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Mamabug&co.'s Avatar Mamabug&co. 01:18 AM 02-20-2005
Here are the rules

You gotta name as many old-school diapers as you can without REPEATING anyone elses. If you post pics- you get extra points Stories about why you loved them etc. are allowed:P Ready set goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

thundersweet's Avatar thundersweet 01:30 AM 02-20-2005
My long lost love.......................MOLLYTOGS

Amy, where are you? They were my best fitted ever!!
sweetfeet's Avatar sweetfeet 01:37 AM 02-20-2005
Sweet Cheeks
Butterfly kisses...I think?
Keester Kovers
Zootkitty I loved her pocket diapers
Peanut Butter Kisses
Supa Dupas I loved the name
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 01:40 AM 02-20-2005
Mamabug&co.'s Avatar Mamabug&co. 01:43 AM 02-20-2005
Little Lanes
Bellies and Buns
vanilla's Avatar vanilla 02:00 AM 02-20-2005
I can tell I haven't been around that long, I've never heard of ANY of these!
TheGardenMama's Avatar TheGardenMama 02:22 AM 02-20-2005
Cosmic baby
Oopsadaisys Diapers
Bootie Bandaids (ugh ugh ugh)
Luke's Drawers
Hindsight Diapers
Heavenly Hineys
be back later with more, I have to go and finish watching a movie
crazy_eights's Avatar crazy_eights 02:40 AM 02-20-2005
Originally Posted by TheGardenMama
Luke's Drawers
Heavenly Hineys
But these three are still out there in some incarnation!
thismama's Avatar thismama 02:44 AM 02-20-2005
Toot Sweet? I think shes on a long hiatus?
hopingforfour's Avatar hopingforfour 02:49 AM 02-20-2005
Ivy Rose
Puppy Dog Tails
Gabriel Baby
Gaia Child
Jillbob's Avatar Jillbob 02:53 AM 02-20-2005
Laurie Loo's
Nana's Nappies

You guys are giving me diaper flashbacks.
Carli's Avatar Carli 03:21 AM 02-20-2005
Jenny Oh's
Sweet Pickles
Molly Togs
Darla's Diapers

mehndi mama's Avatar mehndi mama 03:24 AM 02-20-2005
How old is old? I'm thinkin.....
Curity Pinless Prefolds
Better Baby Diapers
averymybaby's Avatar averymybaby 03:30 AM 02-20-2005

momtokay's Avatar momtokay 06:03 AM 02-20-2005
oooh so many of my long lost favorites especially mollytogs!!!

only others i can think of are still around in some way, shape or form:

honeyboys (before the cuddlemama bought them)
cloud 9 softies (still a favorite around here)
country cozys (this one might be gone)
sos (of course still wildly popular today)
Cullens_Girl's Avatar Cullens_Girl 11:01 AM 02-20-2005

Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 01:14 PM 02-20-2005
Cinnyminis were the first diapers I bought for Max almost 6 years ago!!! They were HORRID in retrospect, GIANT, bulky, weird...

I recognize a lot of these names...
mom2jack's Avatar mom2jack 02:54 PM 02-20-2005
I have a picture of ds in a zootkitty pocket - if DH ever gets the virus off our computer

Spark's Avatar Spark 07:41 PM 02-20-2005
Originally Posted by thismama
Toot Sweet? I think shes on a long hiatus?
Yes. Looks like she may return at some point, but quite possibly not. I LOVED Toot Sweet!
Mamabug&co.'s Avatar Mamabug&co. 01:28 AM 02-21-2005
BlueRibbon Diapers
SAHM Diapers (the brand)
Daisy Diapers-From England
Cotton Baby Diapers-anybody had these and remembers the velcro strips? lol-loved these:LOL
Sweet Pickles
ShabbyChic's Avatar ShabbyChic 01:38 AM 02-21-2005
My all time favorites were:

Ivy Rose
Little Lanes
My Honeyboys made by Carli
Chumbas made by Edie
Mamabug&co.'s Avatar Mamabug&co. 01:51 AM 02-21-2005
For those who may be curious, here are some pics I found during a search--lots of pics for those who want to know a bit more about the original hyena cloth out there-

And, on the subject of Old school diapers, anyone remember this old school printed flannel---seen here on a Sweet Pickle Diaper :

Look at this old FB

A Baby Moon Diaper

The Older Little Caboose


Elkebella cover


Another Sweet Pickle--this is an aio

Tia Diaper

Nanipoos diaper--remember this print

Jordyn's Dream Diaper

Old School Kissaluv

JoBos Diaper

Hindsight Diaper

Another SullyBunz-this one is fleece

Paige's P-Catchers

Hunnerbunz--remember this ADORABLE froggy print!!

SAHM (stay at home mommy brand) Diapers

Papasa Diaper

Flappies Diaper

Mom2Mom Diapers

Sullybunz Polar Fleece Boxers

Yummymummy74's Avatar Yummymummy74 02:02 AM 02-21-2005
Hmmm I recognize alot of these as well, what about Noah's Arks, they were awesome dipes made by a CAD wahm before she turned into a honeywahm and then some weird politics forced her out of that but they were really cool! I dont think I have a pic off hand..
Mamabug&co.'s Avatar Mamabug&co. 02:14 AM 02-21-2005
Trying to remember that particular mama... I remember when HB were all THE thing at auctions Quick....somebody name the FIRST hyena auction website Anyone?
Carli's Avatar Carli 02:17 AM 02-21-2005
Ummm Is that what it was? If not I know I'm at least close...LOL

ETA: Yep, that's it...had to check the URL
Mamabug&co.'s Avatar Mamabug&co. 02:20 AM 02-21-2005
Ding*Ding*Ding!! Give this mama a Point for guessing right!! Thanks mama!!
Carli's Avatar Carli 02:21 AM 02-21-2005
Oh just remembered another one! Rosie Cheeks were HOT stuff
crazy_eights's Avatar crazy_eights 02:34 AM 02-21-2005
OMGosh! I remember 6 years ago or so was all the rage for WAHM diapers. And I can remember thinking 'who pays $20 for ONE diaper?!?!?'

If I had only known it would be me a few years hence....
Mamabug&co.'s Avatar Mamabug&co. 02:39 AM 02-21-2005
I remember Rosie Cheeks too!! Anyone remember a diaper from Cloth Baby? that was an aio but with a tutu attached? It was GORGEOUS!! Mom2six, I remember thinking that too!! I was like ME diapers for $8.00!! I remember this one mama---Blueberry Hill Baby? had them for like $7 somethingish, if you bought a certain amount, and I thought that that was still so expensive. I remember when you could get Bumkin covers for $6.00 each if you bought a certain amount too through this other wahm catalog. Bumkin aio's were like $10 or $11 something? Soooo long ago.....Mothersnature was the place to go for awesome diapers that's for sure.
jlazx2's Avatar jlazx2 07:45 PM 02-24-2005
I still have 2 jenny-oh's- the first WAHM diaper that I knew of. If you sent in a flannel receiving blankets- she made you a diaper for $3.00 each. I have pics I will have to post later.

I also have some sweat peas I still use, poochies, and ivy-rose is considered my newer diapers LOL.
I also have some Darlas that are in the diaper graveyard the elastic is shot- but the diapers are still great.

I was on the list for the original kissaluvs with prints, but she got too behind and took a break.
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