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It's so great to read all about you other mamas, and your lives outside diapering

I'm Daphne, 37, married to Dan, 39, and mom to 20-month old Owen. We live in Singapore where I was born and pretty much lived my whole life except for when I spent 6 years in Australia finishing high school and university. I've a Bachelor of BUsiness Communication and work for an international hotel company in marketing. DH runs his business manufacturing and selling hygiene and sanitation products.

I am mildly crunchy I suppose, although we live in a place that makes it quite challenging (and expensive) to be crunchy. (In some ways I probably aspire to be more crunchy than I am capable of being :LOL ) Certainly didn't start off that way... before DS came along, he was going to be trained to sleep through the night within the first few months, in his own crib in his own room, etc. etc. Now it's another story: he sleeps between DH and myself most nights although we're now transitioning him to his own little mattress on the floor beside me; he's been semi-CD'd since 2 months old and full-time CD'd since 10 months old (but we use sposies on vacations); BF'd till 10 months; and I was slinging him until he just grew too big and it became too heavy on my shoulders. I can't say we're massively AP oriented nor are terribly successful at GD although I try. So, like some of the others, I'd say I fit better on some boards than others... but still, it's fun to read all different points of view and I've learned heaps from MDC.

I qualify as a hyena I reckon but it's probably a good thing most stockings happen at ungodly hours for me or I'd be in a lot worse trouble! I've a big stash of large size diapers, and since we're TTC'ing #2 I'm starting to build up a store of smaller dipes.

I learned almost everything I know about cloth diapering from the MDC boards, and while I don't post that often, I lurk quite a bit because I really enjoy the atmosphere here.

Cheers, Mamas!!
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What a great thread! So nice to learn about everyone.

I'm a 35 year old mama to an 8 month old DD. We live on Canada's Atlantic coast, and DH and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on Thursday! We celebrated by buying a new house, quite unexpectedly! So now, I'm up to my eyeballs in making moving plans, and really shouldn't be spending so much time on-line.

I'm at home on mat leave until DD turns 1. Then, I return to work with the federal government. I work with a program that supports the social and physical development of children from birth to age five. I'm a social worker and journalist by training. It's been a busy maternity leave, as I've been writing a MSW thesis (it's due in two weeks!) and doing some freelance writing. I hope to be able to write from home for good after we have our next babe - in the coming year, I hope!

As for the crunchy factor, I'm moderately crunchy. Family and many of my friends think I'm VERY crunchy. I guess it's all in how you look at it!
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Hey all, i'm coming in on this a little late!

I'm Monica(34), part time SAHM to 16 month old chunka munka Siobhan & : of dh Bob (33). I was a full-time speech-language pathologist before dd, but now i WOH 2-3 days a week & find it's the perfect balance for our little family & my thin sliver of sanity :LOL

We're not very crunchy by most standards, but very much so for where we live & for most of our friends! I bf for a very short time (poor dd couldn't tolerate A THING i ate!!!! next time....) but had grander plans . We recycle, wash out ziplocs, buy natural whenever possible. I fell into cd-ing by accident a few months ago (never even thought about it as a possibility!) & haven't thought twice about it since!

Since finding MDC, i've fully trained in hyena-boot camp & am trying very hard not to move up to the next level! My stash is all over the place as we're still new & figuring out what works for us. Dh prefers AIO's but is a prefold savant! : I like, well, everything!

We're in the burbs of NYC in the house i grew up in, which has it's pros & cons. I'm very lucky to have my oldest friends living in the neighborhood & having babies all around the same age!
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Hello, I'm Greaseball. I'm fairly new to CD but I love it! I don't see how anyone can go back to sposies after trying CDs. I'm not as crunchy as other MDC moms and I use CDs mainly for their cuteness! How shallow is that? :

I don't have a digital camera so no stash pics, but I've collected almost every small fb color and I also have some fitted prints from PWP, FMBG, Sugar Peas, and Muttaqin. I have a few Kissaluvs colors too, but I'm going to try trading those because I like snap-in soakers and they don't have them.

Dh and I are students. He doesn't like CDs.
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HI I am Crystal i am mom to three boys Matthew 8, Hayden 5 and Lucas 1 yr, loving partner to Bruce.
We started cloth diapering with Lucas because I prefer to avoid the chemical jell in them, tried it out when he was a newborn but gave up for a couple months and went back to cloth when he was five months, we have never looked back.
My dp thinks cloth is great he always tells people that sposies stink! (and they do) I am a nurse irl and am just starting back at work after my 1 year mat leave, 2 days a week, I hope to be a wahm after we have the next baby (who we are ttc) so I am sewing up a storm in my spare time (what little of it there is) we live in Chilliwack BC canada and are enjoying some hot hot weather,
Nice to meet you all!
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This thread is great I'm Michelle 34, dh is 37. We have 3 kids - ds 5, dd 3, and ds 2.5 months. ds1 was cd'd with mostly gerber prefolds and dappi covers, I was in heaven when I found rainbow contours and nikky polyester wraps! I'm sorry to say that dd was in 'sposies mostly because I had so much on my plate at that time - now that we're back to cloth I'm really sorry I did that.

I found MDC a few months ago because I'm crunchy when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, I got hooked on the vaccination and circ boards, and then - I found diapering and now I spend waaaaayyy too much time reading here. My stash is pretty all over the place right now - I'm settling towards prefolds and contours with some fitteds and AIO's for flavor. I really like hemp, dh calls them my marajuana diapers
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I'm Jess and I'm 27. I have 2 boys Phelan is 8, almost 9! Wiley is 9 months. I wanted to cd Phelan but I was 19 and prefolds scared me... Wiley has been mostly cd'd since he was about 4 months. He still sometimes wears disposibles, in part because my stash is very small.

I'm the crunchy one in the household. Dh doesn't care what kind of diapers the baby wears, he just doesn't want to deal with them. But for Western Massachusetts I'm not very crunchy at all! We bf and co-sleep and wear the baby everywhere but our tiny budget certainly doesn't allow for all organic (although I'm saving up to purchase a share at a CSA). I buy lots of things used and I re use what I can but to me thats economics not crunchiness

Phelan is homeschooled and Wiley probably will be too. I feel strongly that kids belong at home, especially in the youmger years!

Outside the house I work part time in our local library.

For you mamas that are lactation consultants: where do you begin? I've been toying with the idea recently but I don't even know what is involved.

Jess, mom to Phelan Quinn (9/23/95), Wiley Rogue (10/29/03), and Victor Xerxes (9/10/08) and still married to my giant!
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I am Genevieve (32 and in denial) and I have three kids- dd 5, ds who will be three this Sept. and who is still in cloth and also dd 7 weeks old and also in cloth. My first was not in cloth but the last two have been since birth. I am married for almost seven years to Craig(31) who is in sales and we live in Fishers, Indiana. I guess we are semi crunchy. I do not post a lot but I do read and learn almost everyday.
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Originally Posted by Heather_the_Feather
Yes! Wonder what's happening with our thread? We should set up a yahoo email group or something...
SoCal mama's rock! :LOL
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I'm Cathi, mama to my boy Shea (3) and girl Tenley (9 months). Shea was CD'd from birth, mostly Fuzzi Bunz and prefolds with wraps. Tenley has been a harder baby to CD as I've been sick since her birth, but she's still only seen a handful of sposies. Mostly using prefolds and wool on her with her new Happy Heinys thrown in. Shea was completely potty learned but had a setback when I was in the hospital recently. He's now in Happy Heinys at night.

We're an AP, BF, CD, non-violent, homeschooling, cosleeping family. Ya know, like the rest of you!
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Hi I am Arleta (21) married to Justin (23) who is an active duty Marine! We have 1 ds Korbin (13 months) and stink bug #2 due to make a debut Feb 6! I have cd'd ds since he was around 2 1/2 months old I have gotten lazy with it with all of the sickness and tiredness associated with stink bug #2. I will cd stink bug from birth! I am so excited to cd a newborn!!! I need a bigger stash

Doula mama to my 3 bugs
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Hi I'm Hillary, 26. I am married to Vlad, 40.l We live in Montana. He is a genetics professor, and I have a master degree in Biological Anthropology. Our daughter, Katya was born on April 13, 2004. Her current fav activity is blowing bubbles. She was cloth diapered from birth, full time after the cord fell off.
We have a mini dachshund, Rufus, who spends his day lounged on a pillow, watching over the baby.
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This is such a great thread!
I'm Melonie Old enough , My lifetime partner is Tim we have been together 8 years, Our son Gabe is just about 7, Our dd is almost 20 months old. And our wonderful very big surprise is due in October. We started to cd when our dd got really sick I was actually the one that brought it up and also thought it wouldnt last , much to my surprise It became a wonderful "hobby" of sorts
I am a sahm for now, then i will be a wahm after the baby gets here with a daycare run from home. While I am vegetarian, and semi crunchy other in my house to remain nameless are a little less LOL but it works!!
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