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starsmagick 07-14-2013 10:59 PM

Ok, I have my in-laws, my mom, my hubby's grandma all saying "You won't stick with the cloth diapering for 3 weeks!" and "We'll buy you a box of diapers a month" (meaning disposables) How do you convince family that you'd rather have a couple of covers or a pack of prefolds instead?  


How do I get them all to listen?


Any advice would be helpful!

Monkey pants 07-16-2013 05:01 AM

I think you just diaper your baby the way you want. They will eventually believe you. It's not that hard at all. Way easier to wash a load of laundry than run to Walmart, stand in line and buy them every week. It's new to these people who are used to seeing babies one way in a plastic diaper. Show them the way. wink1.gif

mamapigeon 07-16-2013 08:49 AM

No one wanted us to cloth diaper either, but I stood firm when the negative comments came in. "This is what we want to do. We're going to cloth diaper, and if we decide to switch to disposables, it will be our decision."

It's a real pain to deal with, but they'll see you using cloth and eventually have to accept it. As for getting them buy the cloth diapers and covers, just ask for those instead of disposables. Maybe you could put some on your registry (if you have one).

LLQ1011 07-16-2013 08:52 AM

I literally hand to make MIL take the diapers she kept buying back to the store. That was the only way she got the hint.

MichelleZB 07-16-2013 12:37 PM

If you don't get them to buy them, you don't have to convince them. Here's what I suggest.


1) Buy all the diapers yourself.

2) Don't talk about diapering with them at all, really. When they bring it up, shrug it off.

3) If they buy you some disposables, say, "Oh, thanks, but I have lots of diapers already! Why don't you take those home with you so you'll have some just in case." They'll eventually stop buying diapers if they're just going in their own houses.

4) When the kid comes, use your cloth diapers, don't make a big deal of it, and the whole thing will just blow over. They'll calm down when they see the system working.


My husband and I cloth diaper and it just seems normal. You'll be fine. But you don't have to convince your parents. They'll be convinced when they see you doing it every day. If they aren't, your kid'll only be in diapers for 3 years tops anyway and then it's a non-issue.

OzMother 07-18-2013 09:14 AM

weve always cloth diapered, no one ever really said anything about it and we didnt make a big deal of it, some cousins have seen changes and said they want to use them someday on their kids, its a basic thing just do it and be clear... this is what were doing. my family is supportive, theyve all cloth diapered and a lot of them used disposables too with younger kids and I just did what i was going to do. if people bring you lots of disposables after being expressly told youre using cloth you can always donate them to a church or somewhere that takes them. and you can say for example if you have a shower and think people will bring diapers you can say, where an invite might say and bring a pack of diapers, talk to so and so about a donation to our diaper fund please do not bring diapers, then the person helping with your shower could collect the $ that would have been spent on disposables and give it to you as a gift from everyone in the form of a gift card for the store you plan to buy your diapers at :) then if say 25 people come, each would have spent a minimum of $15 on a pack of diapers you might get a gift card for $400 to say Jillian's Drawers or Kelly's closet or something local :-D then you can use that card to buy all your diapers and accessories! thats a fun and easy way to just make it a normal thing that does help out and people like it because they want to get the baby diapers. then like i said any packs of diaposables you do get can be given away to a family in need or if they realize they made an oops maybe theyll just return them but dont make a big deal. we got a tiny package of nb diaposables and i asked my husband to donate it, he forgot and we used it the first two days home then straight to cloth, since weve used it so long now and never once bought a pack of disposables its clear to even skeptical friends we have... but usually family comes around sooner or not at all really dont let it get to you.

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