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Originally Posted by MissSugarKane
This thread is great.I never realized their were other single mamas around.I always felt left out with all the threads about dh's and daddy friendly diapers.Now I don't feel so alone.

And Piffle my son's dad is a deadbeat too I wrote that in my original post but edited for fear that my bitterness showed through :LOL
Add me to the "my son has a deadbeat daddy" club
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My SO owns a restaurant/eatery near Arizona State. Lots of tofu and vegetarian food for me He works 10 or so hours a week. So REALLY he is a SAHP (stay at home papi here ).

I work for a family owned, women run natural body care/gift store store called Lotions & Potions (since 1969--same woman runs it/my boss). I am in charge of running the 5 retail stores we have in Arizona, run our internet sales, do all the advertising and marketing campaigns, buy our inventory and more We make all of our own body care so I am learning the chemistry side of it, which is very interesting. PLUS I am taking my LAST 2 classes at ASU. I will graduate with a Journalism degree from the Cronkite School at ASU with minors in English and Communication. I am moving at the end of the summer so I will quit working for my company and either be a SAHM or find a job in NYC.

ETA: Ages--I am 23. SO is 32. And crunchiness factor--die hard CDer, DS was BF, we co-sleep, babywear. EC. Attached baby for sure. I do not buy processed food for the most part. We buy fruits, veggies, grains and rice and make everything we can. I never buy chips, fruit snacks, etc. all the proccessed food which I think is bad for us. Love my essential oils. Not even sure what else--but I would consider us a bit crunchy--considering I have friends who make their babes wear shoes inside, never will understand CD, BF, cosleeping, slinging and the like. I am a very child led parent.

Teach your children about the global water crisis
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I am 24, sahm/wahm.

Before that I did alot of jobs. LOL.....I have been a doula, had a daycare, worked for Jcpenney, managed a mens clothing store (VanHeusen), been a dishwasher/busgirl, worked at espresso/bagel shop......and when I was real young (13) worked on a chicken farm. I promised them I would never eat them (was a vegetarian for 5 years until I was 18).

Dh, 23, is a cabinet builder (and has been for almost 6 years). Before that (when he was a minor) he worked at Calico Cupboard bakery in WA.

We're pretty crunchy. Having a baby made us really crunchy. LOL I was a "crunchy" teenager, then fell off the crunchy wagon for a few years, and then had a baby and will be crunchy forever since I learned how to research! LOL We CD, extend bf, no vax or medications, eat organic (well, Jevin does, we arent as picky about ourselves), co sleep (well, when he wants, he likes his own space now! ).......we go with the flow with parenting but we are really picky about toxins, etc etc.

Mama to a teen and tween
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I am a SAHM / Ex-Paralegal. DH is a Service Writer for GMC Hummer dealership. I am 34 DH is 32. We are not crunchy at all. We do co-sleep (when DS wants to), I plan on extended BFing (if DS wants to), and I love CDing.
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Happy 28th, Michelle!!!

Pre DD, I was a techie.. sys admin and call center assistant manager for a HUGE eFinance company. DH is in sales since our move, but before was CSR supervisor Now I am a happy SAHM/part time WAHM and, while I miss having my head in network and hardware problems, I love being home more.
As for crunchy...I am probably more so than most ppl I know. We co-sleep, did ebf until dd was diagnosed severly lactose intolerant, noVAx, cd, sling, practice AP, reduce, reuse and recycle, shop thrift, and use almost no paper in the house that isnt recycled.
Too bad I just cannot get dh to give up his tp
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Before having Alex, I was an environemental chemist. After having him, I became a medical transcriptionist and have been doing that for the last three years. I also work part-time at Eddie Bauer Home in the mall and just became a Bradley Childbirth Instructor. I start teaching my first set of classes this week!

DH is a law student. Right now, he's interning for a not-for-profit orgnaization representing prisoners and working PT doign research for a local lawyer.

Mama to ds 11, ds 7, dd 5, dd 2, and dd born on 6/17/12!

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I am a SAHM/WAHM, before kiddos, I was a corporate accountant for a very large company. DH works in management for a large retail company.

Before kids, I did not know what crunchy was. Then we started homeschooling, then cding and we are slowing learning. I doubt we will ever be fully crunchy, though. But, we sure stand out in our families.
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I am a sahm, pre baby i was a student, artsy, intellectual, post punk rock, sorta greaser, chain smoking, tomboy. I usually worked at local fancy resturaunts but i was willing to give anything a try. I worked hard and played hard. I loved Guiness, black and tans, long island iced tea, and anything involving tequila (I told you i played hard ) these days i would still like the occasional Guiness or Black and Tan but i never have the occasion.

I was raised by a mother that talked the hippie talk but never actually did anything to better herself or the earth. I would say that i felt bad about the way i was contributing to the demise of the earth but didn't like anyone, including myself enough to actually do anything about it. having a child gave me hope

ummm...yeah that was probably more than you wanted to know
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I'm a geologist, but mostly I do computer work. DH is in customer service. We work day and night shifts to pay for dd's cloth diapers (lol, just kidding!).

We are not intentially crunchy but we fallen into a pretty crunchy lifestyle (bfing, cds, co-sleeping, paper recycling, small cars etc) just because this makes life easier for us up here in Alaska where we have to haul our own trash to the dump and bring water home from town in 5 gallon jugs.

When people say they are reluctant to CD because of all the work I just laugh. If I can use cds in my tiny log cabin w/o running water I just don't see how it could be that much work for anyone with their own washing machine.
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I'm also a SAHM with a computer geek husband.

mostly WAHM, sometimes WOHM to my : two boys.
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I'm a CPA, but working very little right now, with so much SAHM work to do! Very fortunate that my client that I've done projects for six years now lets me work from home as much as possible

DH is an assistant principal at an alternative high school.

Although my outside-the-home profession isn't very crunchy, I seem to be embracing more and more crunchiness as I get older, lol. (Isn't it supposed to be the opposite!). I love cloth diapers, organic gardening, knitting, and recycling.
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I am a wahm making slings. I also am working towards being a LLL leader and do quite a bit of volunteering for child and breastfeeding type causes in my town.

My dh is a librarian (he has his masters in library and information sciences) he also has a side business doing websites for a couple of governement organizations... AND he also has another business with a friend of his where they paint and sell miniature war guys on ebay. He's a busy man.

Crunchy... you could say that Ebreastfeeder, solids delaying, no vaccinations, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, both baby wearing, make own baby food, re-cycle, buy mostly organic.

However We do occasinally eat at McDonald's and I have a weekness for pretty non-organic clothing for the kids.

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well im on mat leave for a year but i am a radiation therapist and my dh is in home renovations by summer and sea urchin diver in winter (have to do what u can, jobs scarce in newfoundland)

we are not really crunchy but for others looking in i suppose they think we are with cds, slings, old VW bus and our hemp necklaces and my long unkempt hair lol!!!!!
the longer i stay on MDC the more great things i discover and want to try so im sure we will become crunchier
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before DS I was a microbiologist working for a pharma. company. I am on maternity leave and when it's over... I ain't goin' back. I worked for AstraZeneca, Berna Biotech, and Novartis... all I can say is RUN away!!!! : I have already started studying to be a Hebamme (midwife). It's challenging since the courses are in German, but my readings are in English. I am certified CBE. I am 26. I have my degree is microbiology and molecular cell science ssp: biochemistry, not that I'll be using it much!

My DH has his ph.D. in phiolosophy (arguing IS a waste of time with him). He owns his own business which deals with Internet Security... anti-virus software, etc. He also is a part owner of an ISP with a friend of ours. What do these have to do with philosophy?

I really am not crunchy for here at least... since most here eat organic, BF, recycle, birth naturally, and do the walk, bike, use a small car thing. I am slightly crunchy for CDing (it hasn't REALLY caught on here, but basic supplies are readily available), co-sleeping (but, not looked at as weird), slinging (also catching on since hospitals are encouraging it), delayed solids (that was a battle with MIL), mama cloth/diva cup (they've never heard of it). All and all not crunchy for here, but maybe a little for home. There's always room for improvement and you ladies are inspirational.

It is really fun reading about you guys!

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Well, it seems I'm always on the tail end of these things, but here goes.

Before S/WAHM, I was a bookkeeper/office manager. Still bookkeeping, just very PT.

DH is a computer geek - sorry, "software support engineer".

Oh, and we're not really crunchy - we CD, EBF, co-sleep, try to gentle discipline , recycle, conserve what gas we can.
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I was a nurse in my pre baby life (I worked as a nanny too). Now I am a very talented spinner of multiple plates Eric graduated with a degree in economics but never really did anything with it. He had his own decorative concrete business for 5 years, then worked for someone else's concrete business after we were married, got laid off and sold cars (tried to anyway) for a while. I started OSDS and he quit his job and we've been doing that and other things ever since.

Very white bread... (or is it wet bread?) semi crunchy (cloth diapers, ebf, cosleep, quiverful)
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I am now a partial SAHM/WOHM. Make sense? I have a part-time job as a research assistant (in the realm of educational technology) three days a week. I hate working out of the home, but it is what I have to do right now. I have fantasies about starting my WAH business, perhaps doing data analysis, grant-writing, or assisting with reports on a contracted basis. I wonder if that would pay.

Before I had my daughter, I was an elementary school teacher. I miss it terribly, but not the hours, bureaucracy, and inflexibility of schedule.

In addition to my work life, I am passionate about environmental issues, camping, national parks, knitting, and biology. I also love old movies, especially ones with Katherine Hepburn or Cary Grant.

I am also a co-leader for our local Attachment Parenting International branch, as well as a member of Nursing Mothers Counsel. I keep too busy.

Also, I am a newshound, someone who can't keep my head out of current events. Luckily, I am married to someone who is even more of a newsjunkie than I.

On a side note - does anyone know anything about incorporating a non-profit, particularly a multi-state one?
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I am a sahm. Pre baby I was a student. I got pg with #1 2 weeks after I graduated and I never went back. I have an AA in Communications, an AGS and a certificate in Data Entry. I did study to be a midwife but I had to stop because I keep having my own, lol.

Dh is an appraiser (soon to be licensed). Before that he was a computer geek, in internet security, programming, you name it. (looks like lots of our dhs/so are into computers) He has a degree in kinda makes sense to go into appraising.

I am pretty crunchy. Dh not so much. We co-sleep, ebf, non vax, non circ, wear our babies, we do our part for the know all that stuff. I even wear birks...


Expecting #9.  Always busy hsing.
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