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AmyY's Avatar AmyY 07:46 AM 01-02-2005
I'm taking a deep breath and preparing to add some hemp inserts to my stash of pockets. I have both Wonderoos and FBs and plan to continue using pockets exclusively for the time being. Right now we are just doing days and using MOE microterry inserts for the FBs and some microfiber towels for the Wonderoos.

I need to start using the dipes at night SOON so will need to add to my insert stash. It has been recommended that I get hemp. So I need some recommendations from experienced hemp users! Some of you already chimed in on another thread, thanks!

Specifically, would you recommend the Wonderfulls or Joey Buns or something else?

What about laundering? I don't know that I want to deal with different types of laundry, is it difficult?


ChristiansMomma's Avatar ChristiansMomma 02:52 PM 01-02-2005
I'd recommend DuckyBuns inserts! I've used them for almost 2 years and they are still going strong!
Beansmom's Avatar Beansmom 03:56 PM 01-02-2005
For overnight I would probably recommend Wonder-Fulls. They are bigger/wider than JBs so they cover a wider area. I would say 1 Wonder-Full is about equal to 2 JBs. If you need more absorbency you could always use 1 Wonder-Full plus 1 JB. I wash my hemp inserts with everything else. I only washed them 3 times before first use. They probabably weren't to max absorbency after that, but they worked fine. You could also just use a hemp prefold folded up as an insert too.
christiab's Avatar christiab 01:40 AM 01-03-2005
I second the Wonderfulls!!! I use them exclusively w/ a microfiber towel at night in my FBs. Kim at MTdiaperstore.com makes them and usually has seconds available for $6.
taquita's Avatar taquita 02:07 AM 01-03-2005
Lullaby Inserts from www.lullabydiapers.com I love them! Especially w/ my Wonderoos.
loving-my-babies's Avatar loving-my-babies 02:42 AM 01-03-2005
I love joeybunz! They are SO absorbent and yet so trim! they don't make my pockets look bulky at all!