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I posted this in the Life With Babe thread as well but I thought you ladies with young babes might be able to answer this...

After your baby has gotten to the point where he/she doesn't poop during the night anymore, do you get up to change their WET diaper during the night? If so, why?


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I do. Just to cut down on am ammonia smell, and because i want him dry!
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Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. I know, I know, someone is going to show up and say "If I were bedridden I hope someone would change me" but I only change her if she wakes up. If she is sleeping like a log I usually change her at midnight and then again at around 6-7... if she is wakeful I change her whenever she is wet. If I were bedridden I hope someone would change me too... but not if it was going to wake me up and take me an hour to fall asleep every time, lol.

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She still wakes at varying intervals--some 3-4 hour stretches or a longer 6hr stretch so I don't wake her to change, just when she wakes. I overheard one of her nurses in the special care nursery saying something about never trying to make a sleeping baby more comfortable. That said...she does wake when she is uncomfortable (gas/hunger) or sometimes during the day fusses just after she's peed and I'll change her right away. But for nighttime I just put her in something fleece-topped and leave it at that. Seems to be working for now!

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Once they stop pooping I stop changing. And I NEVER wake a sleeping babe to change a dipe.

Sometimes I will change if they are really really wet and wake up though.
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I usually change DS right before I go to bed.
Go figure....I can get him naked and change his diaper and he sleeps right through it, the phone rings and hes wide awake

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Yep, I change her if she wakes up or seems to be sleeping fitfully. Usually as soon as that diaper is off she goes back to peaceful sleep and I finish the change and crash myself. She sleeps right next to me and I just keep everything by the bed, leave the wet diaper there too on the old wool cover until morning. So, I don't actually "get up".

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I've learned the hard way, that late night pee changes are worth the effort.

My dd would fully wake up pee, and then with some hard work on my part finally fall into a fitful sleep, this would occur several times a night.

DH and I are the consumate first time parents and I swear it took us a over a year of chronic nightwakeing for us to figure this out.
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Nathan wakes me up to nurse in the middle of the night (but always with his eyes closed so he's not truly awake). Every time he does I check his diaper (we sleep coverless so it's easy) and if it's wet I change him in bed. I just rip off the wet diaper and set it on the floor, pick up the dry diaper (next to the bed) and put it on him as quickly as possible. He never opens his eyes or even tries to turn over. The advantage is that he doesn't take as long to suckle back to sleep (not actual nursing but just suckling that often keeps me half awake) so I know he's more comfortable.

So yes, I always change if he pees in the night. The nights I change him I usually change him twice but about 2/3 of the time he doesn't wet at all until we're out of bed.
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No way. It makes it way too hard to get her back to sleep. I think the wonderoo keeps her pretty dry, so I don't bother unless she's leaking or something and I can't remember the last time that happened. And I can't change her before I feed her either because she'll scream through the whole thing until I feed her, that wakes DH up, and it just doesn't seem to be necessary.
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When we go up to bed around 12, I change her then, shes awake because I move her from downstairs to our bed. I dont change her again until the morning when she wakes up because she sleeps through the night, and even when she doesnt, she just nurses on her own. I do always put a fleece liner in to keep her skin dry and we dont have any problems.
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Yes, I always change Emily right away when she pees.

At night, she sleeps right next to me, and wakes to nurse. If she is going to pee (she doesn't pee at night most of the time now) she does it while nursing, so I change her and she goes right back to sleep.

Even if she has a fleece lined diaper, I notice that she sleeps fitfully if she is wet. She keeps scooting up and turning over... I think she is trying to get out of the "wet spot" that is wrapped around her butt. So, I just change her... it never wakes her up... and she sleeps great the rest of the night.

Works for us!

Teri - nak Emily who is 19 months old now!
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I do. If the buggle wakes up (eyes always closed though, not really awake just fretting and squirming around), I think it's because he's hungry and has to pee. So he does, and nurses, then stops to sleep. Then I change his soaking wet diaper. This happens a couple times a night most nights. It doensn't wake him at all, in fact it actually soothes him into a deeper sleep for me to be fussing around with a diaper change.
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I'm terrified of diaper rash, so I always change him at night. He eats 4-5 hours after he falls asleep, so I nurse him, change him and top him off. He usually doesn't even wake up.
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My son isn't generally a heavy wetter, but he pees a LOT at night. Even with something fleece-topped, he gets pretty squirmy by morning if he isn't changed. The approach we've settled into is that my husband changes him before leaving for work around 7:30. He doesn't usually wake up, but if he does, I nurse him back to sleep. He and I don't usually get up until at least 9. This way, no one loses sleep, and Peter doesn't kick me in the ribs in the early morning.

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