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Attached_Mom_to_7's Avatar Attached_Mom_to_7 11:35 PM 01-03-2005
I have a few Fuzzi Bunz and I've had them for almost a year.
Now, my question is can you boil these to strip them?? I was'nt sure cause of the PUL outer on them. I currently do a presoak in cold water with tea tree oil soap followed by a wash cycle in hot water and a little more of the tea tree oil soap and a pinch of Purex for babies.

The FB's currently smell like they have been sitting in poop(gross) they smell after they have been washed and after they are dried too!!!


Attached_Mom_to_7's Avatar Attached_Mom_to_7 01:12 AM 01-04-2005
Jennisee's Avatar Jennisee 01:36 AM 01-04-2005
I'm not an expert, but I don't think you can boil FB's b/c of the snaps. I also think boiling may be bad for the waterproofing ability of the PUL. Anyone else got an idea?
twindaze's Avatar twindaze 01:59 AM 01-04-2005
Turn your water heater up as high as it will go and wash them. Hopefully that will help.
Kari_mom's Avatar Kari_mom 02:33 AM 01-04-2005
I find that in addition to turning my water heater up as high as it will go( Jenny), a nice long soak in that hot water with a squirt of Dawn and about 1/2 cup baking soda helps a lot with FB fleece stink. I think the Dawn helps remove buildup without scrubbing though scrubbing works too, I like to try the lazy way first.
Attached_Mom_to_7's Avatar Attached_Mom_to_7 06:39 AM 01-04-2005
Thankyou! I will definitely be trying those ideas!!