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Dear, dear diaper fairy,

There is really only one thing I want for Maxi. I am dying for El Bee fitted dipes in M long OR for some sweet fairy to offer me their number if they arent going to use it OR for them to SHARE their order with me (I will even pay for the portion of the order they are willing to share!). Other than that we can always use Wonderoos for preschool or SOS for home and of course we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wool -- soakers, soaker shorts, pants. You name it, we love it!

Maxi is 25 lbs., 20 in rise (over a diaper), 11 in thighs and 20 in. waist.

With love,
Morgan & Maximus!
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Dear Diaper Fairy

Maggie is now daytime pottylearned at 22 months. However, we try to put her in trainers when we go out, just in case we can't make it to the bathroom in time. (This weekend she was oopsie free even while out and about)
I would love a few large indisposables trainers in cute prints, cuz she loves them
And if anyone has any XS Hanna Andersson trainers or undies, we'd even buy them from you
We probably have enough for nighttime and I feel like I've been sprinkling fairy dust a bit lately (have quite a bit for the mailman

Thanks for spreading so much love around, at just the right time

Chris Mama of J, A, C and M
Surromama of four
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Dear Dipe Fairy,
I haven't been so good lately. I bought some used aio's and pockets from the tp for my baby due Oct 20th.

For my first daughter we used gerber prefolds and gerber covers. Ugh, I don't know how we made it through, anyhow when she got to size large I invested in some Fuzzi Bunz....that was our first specialty dipe

I really want to try what else is out there for this baby and try to find a system, or just sample.

I love used items because it helps recycle. Ofcourse new items are great too, especially non-gerber prefolds. I think I may boycott Gerber this time around There is something about taking this flat piece of fabric and watching it quilt up wash after wash. Ahhhhhh, I am diaper crazy

Newborn and small and fun, but I have nothing in medium.

Since I'm not due until Oct, please fairy others if they are in need. funding is low now since dh lost his job, but I continue to network with people around Pittsburgh to try and find some free or low cost used dipes. I am always hot on the trail of a bargain!

Thanks dipe fairys, you make the world a fun place
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dear diaper fairy,

we have been very very good . i finally found a system that works for us but now can't find more to complete it. we like medium elfin unders (the plain hemp ones), medium berry patch hand-dyed or bare berries hemp fitteds, medium firefly quickdry colors, or any similar-fitting hemp WAHM fitteds (scout pees floods!). we love used! most of ours have come from the trading post. i've been trying to buy these diapers for awhile but no luck.

we would also to try a luxe baby wool cover or other similar WAHM wool. we would also love a soft knitted soaker.

thank you! i know we would love anything, though.

from jamie and scout
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

We have recently returned to the land of CD's after a 6 mo hiatus and we are soooo glad to be back! We were having cd rash problems and some washing woes (yup, dreaded front loader) but hopefully have everything back under control!

This is my last baby and we are a basic CD family.
Our wish list is:
some large snappi fitteds
dyed regular or premium pf's (solid or tye dye)
XL(not sure of sizing!) breathable poly nikky cover
Med Bumi Sww cover (velcro)
A red snappi!

Ds is one year old, 20 lbs and 29 inches tall. One thing I've learned... diapers must be 100% cotton or else he has a reaction.

I can't wait to fairy someone(s) too! I think that will be the best part.

Thank you diaper fairy!!!!
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Dearest diaper fairy,

My sweet baby girl Sahara has suddenly hit a growth spurt and is yet to potty train (she's tentatively interested but I don't want to push it!) ... she's two and a bit and about 30+lbs ... all of a sudden only the larges and one sizes fit and as I've been SO busy sewing diapers for everyone else I just havn't had the time, fabric, or $ to make her any new ones for ages. What she really needs are fitted and covers (preferably wool) that don't cut into her chubby little thighs and leave horrible red marks like her mediums are doing. The # of diapers in her stash that actually fit comfortably is dwindling and this mama is getting desperate!



tireless sewer of teeny little clothes for Bamboletta dolls ...

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Dear Diaper Fairy,

We finally built up our stash-no more naked baby waiting for a dipe to dry. Today, I saw a bit of butt crack sticking out of a dipe. Is he moving to the next size so soon???? Anything in your diaper fairy bag that prevents wee ones from growing up so fast?

Can you come throw some diaper dust on my dh? He needs to feel the diaper love.

Thanks for being so beyond cool.
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Dear Diaper Fairy;

I have been really good lately. We have an unexpected bundle at our house, and people have been really nice and sent lots of well loved and homemade dipes. I would really like something new for the little guy, something special for him, since everything was used by someone, (most from his older brother).

My dream is to get two matching (small and large) aios of Harry Potter for the premier of movie #3- but I don't have enough paypal and the date is closing in for them to be made.

UPDATE: Angelo got diaper fairied 3 aios, and Emilio got an HP FMBG! Thanks Diaper fairy!
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

I signed up late on the list so I know there are plenty of worthy moms ahead of me. But the next time I invite you over for lunch and you find that you have something left over in the bottom of your bag for me, I wouldn't complain.

Like everyone I have needs and I have wants.
On my needs list are covers! Ds has outgrown all but one cover (Froggy Superwhisper). His Bumpy and Green Earth are leaving marks and chafing. Although I'm a sucker for cute prints, comfort is the utmost importance.
I also am in the market for a wetbag for the diaperpail.

My wants list on the otherhand is shamefully long. Here it is in a big ol' nutshell..........
I've been dying to get ds a playsilk. He's been playing a lot of peekaboo and enjoying crawling through forts I've made for him with cloths. I know he'd just LOVE one of your gorgeous faerie-crafted playsilks.
I'm now at a somewhat comfortable level with my diaper stash, but I've yet to get my hands on the much hyped hyena diapers (like fireflies, FMBG, Ella's, Daisy Doodles, SOS, Flag, etc etc.). Used would even be fine. The curiosity is killing me!
I've been knitting ds some wool soakers but have never seen nor felt one of the more popular brands of soakers. I'm very curious how my handiwork stands up in quality and softness. I would consider it interesting research to see someone else's soaker. Used of this would be fine too.
I'd like to get my hands on some WOW wash, lavendar Eucalan, and liquid lanolin. Right now I'm using mild baby wash and Lanisoh. I'm going through a lot of it with all the soakers I'm knitting for myself and others.

Well, sorry to take up so much of your time with all this me, me, me stuff. The next time I invite you over for lunch I should have a few packages of the stuff you asked for help on.

By the way, Ethan wants you to tell your sister the Tooth Fairy that he's been working on a good set of chompers that he plans to be cashing in on in several years. Please tell her to start saving up.
Just like his daddy, always planning for the future.
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All right diaper fairy, I wasn't gonna play because i have so much to love already, how could I ask for more? But at the moment.....I am really needing some AIOs. I have all prefolds, fitteds and wool, but the whole family has been so sick lately and just not getting better. I get about 5 sinus infections a year and they stink. Anyway, I need something for those days. Something easy and one step. AIOs would be great if you get a chance. Don't care what kind, just so long as they fit my medium size 4 month old.
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

Ive been such a good mama, working on cloth diapering my two little pee monsters. Somedays I cant believe how much they go through. Thinking of the sky, I would ask for anything wool and appliqued as I dont have any, but thinking realistically; I really need some stuff for my ds, hes outgrowing the diapers we have, and though Ive been trying to make some for him, I just dont have the time. For my birthday I told my mom to give me some money to buy him some diapers, so she is giving me 20 bucks this weekend to get him some, but I know for 20 I cant get much unless I just go the prefold route. Which I dont mind, but it isnt 'fun'. So Diaper Fairy, if you find something cute for my ds I would be very appreciative, and if you like shopping for girls, my daughter is almost getting ready to go up to the next size. Oh and for 'brands' we arent picky, Id be happy with whatever I was given.

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Dearest Diaper Fairy...

We are fortunate at our house, but there are always a couple of things we could use.

DD is 41 lbs and still not interested in the potty. /sigh Would love an XL Fuzzi Bunz to try and see if they work for her.

DS is 17 lbs and a three month old with a l-o-n-g rise. We are replacing his medium Snappi fitteds with the large, and are very happy with those. However, I would love to try a hemp fitted on him at night. We have a nice wool cover for nighttime, but no diapers to last the night. We are using pocket diapers for nighttime now, but would love to try and switch to wool.

Thanks, DF!

An Official, Approved Signatureâ¢
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Dear Diaper fairy

We have just moved to a new home! Momma put me and my big sister in disposables for the move. It was yucky. I hate gel beads. Never again. My poor rashy bum!

We both have been very good and love our cloth! Big sister Madeline needs training pants for day and night and I need some more fitted diapers. I have no AIO's and would really like to try some cool prints! I also am in need of more wool as my pul covers are really starting to give me rashes

Love lots
Olivia (and her cute little bottom)
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Cory is my 22 pound almost 9 month old guy! he currently has dd on his bottom, cause his mommy is just starting to order cloth!

I bought 2, for 40 $ AHHHHHHH.....
sO i HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME diaper fariy!
we are not picky, will take any thing!
one more thing, can you please send us intructions?
how to wash
if it needs covers
if it is a aio

thank you so much

mama to Alex 20 Briana 16 Cory 10 and Jade 3Tubes tied and regret it
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Dear Diaper Fairy
We started cloth diapering when Scarlett was 17 months (about 1 month ago). I love seeing her running around with her cute diaper tushie! We only have enough diapers to get us through 1 day, b/c mama can't afford anymore! Absolutely anything in a size large would be great.
Thank you for your generosity!

Mama to DD#1 2001 reading.gif, DD#2 2002 2whistle.gif, dog2.gif, & cat.gif. Me & my man partners.gifbelly.gif June 2014.
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Dear Diaper fairy,

I've been dying to find a diaper with a cute cute boy print. I just can't seem to find any. I've seen tons on the TP but when they come up they're either too small or I'm fresh out of paypal. I'm try to build a stash for my new one due in Nov. while I build up my stash for my 2 boys. I'm afraid I have a pretty small stash Anything would make this mama happy

Thanks so much
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Dear Diaper Fairy:
I have been a good girl, and I am working on 2 fairy items of my own right now, so I am a FIT (Fairy in Training). I would really love some boy diapers in a size small now that I know new baby is a boy! I have some newborn diapers but as he is already bigger than his brothers at the same age (gestational) and they were 9 lbs 4 oz. so I am thinking newborn isn't going to hold him long..... I am also in love with the beautiful WAHM diaper bag/totes that I see.... I love you diaper fairy, you rock.
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Dear Diaper Fairy ...

I would love to have a wool soaker to try out for my DD (size mediumish waist 16 rise 16 and legs 9). She has many fitteds that just sit in a pile because I have no wool to put over them and the covers she owns I dont like. We also love EO soaps but because of me being so darn poor now a days and my last TP purchase turned out a bust I cant afford to buy any.

Thanks Diaper Fairy!
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anything with Woody from toy story, veggietales, or with cowboys Doesn't have to be big name and I would love some more hemp trifolds.
plus we are in a size med/large in most things about 17 lbs.
waist: 16 1/2 in.
thighs: 9 1/2 in.
rise(over diaper): 16 1/2 to 17 in.
hips(over diaper): 19 in.

Mommy to five wonderful earthlings, and one on the way supporter Humble Wife and Mother Learning to live through Jesus!
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

Thank you for spreading so much love around this board! Whenever things get snarky or trolls start popping up, I always head over to diapering to see all the happy diaper fairy posts.

I would love it if you would send me some fabric or other diaper making supplies so I can make some fitteds for you to send to these deserving mamas and their babes!

If you can sprinkle a little of that magic my way, I could also use a so I could use some of that fabric to start making newborn dipes. I'm going crazy looking for a new hobby since my DS started using the potty!

Rainbow.gif ~ Molly
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

I am cloth diapering my 11 mo. old son. We use mostly pocket diapers (I prefer snaps) and some AIO. We love fleece on the inside and PUL on the outside. We always are in need of hemp inserts, too!

Thank you for spreading the Cloth Diapering love
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

We don't NEED anything, so if there are other babies that really need things, please visit their house first!

I would really like some cute AIOs for the summer. I love to wear dresses and show off my cute diaper. FCB2 fit very well and are my mom's favorite, but any AIO would be welcome in the cloth loving house.

I also likes dyed ubcpf on hot summer days.

Happy fairying,

belly.gifSAHM, carseat geek, cattle raising woman to 5 girls (15, 10, 8, 6, 2) wild.gifand a stork-suprise.gif due in July!
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Dearest Diaper Fairy,

My name is Joshua and my mommy is addicted to cd'ng my little bum I've tried really hard to be a good boy, but it hasn't been very easy. I've been very colicky so I cry a lot-especially every night between 5-8pm (I am getting better though) and I also have reflux. I have to take medicine 2Xs a day (it's really icky and it makes me cry ) My reflux got so bad that my mommy has slept on the couch sitting up since I was 2 weeks old so that I could sleep on her tummy to tummy. I know she missed my daddy, but I can't help it. She got to sleep in her bed next to me and daddy for the first time in months just 2 weeks ago! But now she's back on the couch because I've started screaming a lot in the middle of the night again and the doctor thinks I might have a small hole in my esophogus from all of the acid.

My mommy loves to read all of the nice things that you have done for other mamas it makes her smile. We don't really need much but my mommy really likes wool soakers and hemp fitted dipes, but she would like to try some pretty solid dyed Indian PFs because she heard that they were really soft

Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you continue to make other mamas happy- keep up the good work.

Sincerely Yours

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Hi dear diaper fairy. My poor Abigail at 6 months needs covers. I am too busy knitting for others to get her a pair of properly fitting soaker shorts, or even an acrylic soaker for her huge Jo-bo's dipe that she wears to bed. I would love other covers as she too has outgrown all of her PUL ones. She has some pocket dipes, and would love to try out some medium Fuzzibunz because she has huge thighs and a tiny waist, but as she is on the smallest waist snaps of her smalls, we don't kow if that is a good idea. But as the youngest of 3 girls, I am not particular about the girliness of the whole deal as I have nothing but pink and dresses in this house anyway. Abigail barely fits into 3-6 month clothes (except she is long and has a big CDed bottom ) and weighs about 15 pounds. She would love an advocacy t shrts (as wella s her sisters would too.... my almost 8 year old wants a "my litle sister wears cloth diapers" t-shirt, still looking.....Thanks.....
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Dear Diaper Fairy-

I have two amazing little ones in diapers. There's ds, who is 3.5 and on a potty boycott, but will only wear pockets and AIOs because a diaper with a cover is for babies. He is also hard to diaper because he's huge (40 lbs) but not chubby. Think equivilent of XL FB.

Then there's sweet little dd, who has a bday in a couple of weeks. She never gives me any trouble and loves whatever diaper I put on her. But she'd really love to try pockets other than HH and FB and pretty AIOs to show off for the summer.

Not to try to put a sob story to the DF, but momma here has just been laid off and is happy to spend more time with the kids - but DD is not allowed to grow much (she's on the edge of M and L), because I won't have much money to spend for awhile.

thanks DF, I promise to be good!
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well, shelby doesn't *need* more diapers - but she hasn't gotten fluffy mail in 6mos at least since she hasn't changed sizes and we get by just fine w/ our 20 pockets...if someone just felt like fairying her she wears larges and loves animals and bright colors...we use mostly pocket aios right now, but like prefolds/wraps and fitteds/side snap covers too!

ian could use some preemie and infant sized prefolds and some nb covers, i don't have many for him...he's got 10wks left to "cook" though, so it's not an immediate concern yet lol...i have a "ritual" of buying each new baby one super special thing, but haven't bought ian anything yet - i'd had my eye on a luxe baby small wool cover, but hadn't been able to snag one yet.

eta: gently loved/used is fine with us...we're passing on the girly things shelby's outgrown and hope someone enjoys them
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Dear Diaper Fairy,
I'm going back to basics and I have a very boring wish list: MEOS, ME Airflow covers M-L, L-Joeybuns (no fleece please), and infant or standard size hemp prefolds.

I'd love new items because I rarely buy new myself, but I'd be just as excited to get something gently used.
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Dearest Diaper Fairy,

I switched to cd a couple of months ago and started out with pockets and fitteds. I since decided that AIO's work best for me and my ds. I've sold and given away most of my former stash and bought some AIO's but I still need LOTS more. (I don't even have enough to cover 2 days!)
My favorite AIO is Lucy's Hope Chest. Size XL.
Just to let you know, I have some Little Lambs but even the XL are too small for ds's thighs. Bumkins and Proraps do not work for us. Yes, we've been busy trying out many AIO's!
I'm a single mom (out of work) and it's really hard trying to get a good stash together!
I'm also looking for very absorbant doublers and cloth wipes.
So, lovely fairy, please choose me and my cutie boy. I will be forever grateful.

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.
Bright Blessings,
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Dear Diaper Fairy--

I am in-between diapering, with a potty-trained dd and a baby on the way. I am trying to put together a stash for the new babe! The only thing I'm picky about is that I don't like polyester fleece. And we don't know the sex, so gender neutral, please.

We'd love:
Dyed infant prefolds
NB/S fitteds
NB/S Covers--pull-on or wraps--wool, bummi's (love those prints!), whatever!

Thanks for thinking of us!
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I just wanted to say that your little peanut is beautiful - so peaceful! He and my daughter weighed exactly the same at birth
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