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Diapering > :o(
Mina's Avatar Mina 01:37 AM 07-02-2004
Originally Posted by mama.Virg
I lived in China (northern Jiangsu province), where knitting is very much still a part of daily life for huge numbers of women.
Thanks for all that information. I'm glad that this thread was allowed to stay open as I've learned a lot.

MiaPia's Avatar MiaPia 10:21 AM 07-02-2004
Originally Posted by ReesesMomma
As for the issue of copying...there really aren't too many ways to draw a flowering cacti. It'd be pretty difficult for them not to look similar. Same goes with bees, and lots of other things. Although the KSS cacti is gorgeous, I'm sorry to say, the design of the cacti itself is not unique.
I know I probably shouldn't dredge this back up, and leave well enough alone, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. :
As the owner of the original cactus KSS I have to respectfully disagree with your comment about there not being too many ways to draw a flowering cacti. If you Google "Saguaro" you'll see what I mean. The fact is that Karen and I e-mailed back and forth quite a bit with her showing me different sketches until we were satisfied that it looked the way I wanted.
I just had to get that off my chest.
This has been an extremely interesting thread to follow - and I have learned a lot from it.
Novajet's Avatar Novajet 10:43 AM 07-02-2004
Just FYI- I asked my husband to draw a cactus, and he drew virtually an exact replica of these two, without seeing either one first.
cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 12:38 PM 07-02-2004
I really hate to crash the thread and draw the curtains as much of this discussion has been interesting but there are some accusations and implications in the thread that cast suspicion on persons and that really is inapppropriate. So I'm closing the thread, will leave it briefly and then it will be pulled. I hope some of the thoughts posted have been beneficial and helped clarify questions and issues for some of you.

If you'd like to continue the general discussion of design rights, WAHM products made in China, what defines "handmade", etc. you can start another thread but please choose an appropriate discussion board. I think all of this would be more apppropriate in the WAHM Well, possibly in Activism, depending on topic.

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