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Dear Diaper Fairy,

I have been cd'ing since February and I just LOVE it. We are low on two things - paypal and wool! I have several wool covers, but only one soaker - and its too big! Wah! If you find it in your little fairy heart to send one our way, we would be eternally grateful and of course, keep spreading the fairy dust! Luke is 17 months old and in a Large everything - his measurements are waist - 19", Rise - 19", and Thigh - 10.5".

Thank you for thinking of us, Diaper Fairy!
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Dear Diaper Fairy;

My Mommy is running out of ideas on how to diaper me. She's not a very good hyena and has trouble finding things instock that will fit me. I'm 2.5, but I weigh about 40 lbs. (But I'm skinny with chubbyish legs - Mommy told me these thunder thighs were my curse) Do you have any ideas to help us?
(W-22, T-14, R-21)

I also have a baby brother. He's nice and doesn't cry too much. He pees a lot. Mommy uses mostly Fuzzi Bunz, they work well but they're a little boring. Do you know of any fun diapers for him? (W-16, T-10, R-15 and growing fast!)

Thanks! Miriam (and Eamonn too.)
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Dear Diaper Fairy....
I just want someone who is good at stalking to stalk for me. LOL.
No seriously, I love girly wool...I love SP 1's, the new plum is too beautiful and I want to try a firefly quick dry or a sleeptight for my little girl....she is getting to be a little chubber with her chubby legs. I was also looking for a super fuzzy soaker...maybe even novelty, not so much to work. Hehe. Although that would be a bonus.

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Dear Diaper Fairy,

My name is Jacob and I love all the cloth diapers my mommy has collected for me. My favorite one is called Angel Wraps. It is so comfy and I feel so dry in it. Mommy gets it on me quickly so I can be off and crawling in no time. I also have Happy Hineys that I wear at night. Mommy says they keep my bed dry all night. I also have a sweater that I wear over my diapers that is so soft I would love to have another one of those. I wear a size medium and mommy says I could use any kind of diaper you send my way.

Thank you Diaper Fairy, sending you slobery kisses in advance XXXXXXX

Jacob Wyatt
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

We are very blessed at my house and don't really need any diapers or covers. My mommy wants to find me a wool soaker, but that's a "want" not a "need" right now. If you have any samples of wool wash, we'd absolutely love that! The only thing we have here is Eucalan and we're running low. Anything new to try would be awesome. The only other thing we don't have is a pail liner (been using big Glad trash bags )- if anyone has a large one that they are replacing or just an extra that needs a new home, we'd be thrilled with that!! Just a note from someone on the board would be perfect, too. We've had fun spreading the fairy dust, too- what a great idea this has been!!

Half-marathon running Mommy to 3 spunky girls and 1 sweet boy. Spending my days and nights where my kids need me most- at home with them!!

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My Dearest Diaper Fairy,

You have such a way about you! The fluffy love that you are spreading keeps many folks happy!

If you manage to find your way to eastern Tennessee, we could realy use velour wipes and wet bags or a dipe. Paige is growing so quickly, and is already 20 lbs and a size 2/L in BBH and RB side snaps, the best thing to fit her chunky thighs. Anything side snapping would be good to try, and gently used is always welcome.

We like to show off our adorable cloth dipes with the hope of converting some of the people around here. We have made 1 convert, and passed all of our smalls on to her little girl who is due in June!

Thank you for all that you do.
The Copenhaver Family
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How do I get on the fairy list to get fairied and/or be a fairy??????
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

I love seeing all your good work and how happy you make mama's on the list.

We don't really need any diapers but would love to try out some new things. Of couse those hard to get diapers are at the top of our list. An elbee, FLAG size one, Hidden pearl creations WIO, and any other super trim and fast drying diapers. We love FCB size 2 PUL AIO's. Used diapers are fine with us.

We could use a small/one - two diaper size wet bag for short outings.

We love getting new fluff. But little Veronica is not growing since she needs another open heart surgery. So we shouldn't really be buying anything else new right now.

Keep up the great work!

DS1(12), DD(7)blessed with T21, DS2(2), and DD2 - newly arrived 1/28/11
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Dear Diaper Fairy ,

We have tried to be so good about cd'ing here - our son hasn't had a sposie on his tender tushie since December '02.

We are expecting another soon though, and hope to be even better cd'ers to this little baby - NO sposies is our goal.

We don't *NEED* anything outright, but could use new (or used - doesn't matter) covers / wraps in pretty much any size. Our NB/SM stash or covers is sad, and anything above that is falling apart or in dire need or re-lanolizing.

We are a family of (soon-to-be) 4, on a mediocre income at best, we do our best to be frugal, and love that cd'ing has helped us on that front.

Thank you Diaper Fairy, you are a dream come true to many in need.

With best wishes,
LizaBear and family

Canadian mom to Boo (Aug '02), Bug (Aug '04) and Bear (Dec '06).
Jesse (July '09)
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Dear Diaper Fairy,
I am thrilled to be listing my diaper wishes!!
I have two in diapers, a two year old boy(size M/L) and a three mo old girl(Size M). I am excited to try potty learning this summer so I would love advice and PL'ing stuff for ds. He is into cars and airplains right now. For dd I would LOVE some dyed UBCPF's, and girly covers/wraps. I don't mind used stuff either.
Thanks so much diaper fairy!!!
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

I'm such a lucky boy to have cloth diapers for my little bum, they're so nice and soft! I really do love them, even though I make it hard for my mama to change my diapers. I figure I have to keep her on her toes somehow, right? I am another one who is blessed and have some diapers I would like to try rather than actually need. So if there's another little bum out there that needs some cloth love please visit them.

I'm not only writing for the benefit on my bum, I'm writing for my mama too. She seems to mutter a lot when she's trying to snag a Disposanot (she mutters to herself a lot when she's trying to get some diapers) so that would be really nice. It is entertaining to listen to her, but I don't know if it's a good thing or not! I think she needs some help and I'm hoping a diaper fairy visit would be some good therapy for her. She's also in love (and I agree with her) with the fleece AIO we got from Beccabottoms, that baby is soft! We're not picky though, theese are just some ideas in case you need them. Anything for my bum (and to help my mama's sanity) would be great!

Thanks for listening diaper fairy and for all the work you do spreading your love!


Mommy of 3 super charged kiddos
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Dear Diaper Fairy

I have been a very good girl this year. After having an older child that could just not tolerate anything we did in cloth and had to go back to sposies, we were able to agree to cloth diaper our new baby. The only diaper purchases I have made are for prefolds for my new baby girl and a couple of fitteds. We have never CD'd a newborn before. She is expected to join our family in the next week.

I am sure prefolds will get us by and we may not have true "needs" as compared to some others as far as just diapers are concerned.

This is my wish list:

kissaluvs size 0 in cantalope or lavendar

organic cotton sugar peas size 1

kissaluvs diaper lotion

and I do have a need for a larger sized wetbag to store dirty diapers in the laundry room...a zippered one would be great to help with odors....but drawstring would work in desperation :LOL

Thank you diaper fairy!

college student and mama to 7 kiddos!
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yo yo yo, dear dipe fairy~

it's me~k to the a to the s

just lettin' ya know that i don't have no dough so i gotta give a shout out so that cha know.

we're payin' off bills, while we're livin' in the hills.

after 14 yrs of cloth, ya think i'd be soft, but i'm hard to the core hyena on a budget~babyyyyy.

hope ya liked me rap, my favorite aios are sidesnap~if ya feel so inclined, no need to remind (you of the fact that candy wrappers are always welcome in our home for both a toddler boy & baby boy!)

love, k to the a to the s
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#104 of 111 Old 07-12-2004, 04:11 PM
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Dearest Diaper Fairy~

I have PMed my info to those in charge, and although my name isn't on the list as of yet, I'm sure it will be soon.

I would love the chance to try some of these awesome fancy diapers that everyone talks about. I would love to try a FCB or one of the other diapers that the cool kids have. We have nothing fancy. My son has just turned 2, and will not be in diapers forever. I'm hoping to have another child, but DH isn't feeling the same. I just started cloth a couple months ago, and suspect this will be my one and only chance at it.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

Amy and Chandler
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Ok, so I've already admitted in another thread that I am a "sposie" user currently (I feel the flames a comin') : but am seriously considering making the switch to cloth. I see everyone getting so excited about their cd's and how cute everyone's baby's butts look in them that I wanna join (not to mention I have really come around about protecting the environment and such). ANYWAYS, my son is 7 months old and weighs 20 lbs. and being that I'm new to this, wouldn't an AIO make the most sense? I don't know, hopefully better late than never no? So my diaper fairy wish really is to be given a chance to try cloth out, new, used, doesn't matter, I just want to see what I've been missing...Thanks for listening...
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

We have not seen you yet. DS is eagerly awaiting a gift from your warm heart. He is not a picky boy, and likes most things. Covers would be wonderful, and so would fitteds. Snappis semm to disappear around here so those always come in handy. We have never used cloth wipes, those would also be a wonderful gift, and maybe some wipe solution or butt balm to go with them. But that is not necessary. Oh, and Diaper Fairy, thank you so much.

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Huh. I thought I replied to this one. Does anyone else feel really embarrassed doing this? I think it would be cool if there was a way to put this info next to the people listed in the Diaper Fairy page. Like, next to someone's name it would say (0) if they have never received something..... Anyone else like that idea?
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oh, me too, I thought I had replied to this too, hmmm

If the diaper fairy had time and some web and other pc skills it would be really neat to see a whole database of fairy wishes!

My wish from the diaper fairy is knitted longies in a med(19" waist, 16"rise) for the fall or winter in girlie or seasonal colors.
My other wishes from the diaper fairy are med aio's, med pockets in bright bold beautiful print or very cute or animal prints. Also silk liners and rice paper liners to try

I picture the diaper fairy holding a 'gone to seed' dandelion and when she blows the dandelion seeds, all our wishes start their journey to us
Ahhh, can you imagine?
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#109 of 111 Old 08-05-2004, 10:16 PM
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Dear Diaper Fairy,
Well we havn't had much of a chance to get to know each other, but my name is Michelle. I am a SAHM to Carter my one year old boy. We just started CD. It was the wonderful mamas here at that swung us into it! So we would like anything! From snappi's to prefolds to AIO to covers. We don't mind well loved things! We promise to take very good care of anything that you might want to send. Thank you for listening.
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#110 of 111 Old 08-05-2004, 11:41 PM
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Dearest, most beautiful and generous fairy,

My little guy would really love some 'soft diapers'! We have prefolds and some random covers but have never bought all the lovely fluff I keep hearing about here... never had wool, either! I don't know what to ask for because other than prefolds and Dappi covers, I am not 'in the know' about CDs...

Enlighten me, oh wise fairy! Send me something that makes my son giggle with delight when it touches his skin, something I can't wait to stroke after I pull it out of the dryer! Well loved is perfectly fine and we will happily and proudly pass along whatever we recieve after we can no longer use it. My guy is 3 and 30lbs, skinny little waisted guy.

Mama pads would also be lovely- again, I know nothing about what is available and would love anything!

Thank you for thinking of us!

Kristina in Kitsap County, WA
Doula, Student Midwife, Mama, Wife & More
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Dear Fairy,

first off thank you for all the work you have done, I know you have made many families and bums happy.

I love my prefolds and wool covers, and I can always use more for my little boy, he is almost 4 months and growing very fast. he feels heavier every day and the last time I weighed him 3 weeks ago he was 14 lbs. but I am sure he is heavier now.

wet bags and change pads (since I wear through them quickly as we try to go out alot) are also great.

I am also a crafty person, I have a great fondness for fabric of all kinds, and wool jersy especially. I have a knitter mom, who is always looking for stuff to make for DS, so a soaker pattern or wool is also a great gift.
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