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TakeItSnape's Avatar TakeItSnape 01:44 PM 01-06-2014

What are some detergents to use to cloth diapers/laundry in general. I only want to buy 1 for everything. I've been looking at Nellie's Poweder, 1 because it seems good and  has a lot of postives amongst other CD using folk, 2, isn't crazy expensive.



Ola_'s Avatar Ola_ 09:07 PM 01-06-2014

We've been using the Kirkland (Costco's brand) free & clear detergent on diapers as well as my and DD's clothes since she was born (she's almost 3 now). I actually just finished last month the first jug we bought shortly after DD's birth so it does seem to last a long time! We still use some scented version of Tide for DH's clothes as he missed having smelly laundry, but it goes on a different cycle anyway (regular vs. gentle for our clothes) so it's not a big deal.

Backroads's Avatar Backroads 09:57 AM 01-08-2014

Heck, I'm gradually switching to plain soap I grate up (my diapers are all 100% cotton).  But, detergent-wise, I find Sun Free and Clear to be the most cost effective while working just fine, though my cousin loves Nellie's.

sere234's Avatar sere234 01:22 AM 01-12-2014
We use Foca or Tide and finally my diapers are clean and stink free! So nice after years of using Charlie's Soap and needing to constantly bleach to get rid of barnyard and ammonia smells. Foca and Tide rock!
TakeItSnape's Avatar TakeItSnape 11:42 AM 01-12-2014

What kind of tide are you using? And with what Diapers? I am plannning on using prefolds and diaper covers.

wildgreen's Avatar wildgreen 01:09 PM 01-12-2014
The powder regular tide is the one I had been told. You don't want one with enzymes and I believe all the other versions have them.
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