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LiLStar 05-26-2014 10:27 PM

Is there such a thing as a pull on style (disposable) "diaper" that is absorbent enough for overnight, fits a 2t, and does not have those evil, evil, easy open sides? Wth is the point of those things anyway? In goodnites, the sides rip open like they're made of tissue paper anyway, as the middle kid has demonstrated quite often during get-ready-for-bed battles. (I sew those expensive suckers back together!) seriously, easy open sides are redundant. Anyway, the 2yo is 30lbs soaking wet. All of my obvious choices suck for one reason or another. Any ideas?

stormborn 05-27-2014 01:21 AM

Do they not make Pullups in 2T? I used some kind of underwear style with dd2 at about that size with tight wool longies over it to keep her from getting it off easily. The wool contained any leaks, too, she was my heaaaavy night wetter.

LiLStar 05-27-2014 08:53 AM

Pull ups have the easy open sides I hate. When I've tried them in the past they barely held anything. There's an overnight one now, but still, those annoying tabs! Goodnites are designed for ages 4+, but most kids are potty trained well before then. I'm just so surprised there isn't anything designed for potty trained 2-3yo's for night wetting. I swear I'd call it a diaper manufacturer conspiracy that is trying to perpetuate the idea that kids don't learn before 3.5 anyway!

somegirl99 05-27-2014 08:55 AM

If you have a Whole Foods near you, check out their store brand (365).  We used them at preschool and at least at the time, they did not have the easy open sides.  I'm pretty sure they have them in 2T. 


We had to stop using them because DS's preschool complained about them and requested that we switch to the easy open kind.  This is so that they don't have to take their pants & shoes off if the kid has an accident. 


You can also try using something like a hemp doubler and a wool soaker with the disposable, may help with nighttime wetness.

LiLStar 05-27-2014 09:09 AM

Do they hold the same amount as the diapers? My pull ups/easy ups experience has made me not so trusting of training pants in the absorbency dept. We have been using the whole foods diapers and they are just fine, so maybe they are worth a shot

stormborn 05-27-2014 10:59 AM

Oh, sorry I didn't mean the brandname ones, I'm cheap. Trying to remember what brand but the sides were solid, not meant to tear away. I'm sure because she pooped on one once and I had to get the bandage scissors out to prevent a mess down her legs. Eesh I should remember which one...the logo/print was little line-drawn animals and it was sold at Ingles in the Southeast..

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