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NurseMomX4's Avatar NurseMomX4 09:37 PM 05-10-2013

I just found the Diapering forum here & I'm excited. orngtongue.gif  


I'm going to try cloth diapers with this new baby.  I'd like to know what type of fasteners you like best (velcro, snappis, hook, etc) and why.  I'm trying to figure which will last the longest.  TIA for your comments!

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 11:13 PM 05-10-2013


Chapsie's Avatar Chapsie 10:45 AM 05-11-2013
I hate Velcro, haha. It wears out quickly and everything hooks together in the wash. I much prefer snaps on covers and really love snappis for my prefolds!
Mama Ana's Avatar Mama Ana 01:03 PM 05-11-2013

Snappis are good. I could never get the middle part to lay down but it was never a really issue. 

I also recommend snaps over velcro on covers.  I've heard far too many tales of velcro not lasting, the child being able to get the diaper off, etc. etc. Just go with snaps. :)

NurseMomX4's Avatar NurseMomX4 07:05 PM 05-11-2013
Thanks a lot!

I was worried about Velcro not lasting too. Seems snaps are the way to go.
Ola_'s Avatar Ola_ 10:31 PM 05-15-2013

Yes, definitely snaps. I had some velcro covers and all-in-ones when DD was a newborn and I didn't like them at all. You have to make sure to do up the velcro just right so it doesn't snag on other stuff, plus it starts collecting lint and wears out much faster. Also, I found that opening the velcro was so much louder for those middle-of-the-night changed when DD was tiny and still pooping all the time. It always woke her right up even if she was all sleepy after a feeding.

brambleberry's Avatar brambleberry 05:19 PM 05-16-2013

We use fitted diapers with wool covers.  For newborns I don't bother with fastening the diaper at all, just depend on the cover to hold it in place (wool wraps not pull-up type covers).  And I prefer a snappi to fasten the covers - even my wool covers with snaps I'll just put a snappi on because it's faster and you get a more custom fit.  For crawlers I like snaps on the diapers, and wool longies (or shorts in the summer) become more convenient than the wraps.  

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