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want2becrunchy's Avatar want2becrunchy 04:00 PM 01-10-2013

DH is opposed to cloth diapering because of poop in the washer.  No matter what I say, it won't change his mind.  He thinks it gross and says he will buy another washer if I do decide to cloth diaper.  My MIL has offered to pay for a diaper service for the first year.  They will come to our house and pick them up weekly.  They come in increments of 10 (10 being the minimum).  How many diapers would you order per week for a newborn/infant?  For 40 diapers a week (5-6) per day it costs $19.25.  Does anyone know if that is cheaper then disposables?  If we end up not cloth diapering then we will use the organic/non chlorine ones.



rinap's Avatar rinap 06:37 PM 01-10-2013

We used 80 a week per baby. (rule of thumb is 12 a day for newborns) Check your source for disposables to see how much it will cost for the same number of disposables. The service itself may have some numbers for you.

LeighPF's Avatar LeighPF 06:55 PM 01-10-2013

Most diaper services charge only a little more for more diapers. Plan on 10-12 a day for a newborn. 


Also baby = poop on everything in time, so there will be poop in the washer. Cloth diapers and their real elastic in the back keep it in, where my experience of disposables was very leaky/explosive.


You will still need to wash your covers. I recommend 6 covers to start (4 minimum). I love Bummies Super Brites best of all, with the note their newborn is more a preemie size.

LeighPF's Avatar LeighPF 06:59 PM 01-10-2013

For disposable prices Babycheapskate.com has a cost per diaper calculator, but you can get a rough guess looking at Amazon and Diapers.com.

Assume 10-12 diapers for a newborn.

6-8 for an baby older than 4 months.


As they use fewer diapers, they get bigger, there are fewer diapers in the pack and thus they are more expensive.

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