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Hi everyone,

I have a great stash of Motherease diapers that I am very happy with, but my DS has a large build and her diapers leave a big red line on her legs and tummy. She is 8 months, 23 lbs and I have her in a medium/large AIO on the biggest snap settings. Anyone out there with a recommendation for chunky babies? I'm trying to convince DS that we should invest in a whole set again, so the cost is something to consider as well, since he isn't as committed as I am to cloth. thanks for any advice you might have!

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My son was 20lbs at 6 months. I had the same problem. (He was also a super heavy wetter.) We used prefolds and never found an aio that fit. We did use pocket diapers...if memory serves haute pockets fit best.
We used bummis whisper wraps successfully...but I think they may have resized them a couple years check before you buy. I also remember thirsties brand working well.

I think the Nikki's diapers website gives measurements for thigh, waist, and rise which might be what you need.

Depending on the condition, you may want to sell your cloth to offset the switch.

I also found one size covers (not rumperoos! Too small) really helped.

My son also skinnied up after about 18 or 20 months...I add this just in case...

Good luck.

(You didn't ask but I'm feeling pushy...I also found zutano clothes to fit better than any other brand for the longest pants would fit right for 4-8 months...especially with the prefolds...because even in disposables Carter's NEVER right)

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My chunky lil man did wonderful in prefolds and large thirsties covers, not the duo, the actual sized covers. I loved that combo for the chunky babe!

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With my chunky boys we used prefolds, side snap fitteds, and wool soakers. Sadly these days almost everything is onesize and that seems to have killed the side snap diaper market.

The only front snap diaper that actually fit my chunky baby 8 years ago was a I suspect ill have to figure something new out
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I preferred Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and Happy Heinys for my chunky monkey but this was years ago.  No idea how well the OS HH would fit.  I LOVE size diaps and really don't care for the OS.  FWIW, my dd was 28 lbs @ one year but stayed that weight until she was almost 3.  Her body shape changed drastically.  She was completely potty trained @ 18 mo (even @ night!) unlike my two ds who were both 3.  She would have gone back to size M diaps if she had not potty trained because she got tall and skinny even though she is large boned.

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yeah, the one size stuff kills me...partially because i avoid pul, my kiddos always have sensitive skin, and they all seem to be pockets are aio/ai2...the few one size fitteds are the same price almost...and that just annoys me.


another thing that you don't see anymore is side snap diapers...i would really like to find more side snap fitteds these days. lol

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No suggestions but following... my problem isn't so much chunk as height. Our 15mo dd is in the 90th percentile for height and about average for weight. Best Bottoms are working okay for us. Everything else I have is not so much... I either have leg gapping or it is too tight and the waist pops open. I have actually been looking for some sized aio's but they appear to be either non-existent or extremely expensive, so since we are already potty-training I guess I am just going to make do.

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My daughter was very difficult to fit; she was ~110th weight percentile until around 2 1/2 yr. We used prefolds with a snappi when she was an infant. Then tried several brands of fitteds that were too tight on her thighs. Thank God I finally found someone to custom make her diapers to her exact measurements. And they were still cheaper than most of the brand-name fitteds.

Here's a link to her website:

We tried a few different ones out to see what worked best for us (turned & topstitched style w/snaps), then ordered a couple dozen. When my daughter grew out of them (too tight on her belly), Tammy made some snap-on waist extenders for us, and we got a good couple years out of the diapers before (semi-)potty training. Awesome customer service. Now if only I could find clothes that fit her well...


p.s.- If you're looking for covers that are roomy on the thighs we had some success with these:

Not fancy & the waterproofing eventually wore off, but no big deal at that price point - just ordered a few more.

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I use Flip diaper covers with prefolds (no snappi or pins). I like the Flip covers b/c they have 2 horizontal snaps, which prevents that tight line at the top thing. Interestingly, I have kept them snapped at the same size (ie same waist circumference) for about 1 year now, it's interesting how much baby's shape changes with growing. The Flip covers are meant to adjust from baby to toddler in the rise, too, with snaps.
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