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in all of my research I never heard of contour yet. I tried to stick with looking at Green Mountain diapers website to simplify things for me. I've been poking around a little bit more as I'm getting really anxious to purchase my stash to prep them. first I discovered the tie on nappies& became obsessed this was the one for me, seeing how it could be a one size diaper, later adding doublers. the thing about GMD that's really stressing me out is thinking ahead ofall the sizes I need. GMD emphasizes how many sizes you really need be sides just infant and premium/one size for example. I think that if I were to love prefolds but that may be an option for me, and that I can't know until I really try the prefolds, but I really don't think that prefolds are going to work for me, with all the extra folding and if it wasn't exactly the right size I think that would make it even harder. and I also want to use will covers like the disana pull on or something, with some pul like ones rotated in that i have. of course I could try the prefolds for infants size and see how it goes, and maybe get GMD newborn fitteds with their 5.50 price for nights. But after that.. which everyone keeps telling me I can't plan for but i just need to have a better sense do to my finances. the prefolds are reusable as an extra layer(same as doublers?), but not the fitted. I am worried what I would do if I did not feel good with the leaking prefolds( which I imagine leaking on to my wool all the time and not having enough wool maybe). I love the idea of the fitted and wool but I do not think I can afford it in the long run. And then the whole skipping a size thing is stressing me out, but the price of the 10$ fitted in small, medium, and large seems like too much. it sounded like if I did get the small it might only last not even a year. SO I was thinking of the tie on nappy being also about 6$ each lasting all the way thru like a flat but contoured. GMD said she used to use in like them until she had them become a strangulation concern during unsupervised times so stopped selling them. I just thought I'd be a better at tieing than folding& they had a little more leg gusset support(without elastic). I am just trying to get all my thoughts out there I am just so desperate at this point, this is really hard for me, I hope I'm making sense I have put so much time into this I just can't get my head aroundit. so then I saw contours with elastic leg gussets, without the strings(which may not be a big deal-from the tie on nappys). I search for a couple contours, kissaluvs had synthetics in them, so that's out and then, I think I saw imvse whimse which may be was out of stock& had bad reviews for absorbancy.. I want to find a contour that is all cotton!!! Is it really true about just needing infant size, then one size for these? Its stressing me so much about the brand to brand variation, which is why I can see prefold seem great but I just don't think I can use them, even with a jellyroll, i just think its too hard. I guess my plan for now is it may be good with getting the infant prefold& fitted from: GMD but then I want to have other things I can try before those get too small(&crossing my fingers they work).ii can spend my money ahead but then I don't know if it will keep working, for example the babee greens fitted one size diaper is 20$each but supposed to fit until 2years (even though GMD tells me it will wear out at 1year or so). I can't tell if she's just trying to convince me that things will wear out like the fitteds so i get more sizes, like if you cant afford the 10each for each size up to 2years, or 20 for onesize babeegreens which may not fit right after infant so i would still need small fitted/prefold. And then babee green cant be snappied& she says it may not be better fitting than others just cause it costs more. I figure that will be another one that I buy one ofto try on for size as I near three months old. now I know I'm getting really scattered here. GMD has got me going about sizes,&the only cheapest option is prefolds besides those fitteds, such a huge difference. This is affecting my budget so much because i saved&once i spend it i wont be able to save more to buy(which on the good side forces me to get prefolds later). I also saw birdseye prefolds with a hemp.soaker sewn in somewhere(Nikkys?)& someone commented how they like them so much better then GMD because of the thinness if they had a skinny baby, which made me think of all that folding not being so bulky maybe, maybe i need to try one of those too. On that website(Nikkys?), they didnt have so many sizes so it got me wondering if its necessary. I figure you learn to work with what you have-eventually i hope this to be true. Now that i feel like i got it all out..greensad.gif, i feel a little better. I am afriad i cant figure out what to do. why does one size only work for some people, its too complicated..& what if one size fits for a while &then later does not-or wears out? I want to know what to expect with tieon nappy, contours-if i canfind them, maybe a one size babee green which i want to avoid but if i need GMD small fitted &then more sizes i am halfway there plus covers which i think.i need more sizes to plan for, hoping wool works out. I worry about leaks&folding due to my wool desire. I am just going. crazy, i need help. I wish i can double post in my DDC too, can i? How? I just want this to be done& if i had more $...i am trying so hard to avoid mistakes& i know for me the less steps the better. Is there a wonderful contour out there hiding just waiting for me to only buy two sizes? Deep breath..
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I used the GMD fitteds and loved them- I loved their newborn sized ones. Are you a first time mom to me learning about diapers? Don't worry- just get what you need for now and then you can figure out what you need when they are older as time goes on-

I got both the newborn size fitted prefolds and also the other newborn size fitteds they have- I love fitted diapers!

Sorry this is not much help to you if you are trying to plan how to save money- I used the fitteds and then got the next size up when we needed them. But I did find the nice fitting fitteds were great- I would not want to be dealing with diapers that are too big for a little baby- it would be more trouble than it is worth-- the right sized fitteds for us made it so that the baby was comfortable in them and it was easy for us. good luck!

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