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JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 02:44 PM 06-25-2004
Originally Posted by dinade
that helps me any! What great tips and what a cutie Nathan is. Thank you!
Let me know how it goes! If nothing else out of curiousity. And thank you for the Nathan compliments! I love him!

BethHG's Avatar BethHG 03:09 PM 06-25-2004
Yes there is a difference between Dritz and Gerber. I can't stand Gerber pins, but I my Dritz!
daisymommy's Avatar daisymommy 03:42 PM 06-25-2004
Are there any online pictures and directions of how to do side pinning? I'd love to try!
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 03:56 PM 06-25-2004
Originally Posted by daisymommy
Are there any online pictures and directions of how to do side pinning? I'd love to try!
I don't know but I can do a pictoral... just let me wait till the next diaper change.
SheBear's Avatar SheBear 07:46 PM 06-25-2004
Originally Posted by JennInSeattle
And geez I can't imagine flat folding at 7 or 8.. here I am at 24 wondering if I can do it!
I'm pretty sure we weren't doing the "origami fold", LOL! I wish I could remember how my mom taught us.....IIRC, it ended up looking pretty much like a prefold, but with wings, if that makes sense....hmm....

I also remember her telling us to "double diaper" baby brother for night time or car trips. Ahhh....nostalgia!
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 06:29 AM 06-26-2004
Wow.. that all just strikes me as soo odd! Then again, my mom is far from crunchy and I was an only child! lol

Ok - so here is my side pinning demo - let me know what I missed, didn't explain well or is too dark to see! http://www.PictureTrail.com/gid4606097
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 03:09 AM 06-27-2004
Bump.. because it took too long to make the pictoral for no one to see it!
Nada's Avatar Nada 03:16 AM 06-27-2004
That's a GREAT pictorial Jenn!

Nada, who's ds's diaper changes do NOT look anything like Nathan's :LOL {insert madly squirming, turning, crawling baby here} {insert frazzled mama running around after baby here} {insert daddy pinning baby down here}
Mommy&Will's Avatar Mommy&Will 03:26 AM 06-27-2004
Gotta try that jelly roll!
JennInSeattle's Avatar JennInSeattle 03:43 AM 06-27-2004
*sniff* Thanks guys! That made up for it! Nada - you make me laugh! The changing table helps! And the jelly roll fold rules.. seriously!
dinade's Avatar dinade 10:35 AM 06-27-2004
I'm definitely going to try that this week with my diaper houdini. Maybe this one he won't get out of. LOL :
BethHG's Avatar BethHG 04:01 PM 06-27-2004
What is the benefit to the jellyroll vs the newspaper fold? Just curious.
SheBear's Avatar SheBear 11:13 PM 06-27-2004
That is great! Love it! Thanks! (I'd have seen it sooner, but we had a big storm and it knocked out our power, and our computer!)

Okay....so, this jellyroll fold is great for keeping poo from running out the legs....

Now, could someone PLEASE come up with a way to keep it from shooting straight up the back???? Sigh.....
daisymommy's Avatar daisymommy 11:24 PM 06-27-2004
Jenn, thank you so much for doing that! And I'm glad you gave the post a "bump" because I couldn't find it! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow!
heritageacres's Avatar heritageacres 11:27 PM 06-27-2004
Sounds neat...I'll have to try this.....
but I agree...can someone please figure out a way to stop poo from shooting up the back???

chaos_pie's Avatar chaos_pie 12:19 AM 06-28-2004
okay....I saw this thread and though y'all were

But yesterday, I and gave it a whirl. And I still thought y'all were ...but then I tried the Ivory soap trick...and you know what....I it. I am even using gerbers so I can only imagine the joy once I try Dritz.

Thanks for the tip.
foxytocin's Avatar foxytocin 12:36 AM 06-28-2004
Thanks for all the info, folks!
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