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(Posting this in both the Parenting Multiples and Diapering forums)

I have 13 1/2 month old g/g twins. I'd like to switch at least partially from sposies to CDing them. My idea is that I would use the disposables for night time and outings and use CD for daytimes at home or perhaps even short trips out. I have done some research and asked CDing friends IRL and have decided that Motherease OS with AF covers are probably the ones for me, most likely with the disposable liners at least at first. Most reviews say these are "workhorse" diapers and I am definitely looking for a workhorse. My girls pee average amounts, not huge amounts. I go through between 6-7 disposables per child in a 24-hour period right now.

I am looking for twin-specific information on CDing, changing to CDing from disposables, the routine of CDing and how to work it into your day, etc. After 13 months of one routine that I don't have to think about, the idea of changing routines is a bit daunting. As those of you with twins know, any change in routine means enormous upheaval for the household. That being said, I'd really love to hear positive CDing-of-twins experiences and don't hold back the detail including the hows, whens, and wherefores of how you do it.

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Hi Amy--I don't have experience with motherease....but I switched to cloth when my twins were about 6 months. So much nicer than disposables! I got enough to wash every other day...that seemed like the best option for us. You won't want to wash more than 24 at a time so you'll want to keep that in mind when planning how many to buy.

I guess I could tell you what we've done. First, I think one-size is good...you don't have time to keep shopping and you definately don't want your twins in different size diapers (I don't know if they are the same size?)? We use muttaqins for naps and nights..my original plan was to do all muttaqins but they seemed so bulky compared to disposables. They don't seem bulky now, by the way--but I wanted to warn you that cloth will probably seem huge at first. Ok, our routine--I change them when they first get up, before their morning nap, after their nap, before their afternoon nap, after their afternoon nap, and before bed. Of course, I change more often if needed but this works out for us to about every two hours during the day. So, cloth worked into our routine really easily! I don't know what your schedule is like now...but maybe change them either before or after each meal and afternoon nap? I like working diaper changes into the flow of the day as much as possible. After changing them, I use something similar to the potty pail http://www.pottypail.com/pp.html to spray them off and put them in a bag. I like this system a lot (quick, less stains, no smell, and no dealing with touching poo) then every other day, I throw them in the washer during their afternoon nap and put them away after they go to bed. You want a simple wash routine. I use sportwash because it all rinses out in one cycle--not the case with other detergents I tried first. The only thing I still don't have down is storing and organizing the diapers--but I'm working on that (it would be easier if I was using all one kind and one kind of cover as you are going to do).
I feel like I don't know exactly what to tell you--so if you have specific things you are wondering about--just post or pm me and I'll try to help (aren't twins a blessing!)

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OK, I don't have twins - but my children are 13 months apart, and I switched to cloth when they both wore the same size in diapers, so I think my experience will help a little bit. I hear you on the changes in the routine that can cause chaos in your home.

A comment on your plan for a "workhorse" diaper: Your idea for Motherease one-size diapers and Motherease covers is sound. I swear by the Motherease covers. The pros of the Motherease one-size diaper are their availability, ease, good fit, reasonable price, etc. The cons are that they can be a bulky. This could be a huge issue for you in switching to cloth diapers in the wintertime specifically with older babies, because not all clothing will fit over cloth diapers (particularly jeans, cords, straight pants). This could end up being an issue for you in terms of keeping sanity in your home - I can remember being so frustrated at first because I would get the diaper on one of the children, and then I couldn't pull up their shorts, which meant I had to do an outfit change, which added un-needed complexity.

So, to combat this and give you the full experience with cloth, I recommend that you try another type of fitted diaper that is also a "workhorse" but that will be more on the trim side to see how you like them. I recommend the Sugarpeas front-snap or side-snap diaper. These are a "workhorse" in my stash. No complaints on durability whatsoever. Just try one or two -- no need to buy a bunch at first.

How did I accomplish the switch?
1. I decided to try fitted diapers and PUL covers first. Period. No wool, no fleece, no AIOs or pocket diapers. I kept it very, very simple at first.

2. Once I had some cloth diapers (borrowed a bunch from a friend to try out - worked out really well), I washed them and put them in the area in the house where we did most of our diaper changes so that they were readily available. I started really slowly. I used cloth on them in the mornings, only when we were at home, and only on one child at first. I used 1-3 cloth diapers per day in the beginning. This may work for you - just use a 1 or 2 per day until you get the hang of it.

3. After I found out how to fasten the diapers, how to put on the covers, how to get the poop off of them, how to wash them, where I wanted to store my diaper pail, etc. etc. Then, I was ready to CD full-time during the day while we were at home. This wasn't a huge leap because I had my routine in place.

4. After we were full-time at home, I switched to full-time for home and outings. This required a little bit of tweaking in the frequency for changing diapers. I have to make sure I change BOTH kids right before we leave, and plan on changing them while we are out if we are going to be gone more than 2 hours. At first, this seemed like a huge PITA - but now I am used to it and so are the kids. The kids didn't seem to be affected by this at all. I also had to tweak my diapers somewhat - I added fleece-topped doublers to the diapers they wear outside the house for extra absorbency in case I can't change them easily.

5. After we were full-time all day, I switched to nighttime. I started with Fuzzibunz pocket diapers because they were the easiest choice.

If you have other questions - feel free to PM me! I can go into detail about any aspect of the switch - from converting DH to diaper pails.
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Hi! Good on you for considering switching. You've gotten some great advice already on making the switch, and I can't add to that b/c my two have been in cloth since the beginning, but I did want to offer some encouragement and comments.

First, twins in diapers are a lot of work no matter what the system (as you know!). I think the big difference with cloth is the washing. And of course figuring out your new system. But once you get your system down, I bet you won't feel like it's that much more work than doing disposables. In fact, now when I do use 'sposies (which we sometimes do at night or on outings) I find it a big pain b/c I'm just not set up to dispose of them easily (plus I hate the feel of them).

I've heard great things about Motherease. I think with twins you will want to keep your diapers as uniform as possible - all one kind of diapers, all one kind of cover. After five months of doing this (Kissaluvs dipes and Bumpy covers), I am only just now starting to try some new things (Fuzzi Bunz and Wonderoos for night, and wool soakers). I think if I had not had a uniform stash and system I would have found the whole enterprise too daunting.

Get a routine for your washing and stick with it as much as possible. I wash dipes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I do it first thing in the morning, while the coffee is brewing. I dump my dipes in the washer, put them on a cold soak w/ vinegar, then do a hot superwash with a small amount of detergent (Arm&Hammer). I try to get them in the dryer as soon as they are done, and then I try to bring them up and put them away after that (otherwise I find I will either leave them in the dryer all day - and into the next! - or leave them bagged in the nursery without sorting them). I once timed myself and discovered it took less than five minutes for me to sort and store the dipes, so i remind myself of that when I feel like I don't have enough time.

I originally bought enough dipes to only have to wash every 3rd day, but I found that they got too smelly and there were too many by the third day to fit in just one load. So now that my boys are in the next size up, I have only got enough dipes to last 2 days.

Good luck to you!!

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Thanks ladies, this is very encouraging! I am getting excited about making the switch now! Budget-wise, I think I'll begin in December, since that's when it will be time to buy more diapers. We've been buying Huggies and Kirkland wipes in serious BULK at Costco every two or three months and I will run out of current stash at the end of this month. I think what I'll do is buy some more Huggies and wipes but also buy some CDs, covers, etc and begin. Then next time I run out of Huggies I'll buy like one box for night time and fill in the rest of my CD stash. In the meantime I think I will order a sample diaper or two or a few so I can start to try it out in the mornings or afternoons. Anyway, reading all your responses got me really excited to do it! And DH and I calculated the yearly cost savings, not to mention later cost savings if (hope hope hope) we have another baby and CD from the beginning, and may I say WOW! :

I have a couple of general questions at this point:
1. What do you use to wipe their bottoms? I currently use, as I say, Kirkland wipes, enclose them in the Huggies, and then it all goes into one of two Diaper Genies (which by the way are plenty stinky and don't let anyone tell you different, so I think I'll be ready for the CD diaper pail ). I have lots and lots of "cloth diapers" (DH refers to them as "cheesecloth" - I will NOT be diapering the children in them!) from Walmart that we've used for burp rags, towels, etc etc but currently they are just sitting there. Could I cut those up and use them as bottom wipes, or are they too thin? I don't want to throw them out since the whole point of this enterprise is to save money, but I don't want to get poop on my fingers either...

2. What is your routine with disposing the poop? I am practicing even though I don't have cloth yet, and I couldn't figure out how to do the dumping of the poop. For example just after lunch today I had two poopy babies, changed them, and took the poop to the toilet one at a time since they like to get into the dirty diapers . I dumped poop and flushed, then dumped poop and flushed. I figured if I THEN had to rinse, spray, etc, that's A LOT of water. Do you: change everyone then off to the toilet, dump all poop, flush, rinse all diapers, flush, and into the pail? What are the children doing while you are doing this? Will I get fast at it? What about rinsing poopy wipes?

Earthchick - thanks for confirming my thoughts that one system is plenty! I was getting a little dizzy reading posts from people that have one of this, two of that, five of the other, etc etc etc. I think uniformity is the way to go for me, at least for now! I will remember to get enough for two days (is that about 24 or so?) and wash accordingly. I live in a hot humid climate and don't want to encourage smell any more than necessary, not to mention mildew.

Magnoliamama - I'm so glad you wrote about your conversion routine! I was thinking of doing something like that but wondered if it was practical or if it would give me a good idea of what was ahead. I am planning to do pretty much exactly what you describe beginning in December and then work into full time (except maybe for night times) by, say, February. Thanks for the offer of pming you with questions, I will do this soon. Converting DH is key here and I will want specifics on this, he loves the cost savings but is not convinced of the work load and hygiene. Since I live in the tropics I'm not so worried about bulk, though my IRL CDing friend who uses ME says you can't use onesies anymore (or at least not snapping them closed) so that will be an issue. I had a hard time getting good info on Sugar Peas since reviews here were decidedly mixed and the company website is under reconstruction. I will continue to check back with them though, thanks for the recommendation.

sbgrace - thanks for the info on how often to change. I am going to be practicing changing every two hours from now until I start using CDs. I do change pretty close to every 2 hours but don't make myself do it if they are playing and there's no poop. But I don't like the Huggies to balloon too much so I try to do this. I'm going to do it for the rest of the month so that's already in my routine when I start changing in December. I hadn't checked out muttaqins but will do so, I want to check out as many as possible before ordering. So far ME wins my vote but I have a few more weeks to decide. I checked out the Potty Pail and it's quite a contraption, wow! I need to look at it a little more closely I think.

OK ladies, just know you've given me great info and I've started practicing a couple of things already and am mapping out my change-over process thanks to you! Woohoo!
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Wow this forum moves fast! Ya blink ya miss it!

I wanted to bump this because I posted some questions to you kind folks who answered my original post and I am hoping to get some answers.

In the meantime I have been doing LOTS of further research and I have decided on the following:
-Fuzzi Buns diapers (I found Caleb's Corner where the package deals fit my budget and needs and where shipping is free to Hawaii - amazing!)
-In December buy enough to diaper both girls twice a day for a couple of days (afternoons)
-In January buy enough to expand this to mornings
-In February buy enough to expand to outings and (gulp - remember I've been using Huggies since birth and they're 14 months now) possibly night times

-For now use a garbage can with a lid and garbage bags for diaper pail; later buy a real diaper pail and 2 washable liners
-For now use disposable wipes; as CD stash increases/Huggies stash decreases transition to cloth wipes with homemade wipe solution

This way our transition will be smooth on our routine and our monthly diaper budget. I know from researching this almost non-stop for several days now (and I now totally understand the obsession with the diapers!) that FBs are expensive for cloth but since I'm coming from the world of sposies and have been using Huggies ($$$$$ in case you were wondering) for my girls since day one they don't seem that expensive to me as long as we transition them in gradually.

OK, hope someone sees this before it goes back to page nine! Thanks again for any and all advice!
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