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radish's Avatar radish 06:45 PM 06-18-2004
OK Mamas,
We just moved into our new place and I am soooo ready to host an MDC CD Party.

We're in Sacramento. I am thinking mid July?? Hot here so we can make it a CD/Swim party if we want.

LMK if you are interested!

ChristinaB's Avatar ChristinaB 06:48 PM 06-18-2004
What's a CD party?

We go up north to see family often, so we might be there Your house looks great!!
radish's Avatar radish 06:56 PM 06-18-2004
oooh you know, just an excuse to get a bunch of supa crazy diaper mamas together to gab about CDs, show off CDs, trade CDs, gush over CDs...drool over CDs, ok ok you get the idea!

Also, is weekday or weekend best for everyone?

Hope you can make it, I *may* wanna buy something :
ChristinaB's Avatar ChristinaB 06:58 PM 06-18-2004

A weekend is best for us.. the weekends of the 10th (oh my bday) and the 24th are the best cause those are the weekend I have Hunter. Probably the 10th is better, I like to go to my sisters for my Bday How far of a drive is it from Millbrae to Sac?
chloesmom's Avatar chloesmom 07:03 PM 06-18-2004
Millbrae to Sac is about 2 hours depending on traffic.

I might be up for it, if we can do it on a weekend! I'm over here in Santa Rosa.

ps. Your house looks awesome!
norcalmommy's Avatar norcalmommy 07:10 PM 06-18-2004
I'm in- but I'll definitely be doing more drooling than showing off- unless I can score something between now and then. Midweek is better than weekends in early July, but later July anything would work.
radish's Avatar radish 07:13 PM 06-18-2004
thanks for the comlpiments, it's a little bare but we have a sofa coming next week
ChristinaB's Avatar ChristinaB 07:24 PM 06-18-2004
Oh and we can do a Thurs-Tuesday surrounding those weekends I listed above It doesn't HAVE to be on the weekend. And 2 hours is NP!
ChristinaB's Avatar ChristinaB 07:26 PM 06-18-2004
OH wait... the 23rd-27th works better! I just remembered that Hunter has surgery on the 13th for tubes! I really don't want to fly until he gets them! Less of a chance he will get sick and the altitude hurts his poor ears!!
So if it works out for one of those dates, we will be there!
SiValleySteph's Avatar SiValleySteph 07:27 PM 06-18-2004
Ooooo, I would love to go to a cloth diaper party! Although, realistically, I probably wouldn't be able to make it up to Sacramento (from San Jose). But, you never know, so I will follow this thread!

By mid-July, most of my stash will probably be here, even if the babe isn't coming until September!
chloesmom's Avatar chloesmom 07:29 PM 06-18-2004
How about Saturday the 24th? (July)
radish's Avatar radish 07:53 PM 06-18-2004

There may other SJ Mamas, may you can carpool??

I have made teh drive to SJ, Gilroy a couple times and it is not as bad as I
thought, hope you can make it.

Well, if/when we get a few more mamas, we can start a yahoo group and do a poll for day/time/etc...

I am so excited to see/meet everyone, DCs and their FLUFF!!
Book Addict Jen's Avatar Book Addict Jen 07:59 PM 06-18-2004
I might be able to do it. I won't know until it is closer. We only have one car.
ryansmom02's Avatar ryansmom02 08:04 PM 06-18-2004
I may be in Sac on the weekend of the 24 with another CDing mama and if i am i will so be there.........
radish's Avatar radish 03:28 PM 06-19-2004
bump, i know there are more CA mamas!!
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 03:38 PM 06-19-2004
Wah, we are too far from Sacramento Anyone further south???
Rachel3612's Avatar Rachel3612 03:44 PM 06-19-2004
Weekends are best for me! I have 2 friends who also CD that are not on MDC (well one of them lurks)

Your new house looks great!
SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 05:21 PM 06-20-2004
nice house

that sound fun but i'm a good drive away in long beach and doubt dh would let me drive that far.
Muggins&Doody's Avatar Muggins&Doody 05:55 PM 06-20-2004
Oh, I just saw this thread! I will be there, of course!
ryansmom02's Avatar ryansmom02 05:56 PM 06-20-2004
Looks like I will be able to make it............. WOOHOO........... I will be in sac visiting a friend
mom2jack's Avatar mom2jack 06:02 PM 06-20-2004
Awww, too bad - we'll be on vacation the last 3 weeks of July Maybe the next one!
Lisadeanne's Avatar Lisadeanne 07:37 PM 06-20-2004
Hey I am only an hour out of Sac!!! Yay!!!!! Keep us posted as to the dates etc
ChristinaB's Avatar ChristinaB 07:42 PM 06-20-2004
So is there talk of a date yet? How about the 23rd or 24th? (just throwing it out there to get this going )
radish's Avatar radish 11:06 PM 06-20-2004
yes, i am all about securing a sate too, otherwise it may be a winter party.

23 or 24 works for me. wanna vote?
Piffle's Avatar Piffle 11:36 PM 06-20-2004
I wanna come.

Anyone in Canada want to do a cd party?
MissSugarKane's Avatar MissSugarKane 12:01 AM 06-21-2004
I can only come if I can manage to get my car tuned up before then since I'll have a drive.Not sure if that'll happen tho.But I'll keep an eye on this thread.
chloesmom's Avatar chloesmom 12:07 AM 06-21-2004
I vote for the Saturday the 24th!
gingerlane's Avatar gingerlane 12:10 AM 06-21-2004
We're actually planning to be in the area (well, SF anyway) the weekend of the 24-25th and I might convince dh that we need to drop in! Don't know if it's realistic, but :
ryansmom02's Avatar ryansmom02 01:50 AM 06-21-2004
I vote the 24...... now can I still come I wont have my DS with me. i am going to Sacramento for my birthday my best friend lives there and we are going to see Tim McGraw in concert on the 23 so DS is staying in So CAL with DH so if I can gome with out DS Me and my Friend are so there......... she CD also....... So can I come.......
mom2jack's Avatar mom2jack 02:15 AM 06-21-2004
Originally Posted by Piffle
I wanna come.

Anyone in Canada want to do a cd party?
I'm actually going to BC on vacation!
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