatar MissSugarKane 03:07 PM 04-20-2004
I am hanging out in the TP while waiting...that is not a good place for me to be.
JohnnysGirl's Avatar JohnnysGirl 03:27 PM 04-20-2004
This is quite unrewarding.... DS is trying to help by attacking the laptop's keyboard as we lounge on the bed trying to get him to nurse to sleep while I keep the screen for MM and VB open!
jfrank411's Avatar jfrank411 03:32 PM 04-20-2004
hmmm. . . 64 shoppers online. . . 5 soakers available . . . and an unhappy teething baby = my chances don't look good
mthomas's Avatar mthomas 03:37 PM 04-20-2004
just got back home - did i miss it?
jmofarrill's Avatar jmofarrill 03:38 PM 04-20-2004
Originally posted by mthomas
just got back home - did i miss it?
2much2luv's Avatar 2much2luv 03:39 PM 04-20-2004
No, but something is happening soon.
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 03:40 PM 04-20-2004
Good luck everyone!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my MM soaker. It rocks.

Have fun!
hallesmom's Avatar hallesmom 03:43 PM 04-20-2004
JohnnysGirl's Avatar JohnnysGirl 03:44 PM 04-20-2004
I just see one.... is more coming?
Nada's Avatar Nada 03:47 PM 04-20-2004
76 shoppers
NCHIN's Avatar NCHIN 03:48 PM 04-20-2004
Strange! Mine only shows 37 shoppers.

Grapefruit is up.

Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 03:48 PM 04-20-2004
oooo... pretty...
MiaPia's Avatar MiaPia 03:50 PM 04-20-2004
The site locked up for me.
JohnnysGirl's Avatar JohnnysGirl 03:50 PM 04-20-2004
Darn me for not having a little girl to put in that grapefruit....
2much2luv's Avatar 2much2luv 03:50 PM 04-20-2004
That is really pretty. Am I dumb though? I thought she was stocking nb/sm??? AHHHHH!!!!:
cj'smommy's Avatar cj'smommy 03:50 PM 04-20-2004
It locked up for me too!
JohnnysGirl's Avatar JohnnysGirl 03:50 PM 04-20-2004
me too
thefeasetree's Avatar thefeasetree 03:52 PM 04-20-2004
i refreshed and that was that. it's hanging. . . .
IslandMamma's Avatar IslandMamma 03:52 PM 04-20-2004
Uh-oh. Did we kill another site?
mthomas's Avatar mthomas 03:52 PM 04-20-2004
did we break her site - whoopsie
JohnnysGirl's Avatar JohnnysGirl 03:53 PM 04-20-2004
seems like it's dead.
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 03:53 PM 04-20-2004
Yep, we crashed her site... Nice..
chloesmom's Avatar chloesmom 03:53 PM 04-20-2004
It locked up for me too! Good thing I was just window shopping this time around. That grapefruit was very pretty though!
2much2luv's Avatar 2much2luv 03:53 PM 04-20-2004
I'm so embarrassed.
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 03:54 PM 04-20-2004
I think she should call it a day and just put each of them up on ebay, then all 75 of us will get our chance and no one will kill her site.
fluffernutter's Avatar fluffernutter 03:54 PM 04-20-2004
Nooooo! I think I got one in my cart too. Not sure if it's still there now though.
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